what is intellectual property n.
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What is Intellectual Property and How is it Protected? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Intellectual Property and How is it Protected?

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What is Intellectual Property and How is it Protected? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Intellectual Property and How is it Protected?

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what is intellectual property

What is Intellectual Property and How is it Protected?

In today’s world of rapid innovation, change is the new normal. With everyday developments and

rapid strides in the way we interact and use technology and materials, maintaining the business

edge depends not only on innovation, but also on taking measures to legally protect the innovative


Then arises the first question. What is intellectual property? In simple terms, intellectual property or

IP refers to the intangible creations of the mind like inventions, process innovations, designs,

symbols, works of artistic value etc. It primarily goes to encompass copyrights, patents and

trademarks, but can also be expanded to include moral rights, trade secrets, rights against unfair

competition etc.

The next important question is why should intellectual property be protected by a business or an

individual? Some of the reasons for the protection of intellectual property is as follows:

To differentiate a business, product or service from competition.

To ensure that there is value to the intellectual work developed

To achieve revenue by suitably marketing the intellectual property.

To offer as collateral for loans

To help with the marketing and branding activities.

Thus, as a basic premise, it is necessary that the new product or service be protected in some way

legally, to prevent unethical parties from replicating the same. This idea of protecting the intellectual

property can only be done legally and there are various options available, depending on what exactly

is the intellectual property to be protected. Sometimes, it may be a patent, sometimes a trademark,

slogan or logo. Sometimes, it may be a combination of the above.

Muthirai.com is a one stop solution for any trademark and intellectual property related registration

and consultancy. With over a decade of experience in this domain, they bring deep insight and key

know how to this niche. What differentiates them from other similar companies is the ability to

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compliant and absolutely transparent. Thus any business has a trusted partner in Muthirai in their

aim to establish their identity firmly and grow to the next level, all whilst fending off competition

and legally protecting themselves.

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