nys conference of environmental health directors 2013 fall meeting n.
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NYS Conference of Environmental Health Directors 2013 Fall Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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NYS Conference of Environmental Health Directors 2013 Fall Meeting

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NYS Conference of Environmental Health Directors 2013 Fall Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NYS Conference of Environmental Health Directors 2013 Fall Meeting. Bureau of Water Supply Protection Bureau and Regulatory Updates October 8, 2013. Roger C. Sokol, Ph.D. Director. BWSP Update Topics. DWSRF Storm Mitigation Loan Program Technical Assistance/Circuit Rider Contract

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NYS Conference of Environmental Health Directors 2013 Fall Meeting

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nys conference of environmental health directors 2013 fall meeting
NYS Conference of Environmental Health Directors 2013 Fall Meeting

Bureau of Water Supply Protection

Bureau and Regulatory Updates

October 8, 2013

Roger C. Sokol, Ph.D.


bwsp update topics
BWSP Update Topics
  • Storm Mitigation Loan Program
  • Technical Assistance/Circuit Rider Contract
  • Program Reminders
  • Program Initiatives
  • Training Opportunities
ffy 2014 dwsrf final iup

FFY 2014 DWSRF Final IUP

FFY 2014 DWSRF Final IUP is posted at www.nysefc.org

Funding Capacity for FFY 2014 is estimated at $426 million

Subsidized Funding Line is at 130 points

Changes in program for FFY 2014:

All new listing forms require submittal of a Smart Growth check list

Attachment IV of the IUP for copy of check list

Integration of the Storm Mitigation Loan Program

Attachment X of the IUP for information and listing form

dwsrf storm mitigation loan program smlp
DWSRF Storm Mitigation Loan Program (SMLP)
  • Total amount of financial assistance available is:
  • • $67.9 million (includes required 20% state match and before set asides)
    • Financings will consist of:
      • 25% Grant
      • 75% Zero-interest Loans
      • Loan term can be up to 30 years
    • Limited to mitigation, resiliency projects in the 14 counties that were FEMA disaster designated as a result of Hurricane Sandy
  • Funds made available through SMLP can be used for planning, design, and construction;
    • All capital project funds must be expended by 2019
  • Pre-applications along with engineer’s reports due to DOH by April 1, 2014
  • Pre-application along with guidance is available in Attachment X if the FFY 2014 IUP
small system technical assistance contract
Small System Technical Assistance Contract
  • New Five-Year Technical Assistance Contract with NYRWA
  • Circuit riders to provide on-site technical assistance to small PWS’s
  • Activities to include: training, treatment trouble shooting, leak detection, VA/ERP assistance, mapping services,
program reminder va erp updates 2013

Program Reminder:VA/ERP Updates – 2013

THANK YOU! for Continued Processing of VA/ERPs

About One-half of the ~ 330 VA/ERPs Required by Law are Due in 2013

Of these, about one-half have been received at BWSP

Most of These Approved or Conditionally Approved

Remainder under Review

Please continue to Review and Process

Schedule of actual “Due” dates has been sent out to field coordinators

Reminder when mailing please stamp “confidential”

program reminder sdwis
Program Reminder:SDWIS
  • DOH Prevention Agenda
  • Keep SDWIS Up-to-Date
  • Expect Inquiries, Notices from Time to time
program initiative re energizing the capacity development program
Program Initiative:Re-Energizing the Capacity Development Program

The BWSP is looking to re-energize the Capacity Development Program.


  • Because ….
  • EPA has asked the states to integrate Capacity Development throughout their programs.
  • Also ….
  • Water System Capacity is required under the Safe Drinking Water Act,
  • Water systems with Capacity are more likely to be sustainable,
water system capacity is
Water System Capacity is…




Plan for,










three elements of capacity
Three Elements of Capacity

Technical Capacity





we need your feedback
We Need Your Feedback!

How can the Capacity Development Program be implemented more efficiently and effectively throughout New York State?

Please provide us with feedback and ideas on improving, integrating and streamlining the Capacity Development Program

Revisions to the Capacity Development Program are expected to be implemented sometime in late 2014.

tool to support water system capacity
Tool to Support Water System Capacity

Value of Water Brochure Created by the Water and Wastewater Education and Outreach Committee.

Message: Provides information on the Value of Water and what it takes to deliver the service.


  • Public Education
  • Elected Official Education
  • Bill Stuffers
  • Posting on Website – Interactive Version

Available for download at: efc.syracusecoe.org/WWEO

program initiative epa program reviews
Program Initiative:EPA Program Reviews
  • EPA Region 2 becoming more “engaged” in drinking water program
  • Asked to perform a limited program review at a LHD
  • Chemung County “accepted” the invitation
    • (thank you)
    • Review focused on the Lead and Copper Rule
  • This initiative is expected to continue
program initiative emergency equipment stockpile upgrades

Program InitiativeEmergency Equipment Stockpile Upgrades

NYS OEM Emergency Stockpile Water System Equipment upgrades

Retrofitting two DE units onto Trailers

Pending purchase of Three Trailer-Mounted Filtrations Units (Cartridges & UVs)

