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Teleworking in a Revenue Agency

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Virginia Department of Taxation. Teleworking in a Revenue Agency. Larry Durbin Assistant Commissioner – Customer Relations. Remote Worker Program. TAX Telework Programs. One-Day Program. Remote Worker Program. Began in 2001 with home-based auditors and collectors

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Presentation Transcript
teleworking in a revenue agency

Virginia Department of Taxation

Teleworking in a Revenue Agency

Larry Durbin

Assistant Commissioner – Customer Relations

remote worker program
Remote Worker Program
  • Began in 2001 with home-based auditors and collectors
  • Pilot Program implemented late 2006 for Customer Service & Data Capture
    • 14 total (11 CSR’s & 3 Data Capture Operators)
    • new and experienced CSR’s
  • General Policies
    • State-owned PC provided
    • High Speed Connectivity provided
    • Flexible work hours for CSR’s
    • Periodic in office meeting
  • Program elevated from Pilot after only 4 months due to positive results

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remote worker program customer service productivity results after 4 months of pilot implementation
Remote Worker ProgramCustomer Service Productivity Results(After 4 months of pilot implementation)
remote worker southwest virginia expansion for filing season 2008
Remote Worker Southwest VirginiaExpansion for Filing Season 2008
  • Program expanded to Southwest Virginia where unemployment is higher
  • Hired 25 customer service reps in Oct. 2007 (year round temporary staff)
  • Hired 29 Data Capture Operators in Feb. 2008 (seasonal temporary staff)
  • Meet TAX’s critical needs
one day program
One Day Program



  • General Policies
    • employees must express interest & be eligible
      • (75% are eligible)
    • employee-owned PC required or TAX laptop
    • high speed connectivity required for IRMS users at employees expense
    • telework Agreement must be signed
  • Management Policies
    • teleworking is not an entitlement
    • business need supersedes telework day
  • Roll-out
    • Small waves of 50–75 employees
    • in monthly increments
    • from various operational areas
    • employees telework one designated day of the week
citrix secure gateway or vpn
Citrix Secure Gateway or VPN
  • Citrix Secure Gateway
    • Permits secure remote access to agency resources
    • Remote access takes place via a secure web interface
    • Provides the ability to insulate our network from any remote computers
    • Available for use from any computer which meets the conditions set forth by the Remote Access Security Policy
  • VPN
    • Permits secure remote access to agency resources
    • Available only to users with Agency-owned assets – remote computers become an extension of the Agency’s network
    • May not be used over wireless networks
    • Allows greater access to applications
employee benefits
Employee Benefits

“The extra time I get by not having to commute 90 minutes a day plus the extra 30 minutes of sleep not having to get dressed up, fix my hair etc, before coming to work. This extra personal time is invaluable to me”.

“Teleworking is wonderful. It saves me a great deal of time, gas, and tolls from the commute”

“Being able to telework, especially mid-week, has already helped me to meet deadlines, reduce my stress, and actually gives me something to look forward to”.

“I'm able to plan out my day. If I need to do a few errands, I can do that and still be able to work my eight hours. I can take a break during lunch and make up the time by working longer in the evening”.

“Since I started to telework I find myself thinking that I have the perfect job”.

“I am more relaxed. I feel that I am happier. I hope that in the future this Teleworking opportunity will expand from 1 day to 5 days. Teleworking has great benefits”.

lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Strong executive commitment essential – at TAX, the leadership team piloted one-day teleworking before agency roll-out
  • TAX is repository for extremely sensitive and confidential data. Citrix Secure Gateway has been effective protection and there have been no security breaches.
  • Requires management by results not observation
  • Not every person is well-suited to telework. Some people lack necessary self-discipline while others require daily, in-person interaction
  • Teleworking must be approached as a business need, not an employee benefit or right. Better recruitment and retention are valid business needs
what s happening in the office
What’s happening in the office?

water cooler chit chat


social break



watching the clock

what s happening at home
What’s happening at home?

"Teleworking! I love it"

“The gas savings is a big incentive for me. I really enjoy getting up, putting my child on the school bus and getting right into my work”.

“I have really liked not having to drive anywhere. I have been using the commute time in the morning to take the dog on a walk”.

“I get more work done, I start working early, I don't need a lot of time for lunch and I find myself working later”.

tax telework programs for additional information on tax s telework programs please contact
Robin Mack

TAX Telework Coordinator

(804) 786-0400

TAX Telework ProgramsFor additional information on TAX’s telework programs, please contact: