interested in national honor society n.
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Interested in National Honor Society? PowerPoint Presentation
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Interested in National Honor Society?

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Interested in National Honor Society? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interested in National Honor Society?. Here are just a few things you should know. NHS is…. A national service organization, founded in 1921. Founded on four key characteristics, Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

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Interested in National Honor Society?

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interested in national honor society

Interested in National Honor Society?

Here are just a few things you should know.

nhs is
NHS is…
  • A national service organization, founded in 1921.
  • Founded on four key characteristics, Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.
  • A group that once you are inducted into, you are a member for life.
selection process
Selection Process
  • All sophomore, junior, and senior students with a 3.25 GPA are sent a letter that invites them to this meeting.
  • Students that are interested will fill out the Student Activity Information Form (SAIF).
  • The SAIF will allow students to show that they fulfill the character, leadership and service requirement.
special things to know about the saif
Special Things to know about the SAIF
  • Only things done in High School can be looked at on the SAIF
  • You must be a student at BEHS for at least a year before you can be considered for NHS
  • You and your parent will need to sign form stating that what is in the form is both accurate and complete
  • Online form must be filled out from start to finish. You can resubmit if needed.
saif topics
Co-Curricular/ Extra-Curricular Activities




Work Experience



SAIF Topics
saif topics1
Community Activities

These should be any activities outside of school in which you participated for the betterment of your community

These must be ongoing activities that you participate in currently or participated in the past, on a regular basis

Leadership Positions

Elected or appointed leadership positions held in high school, the community, or at work

Only those positions in which you were directly responsible for directing or motivating others, should be included

SAIF Topics
saif topics2

Activities in which you have donated your talents and time for the betterment of your community

Awards/ Recognitions/ Accomplishments

Please list any special accomplishments that you have received which support your bid to be selected for membership

SAIF Topics
saif topics3
SAIF Topics
  • You must include in your application a one page narrative on why you feel the Faculty Council should consider you for the National Honor Society. You may include any special circumstances that you feel are important such as family responsibility, difficulty of courses taken, or unique qualities. You must include a response to this question, “How do you exemplify the qualities of the National Honor Society, character, leadership, and service?” The narrative much be written in complete sentences and typed. It can me turned into room 309 or emailed.
one last thing about saif
One last thing about SAIF
  • Please complete all sections. Do not be modest. Even the slightest bit of information is important to the Faculty Council during the selection process. Completion of this form does not guarantee selection to the National Honor Society; however, selection cannot be made without this completed form.
after you turn in the saif by the deadline
After you turn in the SAIF by the deadline….
  • I will be collecting some other information to add to your SAIF
  • Faculty Recommendations
  • Discipline Records
  • Attendance Records
once all information is collected
Once all information is collected
  • A five person faculty council will review all information and make decisions about each candidate, looking at all collected information
  • They will vote (majority decides) and I will record information
  • I will send out letters to all candidates informing them of the faculty councils’ decision.
what the faculty council will be checking
What the Faculty Council will be checking
  • One year at BEHS
  • Co curricular requirement
  • Community Activity Requirement
  • Leadership Requirement
  • Service Requirement
  • Discipline/ Attendance Check
  • Essay Requirement
  • Faculty Recommendations
more about nhs
More about NHS
  • The Chapter holds weekly meetings, conducts one induction and one senior ceremony per year, and participates in community service and fund raisers.
  • Members are expected to maintain high standards in each of the four characteristics that define the National Honor Society: character, leadership, service and scholarship.
  • If a student struggles in any area, such as getting suspended from school, or having his or her cumulative GPA drop below a 3.0, a letter will be sent informing the student of a possible dismissal from the chapter. A hearing before the Faculty Council may be requested by the student who is facing dismissal. The Faculty Council may grant probation if conditions warrant it. Once dismissed, a student may not be considered for membership again. Otherwise, membership is a lifetime privilege.
more about nhs1
More about NHS
  • The prestige of the Society is reflected in the millions of former members form across the nation. Selection for membership in the Bonny Eagle Chapter of the National Honor Society is more than just an honor. It carries a responsibility to continue emulating the characteristics, which are bound in a moral and ethical framework.