The motto of the library in ibts
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“If we have it – you get it, if we don’t have it – we get it” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The motto of the library in IBTS. “If we have it – you get it, if we don’t have it – we get it”. Librarian embedded into an Organisation. This is an overview of the career of an integrated librarian, Niamh O Sullivan. The IBTS Library.

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The motto of the library in ibts

The motto of the library in IBTS

“If we have it – you get it, if we don’t have it – we get it”

Librarian embedded into an organisation
Librarian embedded into an Organisation

  • This is an overview of the career of an integrated librarian, Niamh O Sullivan.

The ibts library
The IBTS Library

  • The IBTS Library is a well respected part of the IBTS organisation. There is a vested interest among all sections of the organisation. Library is a neutral entity and not aligned or in favour of any particular aspect of the IBTS. It is well respected in the organisation and a vital component in the successful running of the IBTS

Niamh o sullivan
Niamh O Sullivan

  • Research Officer/ Librarian in the IBTS located within the IBTS Headquarters

  • Sole Librarian with one library assistant

  • Liasing with eight different blood banks around the country (communication via intranet)

Institutionally embedded too
Institutionally embedded too!

  • The Library is situated in the core of the IBTS Headquarters

This is not a job for the inexperienced
This is not a job for the inexperienced!!

After Niamh received the graduate diploma in Library and Information studies she has worked in various different positions in different countries

  • Worked in large academic and public libraries

  • Cataloguer

  • Temping in small specialist library

  • Worked in Ireland, the UK and the US

Preparation for research officer position
Preparation for Research Officer Position

  • Had previous experience in Solo Library

  • Research on the organisation

  • Imagined what would do if had position – Niamh recommended they make a website (this was 1999) or if she were in the role she would do it, which she did!

  • Got feedback from blood donors

Skills and qualities
Skills and Qualities

  • People Skills – be approachable

  • Communication skills – understand their needs

  • Level of Professionalism

  • Interest in subject

  • Dependable

  • Consistent

  • Organisied

The strength of the information professional
The strength of the Information Professional

Niamh did not have any medical qualification or background. However, she is the “go to” person for information in the IBTS. This demonstrats the strength of research method, evaluating information and navigating databases and the web.

After 13 years, she has gained an in depth knowledge into the research and the organisations goals and objectives

Niamh has also constructed ibts database for research
Niamh has also constructed IBTS database for research

Knowing your audience
Knowing your Audience

  • Niamh has worked as the IBTS research officer since 1999. She has a great insight into her patrons and is able to tailor her research to their needs. Her personal knowledge that has been acquired over the years is indispensable. They trust her and communications are fantastic between Niamh and the medical staff.

  • Niamh knows her patrons. She knows their research habits and what type of information they favour i.e. whether they would be more interested in a peer reviewed article as opposed to ground breaking research.

A day in the life of a research officer
A Day in the Life of a Research Officer

  • Answering and sending emails. Attending to sorting lists, email alerts and mailing lists

  • Uploading information to the Intranet

  • Library training – to improve user ability

  • Circulate Online Publications

  • Housekeeping; cleaning, cataloguing, organisation of data

  • Guest presentations, internal workshops

    • Niamh meets fortnightly with the HR manager to discuss the upkeep, prospects and management of the library

What niamh likes best about her job
What Niamh likes best about her job

  • Variety – No one day is the same

  • Being a part of a Team

  • Sense of Achievement – the information the Niamh locates could prove vital for breakthroughs in blood donations

  • People Aspect

Implications for the library due to the current economic climate
Implications for the Library due to the current economic climate

In October 2011, Lucy, a library assistant retired from her post. There are no plans to replace her. Niamh is determined to maintain the same quality service and so has asked the patrons to give:

  • Efficient time given to lead up time for queries

  • Specification when sourcing articles

  • Correct and full references

  • Photocopying practically

Drawbacks to the retirement
Drawbacks to the Retirement climate

Unfortunately the library desk service will not be as accessible as it once was.

The library at IBTS is always open to those seeking to access information

The virtual library is available to staff around the country and at any time

Niamh s achievements
Niamh’s climate achievements

  • Set up the official website

    Next slide is a screen shot of the Homepage

Niamh s achievements1
Niamh’s climate achievements

  • Developed and maintains the Intranet

Former projects niamh has helped to promote in the ibts
Former projects climateNiamh has helped to promote in the IBTS

Librarian as teacher
Librarian as teacher climate

Niamh regularly gives guest presentations to the LIS community and/ or those interested in the work she undertakes. Due to this success and her technology skills, she has been asked by the IBTS to organise workshops that focus on information literacy and presentation skills. These courses are organised from the end of March and all through April 2012

  • Presentation Tips and Tricks

  • Web Searching Skills

  • Basic PubMed Searching

  • Advanced PubMed Searching

Guest speaking
Guest Speaking climate

Niamh has spoken at many events, the most impressive at LIS annual convention, workshop at LEER, and her promotion of the organisation is fantastic.

At these events, she gives out IBTS branded pens and ponchos. Her constant promotion and dedication

My feelings
My feelings climate

For my personal reflection on this experience go to my ePortfolio