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Halle’s Fantastic Family

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Halle’s Fantastic Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Halle’s Fantastic Family. By: Halle Randolph Person interviewed: Halle’s Auntie Barbara . Historian. Historian.

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Halle’s Fantastic Family

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halle s fantastic family

Halle’s Fantastic Family

By: Halle Randolph

Person interviewed: Halle’s Auntie Barbara

  • My family did not live in the U.S.A. My family lived in Germany, Poland, Russia, and Europe. They lived in those places for hundreds of years. Some people had cars but some people did not, there where no boats, and there where some airports. There where some incidents in the government at that time. There bills had cost a lot of money that they did not own. There was someone taking over at that time and his name was Hitler, he was a very bad man. It it’s nothing like how it was back then. They did not live in houses. In that time period there where cars.
  • They had good paying jobs. They really enjoyed there jobs. Sometimes they worked with family members . Some of my family found jobs when they arrived, some of them had some money, and nobody in my family had a home.
  • They did not originate in the U.S.A. My family did not speak English. Also there was not many large cities in their homeland. Most of my family members settled in Niagara Falls, New York and Detroit, Michigan. They moved to those places because they had jobs or they found ways to get jobs. My family did not come in cars or planes they came on boats.
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Political Scientist
  • They moved because they were in danger of being caught by Hitler. They moved because Hitler was killing 6 million Jews and they had to escape. They also moved because of government problems. They did not speak English but they were learning. Some of my family became painters to so they could get jobs, to support their They eventually, went to school.
  • Thank you Auntie Barbara for helping me with this information for my project.
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