how you can afford anything you want n.
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How YOU can afford anything you want!

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How YOU can afford anything you want! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How YOU can afford anything you want!. INDHRA SEGHAR LOA Meetup Milton July 21 2009. Poverty Consciousness. How do choose your Clothes, Holidays, Restaurants You’ve read & understand The Secret – but still something holding you back. You don’t know what.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'How YOU can afford anything you want!' - nigel

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how you can afford anything you want

How YOU can afford anything you want!


LOA Meetup Milton

July 21 2009

poverty consciousness
Poverty Consciousness
  • How do choose your Clothes, Holidays, Restaurants
  • You’ve read & understand The Secret – but still something holding you back. You don’t know what.
  • STILL haven’t made any progress in the last 12 months?
  • Wealth = Health : Analogy Poverty is a disease
  • So how do you know if you’ve got the disease?
do you have these symptoms
Do you have these symptoms?
  • You spend more than you earn? Are your credit cards maxed out? Do you have a shopping problem?
  • You worry about how you are going to pay your bills?
  • You feel trapped in a vicious cycle - of work - pay the bills - work - pay the bills, and can't see a way out?
  • You have little or no savings?
  • You are terrified of an emergency that would leave you financially devastated
  • You are working because you HAVE to, not because you want to?
  • You have all the tools and know how - personal development books, audio and DVD programs, internet marketing products and in the last 12 months you STILL haven’t made any progress?
it s not like you don t have the tools
It’s not like you don’t have the tools
  • You a seminar junkie (and have gone to so many you've given up)
  • You have obsessively accumulated personal development books, audio and DVD programs, internet marketing products and in the last 12 months you STILL haven’t made any progress
  • You are a fan of The Secret, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich, understand the principles but still feel there is something holding you back, but you don't know what.
this is relevant for you
This is relevant for you
  • If you are questioning if you'll EVER make it financially?
  • If you are frustrated about where you are financially and clueless about how to fix your situation?
take control
Take control
  • First thing about taking control of your life.
  • You are 100 percent responsible for what happens in your life.
  • All aspects i.e. Physical, mental and emotional
a note from the universe
A note from the Universe
  • What I found in my inbox today
    • It's quite a small thing, Indhra, to begin wondering which beliefs of yours are limiting, which thoughts shut out others, and which philosophies need updating, but OMG, it makes for the BIGGEST life changes!
    • "And the people of Brisbane began to gossip..." -
    • The Universe
why should you listen to me
Why should you listen to me?
  • My story
  • Great childhood. Easy life all along
  • HSBC
  • Australia / New wife / New life / New job
  • Surprise / Entrepreneur / Set up branding consultancy /Zero track record
  • Six figure credit card debt paid off and new high power job almost immediately after releasing my money sabotage.
what changed
What changed?
  • Essentially it boils down to how you:
    • think about money
    • feel about money
    • and how you act with money
  • You can’t build a house with a just hammer
prosperity triangle
Prosperity Triangle
  • Triangle is made up of 3 sides, Physical, Mental and Emotional
  • Mental and Emotional are the two areas most people neglect
  • Some are simply UNAWARE that these areas are missing. How do you tell if you’ve been neglecting a certain area ? Simple - Lack of results.
  • But you’re working really hard. You just don’t know why but you know something is holding you back.
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and your Money Baseline
the truth exercise
The Truth Exercise
  • I am successful, wealthy and can afford anything I want
  • You are successful, wealthy and can afford anything you want
  • [Your Name] is successful, wealthy and can afford anything she/he wants
what will get you to change
What will get you to change?
  • What is extremely powerful is to think of what this limiting belief has cost you in your life so far, and will continue to cost in the future.
  • Remember that we are all driven by emotions and not by logic. You can have all the logical reasons why you must change,
  • But you never will until you create the images in your mind and feel strong enough emotions to want to change.
conscious blocks
Conscious Blocks
  • I grew up poor
  • I don’t know how to get ahead – no one taught me
  • I’m no good at math
  • It’s the credit card company’s fault
  • Things cost too much
  • I don’t have a high paying job
  • I don’t have any skills
  • I’m too far behind to even get ahead
  • God will provide
sub conscious blocks
Sub Conscious Blocks
  • “Money is the root of all evil”
  • “Money is difficult to earn”
  • “Rich people are greedy”
  • “Money only brings problems”
  • “The Market is too saturated for me to make money”
  • “Everybody is already doing it. I’ll never get wealthy trying”
  • “Really good opportunities are scarce”
  • “I must work hard in order to earn money”
collapsing the table
Collapsing the table
  • First, you must find the evidence that supports your block. What are the legs holding your table up?
  • You can do so by asking the followings set of questions:
    • 1) How did I first create this belief?
    • 2) What makes me believe that this true?
  • Next, challenge the evidence by asking
    • 1) ‘What else can this mean?’
    • 2) ‘Is there a counter example?’
    • 3) ‘How credible is this person giving me the belief?’
positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations
  • Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance
  • I am free to create whatever I want with money
  • I am grateful that I am an honest and generous rich person
  • My parents did the best they could with all the resources they had
  • Money is a God-given resource that I am choosing to use to bless my life and others
  • I am worthy and I am ready, I choose wealth now.
stay on the path
Stay on the path
  • Read books that nourish your mind.
  • Find a mentor that you respect and want to model
  • Study successful people in your industry
  • Get a coach. Nothing compares to outside input and accountability
  • Join a mastermind group – the momentum itself will carry you
  • Attend seminars for ongoing ideas and network like mad!
  • Study your past patterns and observe your past results
raise your energy
Raise your energy
  • Not to become a millionaire and more but enough to secure your needs and wants through the physical plane
  • Feel that it's coming to your naturally through the love and creative energy that you put out rather than - struggling, working hard and forcing it
  • Raise your energy. Become more life force. More power
  • When you do that, people will be pulled to you. People will show up. They are going to come out of the woodwork attracted to you.
exchange that energy for money
Exchange that energy for money
  • Once they show up, you have to find a way to bill them. Bill these people so that you can basically make money
  • That means being organized, Having a product or service or something you can give to these people when they show up in your life.
  • If you miss this crucial step, you wont have the abundance, you won't have the creativity and you won't have an energy pattern that will go all the way.
  • Some of you are going to need lots of money. You are going to need loads and load to buy the stuff that will create the changes that you hope for yourself
give it your best shot
Give it your best shot
  • When you look at our society and the systems it has created. You will realise that it's not designed for people to be rich.
  • If you divided all the wealth up among all the people in the world, everybody would be millionaires. But the system is so designed that a few people have the wealth. And the rest of the people do not have the wealth.
  • And because of this design which has come through from thousands and thousands of years, you have to put in a certain amount of transcended energy to pull yourself out of the system that isn't designed to assist you
  • All the best. You are so blessed right now.