dr theresa enyeart smith phd ches dr terry wessel edd ches james madison university harrisonburg va
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Sexuality Update

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Sexuality Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Theresa Enyeart Smith, PhD, CHES Dr. Terry Wessel, EdD, CHES James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA. Sexuality Update. Topics Discussed:. Contraception Sexual assault AOD & Sexual Behavior Sexting / Bullying Oral Sex LGBT Educational Strategies. Contraceptive Methods. Hormonal

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dr theresa enyeart smith phd ches dr terry wessel edd ches james madison university harrisonburg va
Dr. Theresa Enyeart Smith, PhD, CHES

Dr. Terry Wessel, EdD, CHES

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, VA

Sexuality Update

topics discussed
Topics Discussed:
  • Contraception
  • Sexual assault
  • AOD & Sexual Behavior
  • Sexting / Bullying
  • Oral Sex
  • LGBT
  • Educational Strategies
contraceptive methods
Contraceptive Methods
  • Hormonal
    • 1. Inhibit luteinizing-releasing hormone (LRH)
    • 2. Change endometrium if ovulation occurs- no implantation
    • 3. Cervical mucus is thick & hostile to sperm
    • Pills-daily, Seasonale
    • Implants
    • Shots
    • Patch
    • Ring
    • Male/female condoms
    • Diaphragm
    • Cervical cap
    • Sponge
    • Male/Female
  • Other
    • IUD
    • Spermicide
      • Foams/jellies
    • Rhythm/calendar/temperature
    • Sterilization
    • Withdrawal-unreliable
    • Emergency Contraception (EC; “morning after” pills; IUD)
  • New technology
emergency contraception1
Emergency Contraception
  • Do not cause abortion
  • Will not interrupt or harm an established pregnancy*
    • *IUD insertion is contraindicatedin pregnancy
  • Are not the same as mifepristone (RU486)
  • Do not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STDs)** emergency STD prophylaxis and follow-up may be needed in addition to emergency contraception
  • IUD insertion (within 120 hours) 99% effective
  • OCP (two doses-started within 72 hours) 88% effective
experimental and future methods of birth control
Experimental and Future Methods of Birth Control

Future Methods for Men

  • Vas Injection
  • Vas Occlusion
  • Nifedipine-
    • hypertension drug, calcium channel blocker, dissolves calcium in heads of sperm
  • A Male hormonal contraceptive?
  • Immunocontraceptives-
    • vaccination to prevent sperm from maturing

Future Methods for Women

  • Antimicrobial Gels-spermicide and microbicide
  • CatSper – (protein in sperm for motility)
    • women take medication that blocks CatSper, so sperm are unable to swim
  • HIV crisis has accelerated development for new microbicides and barrier methods to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
updates on sexual safety issues
Updates on Sexual Safety Issues
  • Sexual assault
    • AOD
    • LGBT
    • Oral sex
  • Bullying
    • Sexting
    • LGBT
    • Oral sex
alcohol drugs and sexuality
Alcohol, Drugs and Sexuality
  • According to CORE data, >75% of unwanted forcible sex is under the influence
    • Alcohol
    • GHB aka-Cherry Meth, Everclear, Fantasy, GA home boy
    • Ketamine aka -cat valium, Green K, Honey Oil, Jet, K
    • Rohypnol aka Circles, Forget-me-pill, Landing gear, La rocha
    • Soma- muscle relaxant, aka- D, Dance, Danz, DAN5513
  • “It’s not OK: Speak out against sexual assault”
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpXvbkx9Kd8

Date rape drugs come in many shapes and sizes,

As well as in liquid form

explanations for relationship between alcohol acquaintance rape
1. Males psychological expectancies of alcohol’s effects- aggression, power and sex

2. Males misperceptions of sexual intent more likely

3. Stereotypes of women who drink- sexually active, respond to sexual advance, willing to be seduced

4. Females reduction in ability to send and receive cues

5. Females reduction in ability to effectively resist

6. Alcohol for justifying male sexual violence- acting out

7. Alcohol can increase a women’s sense of responsibility

~Antonia Abbey~

Explanations for Relationship Between Alcohol & Acquaintance Rape
  • Definition: Slang term for the use of a cell phone or other similar electronic device to distribute pictures or video of sexually explicit images. It can also refer to text messages of a sexually-charged nature.
  • Statistics
    • The percent of teens who have sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures or video of themselves:

• 20% overall

• 22% girls

• 18% boys

• 11% girls ages 13-16

    • The percent of teens sending or posting sexually suggestive messages:

• 39% overall

• 37% girls

• 40% boys

(The National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy: http://www.examiner.com/education-headlines-in-baltimore/from-cyber-bullying-to-sexting-stats-and-videos-what-s-on-your-kids-cell)

sexting continued
Sexting Continued…
  • More Teen Statistics

• 15% who have sent or posted nude or seminude images of themselves say they have done so to someone they only knew online.

