Bridging CONTENT and object with HOLTRAN Technology
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Bridging CONTENT and object with HOLTRAN Technology. “The challeng e … is to find effecti ve solu tion s to unlock the val ue f rom unstructured inform atio n sources, and to leverage it in Business Intelligence deployments” Butler Group. “Poor classification costsa 10,000 user

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Bridging content and object with holtran technology

Bridging CONTENT and object with HOLTRAN Technology

“The challenge… isto find effectivesolutionsto unlock the valuefrom unstructured

information sources, and to leverage it in Business Intelligence


Butler Group

“Poor classification

costsa 10,000 user

organization $10M


Usability expert

Jacob Nielsen

“unstructured information doubles

in quantity every

three months”

Gartner Group

“in modern enterprise,

85% of data is unstructured”

Butler Group

Bridging content and object with holtran technology

HOLTRAN(Higher Order Logic Translation) Technology fills the gap between

unstructured texts and structured data.

The social impact of HOLTRAN in the next 10 years will cover the following situations:

  • Two or more people talking over the "phone" each in his native language and receiving the answer in it.

  • Traveling in a car one can ask "it" any question and receive the system response in his native language.

  • One can receive ANY "newspaper" in his native language (the first step to be done through our participation in DigiNews !).

  • Fully automated call centers: each user can be receive the answer in his native language.

  • Translation form one artificial language to another providing full database compatibility without additional software development (solution of PDM-ERP compatibility problem).

  • No manual transaction treatment: all e-mails read and treated automatically (Spam as well).

Bridging content and object with holtran technology

For DigiNews project we shall supply


together with a

set of standard HOLTRAN applications


  • text analysis (Content Management (CM), Personalisation)

    • categorisation

      • clustering

  • summarisation (CM)

    • metadata extraction

      • merging

  • question answering.(CM and Return Channel)

Bridging content and object with holtran technology

HOLTRAN Categorisation and Clustering application.

(Content Management and input for Personalisation)


  • automatic categorization of textual documents by pre-defined categories

  • clustering a set of textual documents by automatically extracted categories

  • Automatic building of hierarchical contextual taxonomies


  • provides highest possible accuracy (not worse than by a human expert, taken as 100%) of categorization by pre-defined categories (the State-of-the-Art accuracy of text categorization systems yet varies between 60 and 90%)

  • categorizes and clusters documents basing on their semantic content

  • builds new categories either automatically or by user-provided rules

  • supports multi-lingual and hetero-lingual document sets

  • supports extensible and adjustable category definitions

  • supports hierarchically organized categories (taxonomies)

  • supports multiple document versions

Bridging content and object with holtran technology

HOLTRAN Information Search ("Question answering") application

(Content Management and Return Channel )


  • semantic-content-based search of information in a set of textual documents

  • comparison of documents contents for detecting redundancies and contradictions

  • merging related information from multiple textual documents


  • accepts user requests (questions) in the free textual form (natural language)

  • represents responses in a natural language as well

  • performs search of requested information basing on documents semantic contents

  • extracts precise and specific answers to user's questions (optional referencing to source documents)

  • though is able to detect, but remains tolerant to contradictions and redundancies between different sources as well as between different parts of a single source

  • when answering a single question generally might summarize (merge) information extracted from multiple sources

  • may ask the user for a clarification if a request is formulated in the terms unknown to the system or in cases of redundancies, contradictions or vagueness in the question

  • is able to automatically extend its dictionaries when encountering new terms in a known context

  • supports multi-lingual document sets and multiple user communication languages

Bridging content and object with holtran technology

Main challenges & identified co-operation application

  • Creation of fully automated publishing platform sufficient to provide the several times a day issue of a digital newspaper with constant updates and fully automated return channel

    HOLTRAN Engine based Content Management System will

    form the basis for Data Search and Analysis of Incoming News Flow, Newspaper Contents and its

    representation in publisher platform and user terminal.

    Identified partners:

  • Philips PDSL (General Architecture)

  • Concentra (Publisher’s Platform, CM)

  • dZine(Content Management)

  • Ibermatica (User Profiling)

  • KTH (Content filtering)

  • Six Offene Systeme ( Content Management, User Profiling)

  • Other partners are also welcome.

Bridging content and object with holtran technology

HOLTRAN Technology application

can potentially serve as a universal international standard of representation, storing and exchange of information aimed to integrate all the currently existing information technologies and to promote them to a new level of intelligence.