Trailer Mounted Cartridge & RO Unit

program initiative emergency equipment stockpile upgrades1

Program InitiativeEmergency Equipment Stockpile Upgrades

Meetings with OEM, NYWARN,and NYRWA regarding staging, deployments, O&M

Locations, Readiness

program initiative design handbook
Program Initiative:Design Handbook
  • Design Handbook distribution by e-mail / paper copy.
  • Training continues
    • First session – March, Ontario County
    • Second session – June, Syracuse for CRO
    • Third session was last week in Ballston Spa
    • MARO – TBA
    • WRO may schedule another session
    • 4.5 PE credits
  • Hope to prepare/distribute errata sheets in 2014
  • Please provide any corrections/edits to BWSP
program initiative residential septic and well pamphlets
Program InitiativeResidential Septic and Well Pamphlets
  • New “Septic System O & M” Pamphlet available
    • Each LHD gets a bundle of pamphlets
    • http://www.health.ny.gov/publications/3208.pdf
  • New “Residential Water Well Maintenance and Testing” pamphlet under development;
    • funded by an EHS-NET CDC grant
program initiative private drinking water well study

Program InitiativePrivate Drinking Water Well Study

National Interest in Understanding Private Well Quality and Public Health

Department applied for and was just awarded a CDC EHS-Net Water Well grant (“risk assessment”)

Thanks for completing last spring’s Survey Monkey and letters of support

Objective is to assess private wells relative to their vulnerabilities and public health protection

The two-year effort will assemble available data into a database which will then be evaluated.

owts vendor alert
OWTS – Vendor Alert
  • OWTS Vendor-equipment alert:
    • some vendors marketing their products as alright to use when only one foot of vertical separation distance available;
    • the Department does not support only one foot of vertical separation distance; at least two feet is needed!
related dec initiatives
Related DEC Initiatives
  • DEC 1988 Standards Revisions:
    • DEC Staff finalizing revisions
    • DEC hopes to finalize/release by 12/31/2013
  • Realty Subdivisions & SEQR
    • DEC still working on revisions to Part 617 “State Environmental Quality Review” regulations
    • The Department is still trying to have DEC consider requiring that all realty subdivisions be subject to “coordinated review”
reduction of lead in drinking water act
Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act


SDWA Amendment on “Lead-Free” Becomes Effective January 4, 2014

“Lead-free” will mean:

Solder and flux no more than 0.2 percent lead

Pipes, pipe fittings, appurtenances, fixtures no more than 0.25 percent lead in “wetted surfaces”

Covers Repairs and Replacement

reduction of lead in drinking water act of 2011
Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act of 2011
  • EPA Information will be available… SOON?

Draft Reduction Of Lead In Drinking Water Act Frequently Asked Questions Please send comments to LeadFreeAct@epa.gov

The “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act was enacted on January 4, 2011 to amend Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA or Act) respecting the use and introduction into commerce of lead pipes, plumbing fittings or fixtures, solder and flux. The Act established a prospective effective date of January 4, 2014, which provided a three year timeframe for affected parties to transition to the new requirements. In anticipation of these changes taking effec ….

training opportunities
Training Opportunities
  • EPA sponsored Post-Sandy Water-Energy Workshop on Long Island
    • November 7, 2013 Bethpage, Nassau County
    • * Anticipate water and wastewater CEUs
  • EPA sponsored free SDWA compliance training for small systems (<10,000)
    • Topics include: LCR, TCR, GWR, Disinfection, Distribution & Groundwater production
      • Four held in MARO in 2013
      • Targeting CRO and WRO for Three Sessions in Winter/Spring 2014
nyc delaware aqueduct shutdown catastrophic failure planning
NYC Delaware Aqueduct Shutdown/Catastrophic Failure Planning
  • FEMA sponsored, Administered by NYS DHSES OEM
  • Working with County OEMs, DOHs
  • Worst-Case Failure: up to 39 month ? Outage for 9,000,000 New Yorkers
  • Many “Back-Up” Plans of “Up-State” Aqueduct Communities Rely on other Aqueduct communities
  • Seeking Truly Back-Up Sources
  • DRAFT Documents w/ Agencies
  • Parts of Adirondacks “Abnormally Dry”
no drought task force activation in 2013
No Drought Task Force Activation in 2013
  • Most Areas with Greater Precipitation Than Normal
  • NYC Reservoirs Higher than Average
  • (~ +10%)
  • Parts of Adirondacks “Abnormally Dry”
upstate flooding june july 2013 impact to pwss

• 5 systems issued Drinking Water Advisories (BWOs)

- One had well field and UV unit flooded (Six feet)

- Three kept Advisories local per quick valving & isolation decisions

• One system with Water Conservation Only per extensive “Tanker Brigade”

Upstate Flooding – June/July 2013Impact to PWSs

lessons learned

PWS operators should have a working knowledge of key isolation valves and their locations

Recommended Standards stream-crossing reqt (5 feet below stream-bed), valve reqts, flood-proofing, and redundancy all make eminent sense

Approved Bulk Haulers are Wonderful

Lessons Learned