emergency water purification for healthcare government and campuses n.
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Emergency Water Purification for Healthcare, Government and Campuses PowerPoint Presentation
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Emergency Water Purification for Healthcare, Government and Campuses

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Emergency Water Purification for Healthcare, Government and Campuses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emergency Water Purification for Healthcare, Government and Campuses. Who is First Water. We ensure the availability of potable water for: Hospitals Emergency Management First Responder Response International Infrastructure Philanthropic Organizations Sustainability Disaster Relief

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Emergency Water Purification for Healthcare, Government and Campuses

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emergency water purification for healthcare government and campuses
Emergency Water Purification for

Healthcare, Government and Campuses

who is first water
Who is First Water
  • We ensure the availability of potable water for:
    • Hospitals
    • Emergency Management
    • First Responder Response
    • International Infrastructure
    • Philanthropic Organizations
      • Sustainability
      • Disaster Relief
  • We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA with an additional operation office in Winston Salem, NC.
  • We are the only credentialed water disaster strike team authorized in the United States and we operate under the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.
  • We provide both portable and stationary water purification systems that operate on AC, DC and solar power. All products are manufactured in North Carolina.
  • We manufacture in an ISO 9001 facility in Sanford, NC and have our laboratory for emerging technologies in Greensboro, NC.
the problem is substantial
The Problem is Substantial
  • Surprise events like earthquakes, tornadoes, broken water mains, mud slides, etc. do not allow time to stockpile bottled water
  • Even anticipated events like hurricanes, ice storms, earthquake after-shocks, flooding, expanding wildfires, etc. leave communities without necessary amounts of potable water
  • Impediments like standing water on the roadways, trees down, electrical wires down, mud, etc. stop trucks from being able to deliver the small amounts in their inventory to a facility
  • Water vendor contracts typically have “escape clauses” to get out of having to always have enough water, or to even supply water at all
  • Many vendors have multiple MOU’s, and they will typically make sure that whatever water they have goes to their customers that have bought the most water from them in the past
  • Perhaps most importantly, bottled water can’t support showering, ice production, hygiene, beverage production, food preparation, laundry support, dish washing, community support, evacuation support, etc.
why first water
Why First Water
  • In hospitals, the First Water solutions support Joint Commission requirements to sustain healthcare facilities in an emergency, including prevention of diversion, cancellation of services, evacuation, etc.
  • The solutions have been designed specifically for hospital and critical infrastructure needs, including innovative space-saving designs and patented safety features
  • For government applications, the mobile, flexible solutions provide for quick resource deployment by Public Health, EMA, Fire, port authorities, special agencies, military operations, etc.
  • The solutions are very cost-effective, with the systems able to be used over and over during future emergencies by simply changing inexpensive filters
  • The First Water systems offer a “green” solution, without the tens of thousands of plastic water bottles used after an event
  • Bottled water from vendors is expensive, cannot be relied upon, and stockpiled bottled water must be rotated and bottles leak
the clean water process
The Clean Water Process
  • Mechanical Filtration:
    • Contaminated fresh water is

mechanically cleaned and made clear

through four stages of specialized

water filters and virus media

(filtration and adsorption down

to an effective size of 0.2 microns)

    • Carbon block for odor-free and great tasting water.
  • Disinfection:
    • Biological contaminates such as bacteria are neutralized by exposure to Ultraviolet light
    • Optional Flex-Chlorinator
  • Safeguards:
    • Systems feature true safety over-rides such as “instant off”
    • Patented technology automatically shuts off the unit when the UV bulb becomes unsafe due to age, wiring issues, or loss of amperage.
water quality
Water Quality

US Government

  • USEPA NSF P248 and P231
  • US Army Center for Health and Preventative Medicine

State Government

  • North Carolina State Department of Public Health
  • Alabama Department of Public Health

