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Constructions Carousel – Question 1

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Constructions Carousel – Question 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Constructions Carousel – Question 1. Draw and label a horizontal line AB that is 8.8cm long Using a compass, construct a perpendicular bisector and label this line XY Mark the Midpoin t of line AB as point Z How can we check that XY is perpendicular to AB?

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Constructions Carousel – Question 1

Draw and label a horizontal line AB that is 8.8cm long

Using a compass, construct a perpendicular bisector and label this line XY

Mark the Midpoint of line AB as point Z

How can we check that XY is perpendicular to AB?

How can we check that XY bisects AB accurately?



Bonus Question.......

What kind of triangle could a perpendicular bisector allow us to construct?


Constructions Carousel – Question 2


  • 4km
  • 8km
  • Bexhill



Drawing not to scale

A new straight road from Eastbourne to Hastings is 12km long.

Draw and label this road using a scale of 1cm = 1 km.

A new road junction must be constructed that is a right angle to the existing road going north from Bexhill.

A JCB has driven over your protractor and you can only use a compass. Draw the new road section from Bexhill and make sure you show your construction lines.

Bonus Question.......

How do we know that we cannot simply construct a perpendicular bisector to solve this problem?


Constructions Carousel – Question 3

Sketch first and then use a compass to construct and label a triangle RST with a base line of 10cm and side lengths of 7cm and 7cm.

Classify your triangle as either Scalene, Equilateral, Isosceles or Right angled. Mark your triangle with the correct maths symbols to show your classification.

Construct and label triangle WXY with a baseline of 6.8cm, a side length of 5.5cm and an angle between them of 40°

Draw the missing side length and give its length to the nearest 0.1cm



Bonus Question.......

I am given three angles of 45°, 60° and 75°

Will the triangle I draw

always have the same side lengths?


Constructions Carousel – Question 4

A walker starts at point A and walks 4.5km to point B. They turn through 50° at point B and walk a further 6.2km to point C.

Draw a scale drawing of the walk using 1cm = 1km.

How far, to the nearest 100m does the return journey from C back to A in a straight line take?

Measure and label the two other angles you have created.

How can you check that all three of your angle measurements are correct without re-measuring them?







Bonus Question.......

Is it possible to have a triangle with more than one obtuse angle?


Constructions Carousel – Question 5

A new road is needed from Crawley to Tunbridge Wells.

The road MUST pass exactly halfway between the towns of

East Grinstead and Haywards Heath. The roads from East Grinstead and Haywards Heath meet at Crawley and form a 76° angle

Draw a version of the map above. Draw the angle accurately.

Without using a protractor, show the path of the road which starts at Crawley and passes exactly between East Grinstead and Haywards Heath

Tunbridge wells is 12km from Crawley along this new road. Using a scale of 1cm = 1km, Mark Tunbridge wells on your drawing.

East Grinstead

Tunbridge Wells



Haywards Heath

Bonus Question.......

Is it possible to construct a 45° angle WITHOUT using a compass. If so how?

(Clue – Two Skills needed)


Constructions Carousel – Question 6

A car and a van are 8km apart. The car turns 30° clockwise and sets off. The van turns 50° anti-clockwise and sets off.

Draw the diagram. Use a scale of 1cm = 1km and measure the angles accurately.

Continue the routes of the car and the van until they meet. To the nearest 0.1km, how far does each vehicle travel before their paths would cross.

The paths of the car and van form a triangle when they meet. Can you work out what angle is formed by the intersection WITHOUT measuring?






Bonus Question.......

Can you construct a regular hexagon using only a pencil and a compass