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Club Governance. Gary Hamilton, J.D. Professor The Collins College of Hospitality Management Cal Poly Pomona. Learning Objectives (Pre-Application). By the conclusion of this session you should be able to understand and apply the following concepts:

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Presentation Transcript
Club governance

Club Governance

Gary Hamilton, J.D.

Professor The Collins College of Hospitality Management

Cal Poly Pomona

Learning objectives pre application
Learning Objectives (Pre-Application)

By the conclusion of this session you should be able to understand and apply the following concepts:

  • Formal versus Informal Organizational Structures

  • Club Elections: Process and Procedures

  • The Role of the Board

  • Board Characteristics

  • Power, Status, and the Political Reality of Clubs

  • Managing Member Expectations

  • Critical Communication Concepts

  • The Role of the General Manager

  • Decision-making and Governance

  • “Best Practices” in Club Governance

Club organization
Club Organization

Board Information

  • BOD/Committee Rosters

  • Meeting Dates

  • Expected Commitments

  • Sample Agenda

  • Board Orientation and Retreats

Club organization1
Club Organization

Organizational Chart

  • Elected and Voluntary Leadership

  • Staff Organizational Chart

  • Sample Org Chart

Organizational structure informal
Organizational Structure(Informal)

  • Past Presidents

  • “Regulars in the Men’s Grill”

  • Political power brokers

    • Internal

    • External

  • Stakeholders beyond the club

    • Power, status, and political savvy

Club governance contracts
Club Governance: Contracts

  • Employee

  • Vendor

  • Services

  • Employee manuals

  • Others

Club governance additional considerations
Club Governance: Additional Considerations

Decision Making

  • Common Law

  • Statutory provisions

  • Affirmative Duties

  • Breach

  • Indemnification

  • Ultra Vires

Gm as coo

  • Planning

  • Organizing

  • Staffing

  • Directing and Leading

  • Controlling

Gm as coo1

  • Ex Officio member of Board and Committees

  • Counsel / advisory

    • providing expertise and judgment

    • consultant role

  • Staff Identified as “Note taker”

Board responsibilities
Board Responsibilities

  • Policies

  • Governance

  • Financial Oversight

  • Voting on New Members

Board responsibilities1
Board Responsibilities

  • Member Discipline

  • Affirm Mission & Vision

  • Orientation

  • Communication

Board responsibilities2
Board Responsibilities

  • Expectations

    • Member

    • Board

    • General Manager

Board responsibilities3
Board Responsibilities

Establishing and Enforcing

Rules of Conduct and Behavior

Board responsibilities4
Board Responsibilities

Executive Committee

  • Handles “sensitive” issues

  • Monitors full board

  • Assess GM’s performance

  • Prioritizes Issues

  • Facilitates Board Productivity

Board responsibilities5
Board Responsibilities

  • Objectives

  • SOP’s

  • Administration

  • Committee Organization & Review

  • Delegation Authority

  • Specialty Consultants

Board responsibilities6
Board Responsibilities

  • Elections & Annual Meeting

    • Odd number of members to ensure a majority vote

    • Well defined election process

    • Two (3) year, staggered terms, if re-nominated

Board responsibilities7
Board Responsibilities

  • Elections & Annual Meeting

    • President enjoys equal voting privileges

    • Presidents – (two) 2 consecutive one year terms

    • Past President – Ex Officio

    • Committee Chairs to Board

Board responsibilities8
Board Responsibilities

  • Membership Voice

  • Financial Oversight & Audit

Board duties and responsibilities
Board Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Duty of Care / Due Diligence

  • The Duty of Good Faith / Loyalty

  • The Duty of Compliance

Board characteristics
Board Characteristics

What are the Salient / Desirable

Characteristics of a Board?

Empty exercise? Luck of the draw?

Farm Team Strategy?

A Structured Event?

Board selection some considerations
Board Selection:Some Considerations

  • Formal Process for

    Identifying Candidates

  • Nominating Committee Review

  • Avoiding ‘Competitive’ Elections

Board selection some considerations1
Board Selection:Some Considerations

  • Contested Election Procedures

  • Open Slate Slot

  • Nomination by Petition

  • Experience & Diversity

  • Electing Board Officers

Board conduct
Board Conduct

Establishing a

Code of Conduct

Board ethics
Board Ethics

Fiduciary Duties Identified

Code of Ethics

Consent Form

Confidentiality Agreement

(for proprietary financials)