•   48% say they have received such messages.

•   71% of girls and 67% of guys who have sent or posted sexually suggestive content say they have sent or posted this content to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

•   21% of girls and 39% of boys say they have sent such content to someone they wanted to date or hook up with.

•   44% of both girls and boys say it is common for sexually suggestive text messages to get shared with people other than the intended recipient.

•   36% of girls and 39 % of boys say it is commonfor nude or semi-nude photos to get shared with people other than the intended recipient.

•   51% of girls say pressure from a guy is a reason girls send sexy messages or images; only 18% of boys cited pressure from female counterparts as a reason.

sexting continued1
Sexting Continued…

•  66% girls and 60% of boys say they did so to be “fun or flirtatious”; their most common reason for sending sexy content.

•   52% of girls used sexting as a “sexy present” for their boyfriend.

•   44% of both girls and boys say they sent sexually suggestive messages or images in response to such content they received.

•  40% of girls said they sent sexually suggestive messages or images as “a joke.”

•  34% of girls say they sent or posted sexually suggestive content to “feel sexy.”

•  12% of girls felt “pressured” to send sexually suggestive messages or images.

The concern???

sexting bullying
Sexting & Bullying
  • The headlines tell us the effects:
    • “13-year-old Florida girl committed suicide after explicit cell phone photos were revealed to her classmates”
    • “Sexting-related bullying cited in Hillsborough teen's suicide”
    • “Teenage girl hanged herself after bullying over 'sexting’ ”
    • “The latest: Greenwich girls labeled promiscuous on Facebook 'Smut List’”
  • Suicide = 3rd leading cause of death for ages 15-24
oral sex is not sex
“Oral Sex is Not Sex”
  • Statistics
    • 80% say “oral sex is not sex”
    • Technical virginity
    • No pregnancy
    • Oral sex is not covered in curriculum as sex
      • Just intercourse-not allowed to talk about it
      • Embarrassed
      • Few, if any school curriculum include information about dental dams
    • 55% have had oral sex, less have had intercourse
    • Greatest number of STDS occur among those 15-24
oral sex implications
Oral Sex-Implications
    • Viewed as safer than intercourse
    • Less concerned about preventing STDs
    • Behavior before you are “ready” for intercourse
    • No emotional connections-casual behavior
    • More likely to have multiple partner
    • Gateway to other sexual behaviors
    • Precedent for dating violence and forced sex
    • No social risk-less likely to get bad reputation, get in trouble, feel bad or guilty
    • Less of a threat to their values and beliefs—technical virgins
  • 5% of schools make condoms available (YRBS 2009)
    • 39% of HS students did not use condoms during sex
    • 13% never taught about HIV/AIDS or STDs
parents beliefs about teen sex especially oral sex
Parents’ Beliefs About Teen Sex, Especially Oral Sex
  • Many parents have only had abstinence-only sex education
  • Parents’ views may differ from their children
  • Parents may deny their children’s sexuality and sexual activity
  • Parents may have lack of information or myths about dangers of oral sex
lgbt issues
LGBT Issues
  • Acceptance
    • Do not ignore sexual orientation in schools-teach about differences
    • Remove social stigmas
  • Support
  • Bullying-recent stories in the news
  • It Gets Better Project (http://www.itgetsbetter.org/)
  • HS clubs, mentoring, online resources
effective educational strategies
Effective Educational Strategies
  • Small group discussions
  • Adventures in Sex City
    • http://www.healthunit.com/article.aspx?ID=15160
    • Questions to answer, choose your character
  • Same gender or both gender discussions?
activities handout
  • Handouts:
    • Dear Abby Letter on Oral Sex
    • Resource list (not comprehensive!)
  • Online Activity: “Adventures in Sex City”
  • Activity: Small Group Discussions of Current Sexuality Issues
    • Develop two discussion questions for assigned topic.
      • Identify the target audience (i.e. age/grade level)
      • Identify the concept or attitude for the discussion questions (i.e. understand STD implications of oral sex; acceptance of all sexual orientations)
    • Report back to group at large
  • Thank you!