9 elements of digital citizenship n.
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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship PowerPoint Presentation
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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship
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  1. 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship Khalid Al Thani

  2. Digital Access Digital Access is when we all have access to equal opportunities. Such as using the internet , going to school , basic life needs etc. . It is important we all are equal and that we don’t differentiate people from what they have.

  3. Digital communication • it Digital Commerce is buying and selling goods through the internet. Although it is a great buy buying and selling electronically there are some cons about it. If there is a website that is not familiar do not use it because they are trying to get your personal information. Never download stuff from illegal websites. Be Safe

  4. Digital Communication Digital Communication is staying in touch instantly anywhere. People are not using this advantage wisely and that is what digital citizens should learn.

  5. Digital Literacy We are know finding it easier to learn. We can study without books and even if we are traveling. We should use this technology wisely.

  6. Digital Etiquette Digital Etiquette means using the internet wisely and not swearing and using inappropriate behavior.

  7. Digital Law We have to know that we can commit crime on the internet. That is what this element is about , vandalizing , damaging , hacking and many more. We know that we have to be fair to others and have to treat others how we want to be treated.

  8. Digital Rights & Responsibilities Digital rights and responsibilities is when we all have the rights to be on the internet but we have to be safe and responsible too.

  9. Digital Health & Wellness I think the meaning of this element is right. We should devote more time to get fit rather than being addicted to the internet. It stresses us out and causes eye irritation. The internet also needs you to be safe and how to protect yourself.

  10. Digital Security Trusting other people in the internet is not good because there are people that lie and use your information badly. I think it is important to have backups and always be on the safe side because you never know what could happen.

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