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Shipping and Receiving with Warehouse Management (239) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shipping and Receiving with Warehouse Management (239). SAP Best Practices. Purpose, Benefits, and Key Process Steps. Purpose

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Purpose benefits and key process steps
Purpose, Benefits, and Key Process Steps

  • Purpose

    • This scenario delivers an example of how warehouse management (WM) can be used. It does not cover all possible warehouse management processes for complete WM implementation (for example inventory counting is not part of this scenario).

    • WM is used for the storage of raw materials and finished goods.

    • Internal transfer orders are used for put away, internal transfers and removal from storage.

  • Benefits

    • This scenario shows the integration of WM with inbound logistics, production and outbound logistics

  • Key Process Steps

    • Purchasing process with transfer orders

    • Production order creation and processing of material movements with WM

    • Sales order processing and WM transfer orders

  • Required sap applications and company roles
    Required SAP Applications and Company Roles

    • Required SAP Applications

      • Enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

  • Company Roles

    • Production Planner

    • Warehouse Clerk

    • Warehouse Manager

    • Sales Administrator

    • Shop Floor Specialist

  • Detailed process description
    Detailed Process Description

    • Shipping and Receiving with Warehouse Management

      • This scenario describes a business process, where Warehouse Management (WM) is used for the handling of raw and finished materials in purchasing, production and sales.

        • The process starts with the generation of independent requirements.

        • In material requirements planning, the bill of materials (BOM) for the semi-finished material demand gets exploded and production is planned right down to procured component level. Procurement takes place and the goods movements are done by using WM transfer orders.

        • A production order is generated and executed, using WM transfer orders for the goods movements of raw materials and finished goods.

        • Sales order generation and delivery processing using WM transfer orders for the goods movements.

    Process flow diagram
    Process Flow Diagram

    Shipping and Receiving with Warehouse Management


    Beginning of Planning Cycle finished Product

    Request for a finished product

    Sales Admin.

    Sales order for Finished product

    Production Planner

    Material Requirements Planning at Plant Level & Evaluation of Stock / Requirement List

    Planned Independent Requirements


    Planned Order to Production Order

    Purchase Requisition

    Planned Orders

    Warehouse Clerk

    Create transfer order for component

    Create transfer order for picking

    Create outbound delivery

    Confirm Transfer order (finished product)

    Goods Issue/ for order component

    Goods receipt for order (finished product)

    Confirm transfer order finished product

    Change outbound delivery

    Confirm transfer order for component

    Confirm transfer order for picking

    Shop floor specialist

    Confirm production order

    Ware-house manager

    Check WM stock per material

    Check WM stock per material


    Procurement w/o QM



    Diagram Connection



    Hardcopy / Document

    External to SAP

    Financial Actuals

    Business Activity / Event

    Budget Planning

    Unit Process

    Manual Process

    Process Reference

    Existing Version / Data

    Sub-Process Reference

    Process Decision

    System Pass/Fail Decision