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Binghamton University Libraries Training Module 3 PowerPoint Presentation
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Binghamton University Libraries Training Module 3

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Binghamton University Libraries Training Module 3
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Binghamton University Libraries Training Module 3

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  1. Binghamton University Libraries Training Module 3 Student Employee Handbook

  2. As a representative of Binghamton University Libraries, it is important for you to provide excellent customer service—as well as present a positive demeanor on the job. • Module 3 Covers the Following . . . • Customer Service • Attire • Work Distractions • Expectations • Personal Business • Please feel free to contact your supervisor if you have any questions after reviewing this module, and don’t forget to print out the certificate at the end of your training to submit to your supervisor.

  3. Customer Service Working in the Libraries is working in public service. Therefore, it is important to know good customer service so together we can provide the best experience for our patrons. The following pages provide the basics . . .

  4. Customer Service • Be approachable – it’s all about attitude! • A positive attitude is your best asset. • Greet patrons when they enter your area. • Stop what you are doing to respond. • SMILE! • Maintain eye contact.

  5. Customer Service • Be helpful – go the extra mile! • First, listen to get full understanding. • Show you are engaged and want to help. • Offer resources (maps, signs, etc.) to aid in your • answer. • Don’t know the answer? Find a staff member • who does!

  6. Customer Service • Grouchy patron? No problem! • Don’t let someone’s bad day become yours. • Try to help – while staying positive. • If a patron becomes rude, verbally abusive, or • ignores your explanations, politely refer him/her • to your supervisor.

  7. Customer Service • Slow at the desk? • Ask your supervisor if there’s anything else you • can do. • Don’t play games, log into Facebook, or chat, • etc. • You’re still at a service desk – more patrons will • soon be on the way – so stay approachable.

  8. A patron is approaching the service desk. Which of the following should you do? Look at the person sitting next to you and hope he/she will help the patron. Make eye contact and ask in a friendly manner if you can assist. Walk away. You are busy and can’t be interrupted. Wait for the person to ask for assistance.

  9. WRONG! Please try again . . .

  10. CORRECT!

  11. PERSONAL BUSINESS Homework and personal work are not permitted during work hours. ATTIRE Student employees contribute to the image of the Libraries by arriving for work with a neat and clean appearance. In addition, safety is a very important consideration. For reasons of safety—as well as appearance—shoes must be worn at all times.

  12. Which of the following is acceptable work attire? Clothes with offensive lettering and pictures. A cute pair of pajamas with matching flip-flops. Forget the shoes and shirt – it’s too hot today. None of the above.

  13. WRONG! Please try again . . .

  14. CORRECT!

  15. TELEPHONES, CELL PHONES, & OTHER DISTRACTIONS • Use of cell phones—for calls and texting—as well as personal laptops, chat software, Facebook, etc., is not permitted during your work schedule. • In general, library telephones are for work-related purposes. Incoming calls should be limited to emergency calls only.

  16. TELEPHONES, CELL PHONES, & OTHER DISTRACTIONS • Should you need to make a personal call during your scheduled work time, you must obtain permission from your supervisor. • The use of iPods and other portable audio devices is permitted in some areas of the Libraries. Check with your immediate supervisor for guidelines on their use.

  17. VISITORS & PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS • Personal or social matters should be taken care of on your own time. • Please discourage any unnecessary visits from friends or family during working hours. • Personal conversations with coworkers should not interfere with your work performance.

  18. USE OF LIBRARY EQUIPMENT • Library equipment (e.g., fax machines, copiers, computers, scanners) is not intended for personal use. • There are BUC$-operated copy machines in all libraries. • During breaks, you may use the computer workstations available to the public for e-mail, internet access, or other personal computing. • Downloading any software to library equipment is prohibited and grounds for dismissal!

  19. Which of the following are considered unacceptable demeanor on the job? Downloading software to the Libraries’ computers. Using the business line to call your TA about an assignment. Talking with a classmate at your service desk. All of the above.

  20. WRONG! Please try again . . .

  21. CORRECT!

  22. In which of these situations should you notify your supervisor? A patron is rude and will not listen to you when you’re trying to help. You notice a group of students enjoying a pizza and beverages in open cups. You find a sleepy patron who does not want to leave at closing. All of the above.

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  24. CORRECT!

  25. CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION In recognition of . . . ______________________________________ For successfully completing . . . Student Employee Training MODULE 3 Binghamton University Libraries Staff (please give a copy of this certificate to your supervisor) PRINT