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Athlete Medical Records Special Olympics Wisconsin PowerPoint Presentation
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Athlete Medical Records Special Olympics Wisconsin

Athlete Medical Records Special Olympics Wisconsin

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Athlete Medical Records Special Olympics Wisconsin

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  1. Athlete Medical RecordsSpecial Olympics Wisconsin Fall Agency Meetings 2010

  2. What’s New for 2010 - 2011? • New Program Office Address • 2310 Crossroads Dr., Ste. 1000, Madison, WI 53718 • Blank forms are now online – can be found at the bottom of the Agency Management Page or Athlete Page under “Become and Athlete” link • Application for Participation Form (medical) • Release Form • Unified Sports® Partner Form • Down Syndrome Special Exam Form • Blank forms can be emailed too – contact Samantha VeDepo, Athlete Records manager, at • Completed forms MUST STILL BE MAILED TO THE PROGRAM OFFICE!

  3. A Few Medical Reminders • Medicals need to be renewed every three years from the date of either: • The date of the physical exam (DOE) • The date of the doctor’s signature • If there is a DOE listed, the expiration date is ALWAYS three years from that date, NOT the date the doctor signed the form • Social Security Numbers are NOT required on medical forms • If an athlete needs a new medical form but their insurance/MA does not allow for another physical, the athlete can have the doctor write the date of the last physical exam on the form.

  4. Medical Form Mishaps • Medicals will not be processed for the following reasons: • The medical is not a Special Olympics Wisconsin medical • Athlete name/Agency Name or Number is missing • The medical is faxed to our office – faxed copies of medicals mailed to our office ARE acceptable • Signature under Health History section is missing – this is the most common error! • Physical Exam section is blank – we cannot process forms that have physical notes attached • The healthcare provider’s signature is missing (stamps are acceptable) • The healthcare provider signature date and/or DOE is missing • Restrictions/Healthcare provider comments are unclear • The medical was signed by a R.N., L.P.N., or D.C. • There is no Release form attached or in the database

  5. Those Confusing Release Forms… • Release forms only need to be completed once unless there is a change in guardianship • Top portion • Must be completed if the athlete is an adult AND their own guardian • Bottom portion • Must be completed if the athlete is either: • A minor • An adult but NOT their own guardian • Release forms will not be processed if: • The adult athlete’s signature is missing if they are their own guardian • The witness line is incorrectly completed/left blank • An athlete cannot be their own witness – this section is commonly (mistakenly) completed by the athlete • Any section is crossed out/altered with exception to the Healthy Athletes section • There is no medical form for the athlete attached or on file • The signature of the parent/guardian is missing if the athlete is a minor/not their own guardian

  6. Down Syndrome Special Exam Forms • Any Down Syndrome athlete who wishes to compete in the following sports MUST have a Down Syndrome Special Exam form on file: • Alpine skiing, soccer skills and team, artistic gymnastics, powerlifting, snowboarding, diving start, butterfly stroke, squat lift, high jump and pentathlon • If the healthcare provider completes the Down Syndrome section on the medical form, even in error, and there is no Down Syndrome Special Exam form attached or on file, the athlete will be assumed to have Down Syndrome, be restricted from the above sports and the comment “NEED SPECIAL EXAM FORM COMPLETED” will be added to their file • If we have a note from the healthcare provider on file indicating the athlete does not have Down Syndrome, and the Down Syndrome section is completed in error, they will not be restricted from any of the above sports • If the athlete isn’t participating in the above sports and their file indicates they need a Special Exam Form, they don’t have to complete one. • We cannot assume the comment “N/A” means that the athlete does not have Down Syndrome. • Methods used to prevent the Down Syndrome section being completed in error: • Note written on side of Down Syndrome section of medical • Strip of paper covering section with a reminder to healthcare provider to complete only if athlete has Down Syndrome

  7. What else you should know about Down Syndrome Restrictions • If an athlete’s previous medical indicated they have Down Syndrome, and the Down Syndrome section on their new medical is blank, THEY ARE STILL PRESUMED TO HAVE DOWN SYNDROME • If an athlete’s previous medical did not indicate Down Syndrome, and the Down Syndrome section on their new medical has been completed (even in error), THEY ARE NOW PRESUMED TO HAVE DOWN SYNDROME • Lifting medical restrictions/clarifying if an athlete does not have Down Syndrome does NOT have to be completed by the medical deadline date • Restrictions/clarifications MUST, however, be done prior to area competition • Notes from healthcare providers CAN be faxed to the Program Office

  8. The Fab Five Medical Deadlines • October 1 (Fall Sports Season) – Bowling & Volleyball • December 1 (Winter Games Season)– Skiing, Skating, Snowshoeing & Snowboarding • February 1 (Indoor Sports Season) – Basketball & Gymnastics • April 1 (Summer Games Season) – Aquatics, Athletics, Soccer & Powerlifting • July 1 (Outdoor Sports Season) – Softball, Tee Ball, Tennis, Golf & Bocce • An athlete’s medical must remain valid through the LAST DAY OF STATE COMPETITION FOR THAT SEASON • Get those medicals in EARLY! • Per insurance coverage guidelines, SOI policy states an athlete’s medical must be received and approved BEFORE STARTING PRACTICE. • Medicals/Release Forms MUST be postmarked by the medical deadline date for the season the athlete is participating in • Medical restrictions do NOT have to be lifted by the medical deadline date • They MUST, however, be lifted prior to area competition • Healthcare provider notes CAN be faxed to the Program Office

  9. Missing Medical Deadlines • New Athletes • Once the forms are received by our office they may practice for the rest of that sports season but not compete • Returning Athletes • If current medical expires after district, but prior to regional and/or state – the athlete may compete in district only • If current medical expires after regional, but prior to state – the athlete may compete in regional (and district if applicable) but NOT STATE • Late medical/Release forms • Processed after eligible, competing athletes have been divisioned and advanced to State • This may be up to a month after the medical deadline • Questions on whether a medical/Release form has been received? Call or email Samantha

  10. October 1, 2010 Deadline • Forms MUST be mailed to the new Program Office address as of September 1, 2010 • There will be a delay in processing forms mailed to the old address and need to be rerouted by the USPS • New Athletes • If the medical is mailed to the old address, postmarked by October 1st but is rerouted and therefore received by the new office close to the district competition date, the sports director may not allow the athlete to compete.

  11. Potpourri • Reminder - parents/guardians and athletes can view their own Medical Expiration Date online from the Athlete Page • The athlete’s DOB must be entered MM/DD/YYYY • Forms can be folded when mailing to the Program Office to save on postage • Updated rosters are mailed to agencies every two weeks if the agency has had any changes during that time including: • New athletes • Athletes that have transferred to the agency • Athletes that have been removed from their rosters

  12. Feedback • Survey results – what you said!! • Release Form – available in letter size? • Can be printed off website in letter-size form • Athlete roster should be put in medical expiration date order, not alphabetical order • We can mail an excel spreadsheet one month prior to deadline listing all athletes in medical expiration date order – would that help? • Mail rosters less often • Send every 3 weeks as opposed to every 2 weeks? • Questions