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Nifty future trading tips

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Nifty future trading tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get free Nifty Future tips daily. Know trend of nifty for each trading day to take intraday position in buy or sell side. Get Nifty support and resistance level to make your strategy and make profit in each trading position. Also knowing Nifty levels or trend, Option trading can be done.

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Nifty index is a basket of 50 stocks. It is the barometer of Indian economy and shows general economic activity in India. It is most liquid traded future and difficult to manipulate thus making it better choice for everybody to trade.

  • Follow the given below Nifty Future Tips to get profit and minimize loss.
  • First know all things about Future trading. Know the risk involve in it.
  • Always Use only 30 percentage of your total money to take position in Nifty Future.
  • Keep rest 70 percentage of money for Hedging in case of opposite trend.
  • Always give stop loss and trailing stop loss.
  • Calculate the risk/reward ratio before taking positions.
  • Go with the trend and to know the Nifty Trend use technical indicators or take help of Nifty Future Trading tips.
  • Do not trade future with little capitals and in many markets.
  • Do not over trade and do not afraid to be a sheep.
  • Flexibility and discipline is important for a trader. One should follow the Trend or indicators and not anticipate the market to move as per personal expectations.
  • Unless you have a very strong reason, stick to your plan and do not panic in small fluctuations.

11. Try always to get trend with technical analysis.

  • Use candle stick pattern to know the trend.
  • Use call put ratio to know bullish or bearish trend.
  • Technical charts give a clear trend of nifty. If you are new to charts then take help of Nifty Future Trading Tips to know trend, entry and exit point with stop loss.
  • Use open interest to find what traders are doing.
  • If prices are rising and the volume as well as open interest both is increasing, market is bullish. If the prices are rising and volume as well as open interest both is down, market is bearish.
  • If prices are declining and volume as well as open interest is up, the market is bearish. But when prices are decreasing and volume as well as open interest is down, market is bullish.
  • 12. Do not blindly follow computer trading signals as they run on formulas but market move with news sentiments.
  • 13. Nifty has an impact cost close to 0.0125 percentages, which makes it most liquid future contract to trade.
  • 14. Do not trade on rumors. Trade over facts and data.
  • 15. Have patience and have business-like approach to markets.
  • 16. If you are new then trade with one lot and with increase of experience and knowledge take more lots.
  • 17. Program your mind to accept small losses.

Follow the below given strategy in Index Future Trading

  • Long in Stock market, Short in index Futures
  • Short in Stock market, Long in index Futures
  • Have Portfolio, Short in Index Futures
  • Have funds, Long in Index Futures
  • In Bullish market, go long in Nifty Index Future
  • In Bearish market, go short in Nifty Index Future
  • If you Have money or securities, lend it to market.