new developments in hearing technology n.
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New Developments in Hearing Technology

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New Developments in Hearing Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Developments in Hearing Technology. Dave Gordey, M. Sc. AUD (c). Let’s Talk About…. New Features of Hearing Aids Directionality Noise Reduction Adaptation Manager Datalogging New Designs And Next Generation in Hearing . What is Directionality?. Two microphones

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Presentation Transcript
new developments in hearing technology
New Developments in Hearing Technology
  • Dave Gordey, M. Sc. AUD (c)
let s talk about
Let’s Talk About…..
  • New Features of Hearing Aids
  • Directionality
  • Noise Reduction
  • Adaptation Manager
  • Datalogging
  • New Designs
  • And Next Generation in Hearing
what is directionality
What is Directionality?
    • Two microphones
    • Optimal Port spacing
    • Optimal mic alignment
  • A good way to improve speech in noise!

Directionality index (DI) - dB

microphone directionality
Microphone Directionality
  • First Generation -Manual Directionality
  • Underlying assumptions
    • Target is in front
    • Noise is elsewhere
    • Manual switching required

Now - Automatic Directionality

  • Switches automatically between omni-directional and fixed directional microphones.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to make decisions.
noise reduction
Noise Reduction
  • Noise interferes with speech understanding
  • Likely linked to auditory fatigue
  • Most environments have some noise present
noise reduction1
Noise Reduction
  • Two Types

1.Modulation Based Noise


2. Tristate Noise Management

first generation of noise reduction modulation detection
First Generation of Noise Reduction - Modulation Detection
  • Speech
  • Noise
  • Speech + Noise

Highly Modulated

Minimal Modulations

“Looks like noise”

automatic adaptation manager
Automatic Adaptation Manager
  • Automatic transition to the target prescription
  • Customizable transition time (start and end-time)
  • Smooth adaptation for a smoother acclimatization
ski slope losses
SKI-Slope Losses
  • Focus on more than just audibility
  • Less gain in HF
  • More gain in MF
  • More focus on transition region
data logging
Data logging
  • Hearing aid has a built in “artificial memory”
  • Tells us about:
  • Hearing aid use
  • Operation of on/off switch
  • Battery consumption
The look of the future

Introducing Delta. . .

  • Design
    • Nothing like a traditional hearing aid
    • Fits Mild to Moderate-Severe
  • Understanding in noise
    • Excellent bandwidth
    • Advanced directionality
  • Sound quality and comfort
    • Open fitting/Micromold
    • Speaker in the ear
    • State-of-the-art automatics
  • Connecting them to the Near World and the Far World
the near world
The Near World
  • Hearing our friends, family and colleagues in different environments.
  • Hearing and understanding the sounds of our world
  • Living in the soundscape.
the far world
The Far World
  • The world is going wireless
  • Multimedia is now a big part of our life
  • Professional and Personal Lives
  • We all need access to the far world

Ramsdell and

WWII Veterans


disconnected from their soundscape
Disconnected from their Soundscape
  • Social
  • Signal/Warning
  • Primitive


The importance of auditory spatial resolution (or why it’s good to know where sounds come from..)Demo with lights out


speech understanding in noise

Speech understanding in noise:

De-construct the auditory scene, find the voice of interest

Not just identifying components, but “following a voice”

Speech events have little or no meaning in isolation – Meaning accumulates over time…


two ears are better than one
Two ears are better than one

Binaural hearing gives us a sense of place

Binaural hearing allows us to localize


Localization ability:

Maintains SoundScape

Improves Speech/Noise

Binauaral hearing is most important for good localization ability


  • Excitement and Innovation….
binaural processing
Binaural Processing

Spatial Sound:

Ensures that auditory system is sent and accurate representation of the spatial environment


binaural dfc
Binaural DFC


  • Unique- First DFC system ever to benefit from binaural processing
    • Benefit
  • - More precise feedback detection
  • - Avoid “false positives” and common artifacts of conventional DFC systems.



extreme bandwidth
Extreme Bandwidth

Unique- Bandwidth extends up to ~10,000 Hz


  • Improved sound quality
  • Better localization
  • Greater naturalness and fidelity.


extended bandwidth audibility

Extended Bandwidth & Audibility

. . . can they hear it?

life learning
Life Learning
  • Unique
  • 1. Detailed learning of Volume Control preferences – in many different types of environments


  • - Convenience, ease of use- Discreetness (reduce need to use VC)- Volume is automatically adjusted to match each situation- Higher acceptance and long term satisfaction


streamer benefits
Streamer Benefits

Mobile phone: Hassle free, wire free. Listen with both ears

Connect to your IPOD - Stream music - directly into the hearing aids

Easy to Use.