Private Labs and Universities

  • Triad Forensics
  • University of Arizona
  • Chemtech-Ford Laboratories

Foreign Governments

  • Mexico
  • Honduras
products the fw 1200 m
Products: The FW-1200-M
  • Up to 1,200 gallons per hour
  • Class A UV Disinfection
  • 150 pounds, fits in an SUV, minivan or pickup truck
  • Wheeled frame can be moved withone hand
  • Hooks up to standard hose bibs orexternal hose
  • The on-board pump pulls water from “un-usable” water mains, Supply StationsTM, or virtually any salt-free water source
  • Specially designed high strength pump works efficiently with intermittent and continually cycling “gray power” from generators
  • A/C (red plugs) powered
products the fw 60 m
Products: The FW-60-M
  • Up to 60 gallons per hour, 45 psi pump
  • Fully portable, briefcase sized
  • External applications
    • Vehicle use, evacuation and triage support, mobile medical teams
  • Internal applications
    • Sustains critical facility operations and sheltering in place
  • Showering and “decon” settings
  • FW 60-MTM – powered by A/C (red plugs/generator), external battery, or vehicle cigarette lighter
  • FW 60-MSTM is also solar powered
support products
Support Products
  • Supply StationTM
    • Used to hold untreated water prior to cleaning by an FW-1200-M or FW-60-M
    • 300 or 3,000 gallon capacities
  • Filling StationTM
    • used to distribute cleaned water coming from an FW-1200-M
    • Four or Eight taps for multiple lines of people
  • AquaBagsTM
    • 1.6 gallon vessel to distribute clean water (folds flat)
  • Flex-ChlorinatorTM
    • Adds chlorine to water for residual disinfection or when required
potable water bladders
Potable Water Bladders

Potable water bladders provide a simple and easy mechanism for storing treated water prior to distribution. They provide efficient solutions to many tasks like managing peak loads, reducing mechanical operations during night shifts, and operation multiple sites with limited equipment..

  • NexGenTM Reusable Bladder
    • Potable water storage
    • Disposable inner liner eliminates sanitation concerns
    • 500 gallon capacity
  • Potable Water Bladder
    • Potable water storage
    • Available in 300, 600 and 2,000 gallon sizes
training packages
Training Packages

First Water offers training packages designed to equip your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully deploy your equipment during a water disruption. Our implementation experts travel to your location and provide a comprehensive training program while addressing the specific needs of your site.

  • Basic Training $2,400 msrp
    • Year 1: One Onsite Course
  • Extended Training - $3,500 msrp
    • Year 2: Site Specific Course
    • Year 3: Site Specific Course
    • Year 4: One Onsite Course and Equipment Inspection*
how all the products work together
How All the Products Work Together
  • Broken water mains
  • Compromised wells
  • Fire trucks / tankers
  • Surface water
  • The Supply Station
  • 300 – 3,000 Gallons
  • Foldable / portable
  • Free tankers for other jobs
  • The FW-1200-M for high capacity
  • The FW-60-M for maximum portability
  • AquaBags for individual supply
  • The Filling Station as a distribution center
flexible facility housed solution
Flexible Facility Housed Solution
  • HCF (Health care Facility) packages:
    • Equipment is to be housed in the facility.
    • Package sizes based on bed count and number of persons anticipated to be in the facility during an emergency, including patients, visitors, staff and surge.
mobile configuration
Mobile Configuration

Mobile Trailer Solutions (facilitates fast and easy deployment of systems)

trailer based solutions
Trailer Based Solutions
  • MTS (Mobile Trailer Solution) packages:
    • Trailer based equipment that can be parked outside the facility if no storage is available, or to be available for rapid movement to another facility.
campus cluster configuration
Campus Cluster Configuration

Campus Cluster Configurations are designed specifically for university and college campuses. Each configuration provides the necessary equipment to operate a single water distribution point and manage elements of the operation from source water to potable water distribution. The groups are designed to support a single cluster of residence facilities, up to 2,000 students or a central distribution point.