External regulations
External Regulations

  • Federal law

  • IRS implications

  • State law

  • City ordinances

  • Real Estate/Trust implications

Club organization sop s
Club Organization:SOP’s

  • History of Board Actions: 5 year timeframe

    • Club Impact

    • Date Adopted

    • Policy

    • History

Club organization sop s1
Club Organization:SOP’s

  • Current Policies

    • Governance/By Laws

    • Membership

    • Finance

    • Operations

Board budget functions
Board Budget Functions

  • Budget Philosophy

    • initiation fees

    • member dues

    • special assessments

  • Annual Budget Process

  • Operational Forecast by Department

Capital budgeting
Capital Budgeting

  • Defined: Dollar Limitation

  • Project Proposals

    • Priority Assessment Process

    • Timing

Capital budgeting1
Capital Budgeting

  • Recommendations

  • Budget Approval

    • Contingency funds established

  • Authorization

Finance budgeting
Finance & Budgeting

  • Annual Audit Process

  • Audit Letters

    • Credibility enhancers

Capital budgeting2
Capital Budgeting

  • Project Category

    • Repair & Replacement from Capital Dues

    • Member Services Enhancement from Initiation Fees

Status of technology
Status of Technology

  • Capital Investment Summary

  • Technology Plan

Human resources
Human Resources

  • HR Policies and Procedures

    • Staff

      • hiring

      • assignment

      • termination

      • grievances

      • performance evaluations

      • salary determinations

Human resources1
Human Resources

  • HR Policies and Procedures

    • Benefits

      • Health Care

      • Retirement Matching

      • Perks for Seasonal Associates

    • Employee Manual

Human resources management control
Human Resources:Management Control

  • Key components/considerations

    • Report directly to GM

    • Accountability

    • Are you in charge? (see next slide!)

Human resources2
Human Resources

  • Supervisory Responsibility

    • Tennis Pro

    • Golf Pro

    • Course Superintendent

    • Controller

    • Maintenance

By laws
By Laws

  • Current By Laws

  • History of Board Actions

  • Review Cycle

  • New Legal Developments

    & Exposure

    • Legislative Updates

Insurance coverage
Insurance Coverage

  • Insurance Summaries

    • Coverage

    • Deductibles

    • Exemptions

    • Cost

  • Advisory letters from Carrier

Legal legislative
Legal & Legislative

  • Confidentiality

    • Litigation

    • Internal Conflict

    • Ramifications and Recourse

General club dynamics
General Club Dynamics

  • Activities Calendar

  • Hours of Operation

  • Club History

  • Newsletter

  • Web site Information

  • Menu Overview / Access

  • Banquet Services


  • Membership totals by class and variances

  • Detailed demographics


  • Membership Applications and Procedures

    • Fees

    • Sponsorship

    • Membership classes

    • Payment programs


  • Membership trend analysis

  • Competitive fee analysis

  • Regional trends

  • Membership Satisfaction Surveys and Results

  • Value and Services Assessment

  • Membership Roster

Strategic planning
Strategic Planning

  • Executive Summary of Member Survey

  • Current Strategic Plan

  • Facilities Report

    • Schedule of Assets

    • Depreciation Schedules

  • Capital Investment Strategies

Board and committee orientation
Board(and Committee)Orientation

A. What is orientation?

- It can help new members understand what is and what is not expected of them.

- It can give current members, board/ committee, leaders, and the GM / COO a chance to welcome the new members and to share their collective knowledge.

Board and committee orientation1
Board(and Committee)Orientation

What can it do for you?

- It can help secure the future of the club.

Board and committee orientation2
Board(and Committee)Orientation

B. Five Objectives to Orientation

  • Bring new members up to speed

  • Build loyalty and enthusiasm

  • Communicate the club’s mission

  • Teach policies and procedures

  • Introduce formal and informal networks

Board and committee orientation3
Board(and Committee)Orientation

C. Who Conducts Orientation?

Effective orientations are those that involve several people including:


-Club Attorney

-Club Board President

-Other board members

-Other staff members

Board and committee orientation4
Board(and Committee)Orientation

D. Role of Board President

or Committee Chair

E. Role of Board or Committee Members

F. Role of GM / COO

Board and committee orientation5
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Format of an Orientation

Types of Orientations

- Group sessions

- Individual sessions

- Self-orientation

- Mentor sessions

Board and committee orientation6
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Orientation Activities

Common activities to include:

-Tour of club

- Discussion / overview session

- Meal

- Slides or media presentation

- Panel discussions

Board and committee orientation7
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Orientation Activities

Common activities to include:

- Distribution of printed material

- Question / answer session

- Board or committee meeting

- Follow-up actions

Board and committee orientation8
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Orientation Materials (Format)

Three common formats include:

  • File or pocket folders

  • Three-ring binders

  • Multiple binders

Board and committee orientation9
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Orientation Materials

  • Materials for New Members

  • Organization Chart

  • Club’s Mission Statement

Board and committee orientation10
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Orientation Materials

  • Definitions of Responsibilities

  • Club Bylaws and

    Articles of Incorporation

  • Club Rules, Policies and Procedures

Board and committee orientation11
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Orientation Materials

  • Club Financial Information

  • Minutes of Meetings

  • Pending Issues

  • Calendar of Events

Board and committee orientation12
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Orientation Materials

  • Names and Biographies of Members

  • Names of All Committees and Chairs

Board and committee orientation13
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Orientation Materials

  • Director’s and Officer’s Insurance

  • Meeting Procedures and Customs

  • Club History

Board and committee orientation14
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Implementation Plan

1. Setting orientation objectives

2. Delivering orientation materials

3. Planning the agenda

Board and committee orientation15
Board(and Committee)Orientation

Implementation Plan

4. Informing the involved parties

5. Conducting the orientation

6. Following up with new members

Learning applications
Learning Applications

Now that you’ve completed the session:

  • What is the most important “take away” concept you’ve personally learned?

  • What idea(s) will you take back and share with your staff?

  • Which concept(s) will be important to share with your membership?

  • Which concept(s) will be important for you to share with your President/Board?

  • What do think will be your biggest challenge to implementation?