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How do power generators work

Power generators or silent diesel generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent disruption of business operations and daily activities.<br><br>A silent diesel generator consists of a diesel engine which converts hydro carbon fuel (Diesel/HSD) or chemical energy to mechanical energy. By using this mechanical energy an AC alternator is rotated, which works on electromagnetic principle and as a result electrical energy is produced.<br><br>Wide range of Diesel engine driven AC generators are available in market from 5 kVA to 2500 kVA, both for industrial and domestic use in single phase and three phase.<br>

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How do power generators work

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  1. TMTL

  2. Company Overview • The TMTL - Engines Division manufactures specialized engines for stationary and automotive applications and has a strong presence in retail, agro applications and telecom markets. Based at Alwar, Rajasthan, the unit manufactures diesel engines in the 5 to 125 kVA range. The TMTL - Transmissions Division, houses an advanced manufacturing facility in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, capable of producing a range of gears, shafts and housings for captive consumptions and OEMs. 

  3. Advantages of TMTL 125 kVAGenset 1. TMTL  Engines uses Common rail direct Engines also known as CRDI Engine           Benefits of using CRDI Engine A. Increased fuel economy B. Higher power output even at lower rpm C. Improved  combustion quality 2.  Electronic Governor – Helps in maintaining the correct speed at different load levels. Because it is automatic in nature, its block loading capacity makes it a USP for TMTL. A.Enhanced block loading capacity - It plays a vital role in improving the performance of Genset, when sudden load is applied. 

  4. Advantages of TMTL 125 kVAGenset 3) Fuel Economy – TMTL engines have the best in class - Fuel Economy A.  It means huge money is saved in long term 4) Compact in Size – 125KVA Engines in 4 cylinders not only save space, but also have less friction losses •  Look Good •   Compact Design •   Less friction losses

  5. Advantages of TMTL 125 kVAGenset 5)High Horce power – Make the Tmtl Engines more efficient. Higher the horse power  means higher the top speed.  6)   Lowest cost of ownership in competition  - Less per hour consumption of Diesel 7)    No deration of power up to 40 °C 8)    Engine overhauling period is highest in Industry

  6. Genset

  7. Thank Youhttps://www.tmtl.in/eicherengines/silent-gensets/silent-gensets-125-kva-prime.php

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