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EARLY CIVILIZATIONS Jeopardy Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. Cultures of Mesopotamia 100 Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, was the leader of these people Answer: Sumerians

  3. Cultures of Mesopotamia 200 Hammurabi was the leader of these people Answer: Babylonians

  4. Cultures of Mesopotamia 300 This was perhaps the most important development of the Sumerian Culture Answer: Cuneiform, first system of writing

  5. Cultures of Mesopotamia 400 Here is where the Sumerians thought gods would reveal themselves Answer: Ziggurat

  6. Cultures of Mesopotamia 500 This group of people would be the last rulers of the great age of Mesopotamia, but they too would fall; conquered by the Medes and later the Persians Answer: The Assyrians

  7. Ancient Egypt 100 This book of spells and instruction was a guide for the afterlife Answer: The Book of the Dead

  8. Ancient Egypt 200 This pharaoh was the first to unite upper and lower Egypt Answer: Narmer

  9. Ancient Egypt 300 He built the first step pyramid, commissioned by Zoser. His name was __________ and he was later deified as the god of ____________ and _____________. Answer: Imhotep- god medicine and wisdom

  10. Ancient Egypt 400 The Egyptians were invaded by the Hyksos. They introduced this new weapon Answer: Horse drawn carriage

  11. Ancient Egypt 500 This man made “King Tut” famous when he excavated his tomb Answer: Howard Carter

  12. Aegean Culture 100 The Aegean Culture developed in this region Answer: Greece and the islands of the Aegean Sea

  13. Aegean Culture 200 This is the capital of the Minoan Empire Answer: Knossos

  14. Aegean Culture 300 The King of the Minoan Empire Answer: King Minos

  15. Aegean Culture 400 The Mycenaean Empire flourished here Answer: mainland Greece

  16. Aegean Culture 500 This archaeologist, self financed the excavation of Knossos to prove his theories correct. Answer: Arthur Evans

  17. Geography 100 Ancient Egypt was dependant on this Answer: The Nile River

  18. Geography 200 This sea is located to the east of Egypt Answer: The Red Sea

  19. Geography 300 DAILY DOUBLE These two rivers form the Fertile Crescent. ____________ to the East and ___________ to the West Answer: Tigris to the East and Euphrates to the West

  20. Geography 400 The City of Knossos is located here Answer: The island of Crete

  21. Geography 500 Sumerian communities were located here Answer: along the floodplain of the lower Euphrates and Tigris rivers

  22. Myths and Legends 100 Gilgamesh was in search of this Answer: everlasting life

  23. Myths and Legends 200 _________ was responsible for the death of Osiris and _______ put Osiris back together Answer: Seth , Isis

  24. Myths and Legends 300 This great god of sky, often symbolized as a falcon, avenged the death of his father, Osiris. Answer: Horus

  25. Myths and Legends 400 King Minos created one of these at his palace to house a minotaur Answer: labyrinth

  26. Myths and Legends 500 King Aegean plunged to his death in the Aegean sea because he did not raise the white sail Answer: Theseus

  27. Prehistory 100 Name, in order, the three “lithic” periods we discussed in class. Answer: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic

  28. Prehistory 200 This specific type of homo sapiens made the first cave art. Answer: CRO MAGNON

  29. Prehistory 300 Name this famous piece. One of many statuettes found, which emphasize the women’s practical role- the source of birth and life Answer: Venus of Willendorf

  30. Prehistory 400 One would have to travel here to view giant heads called Moai (give both name and location) Answer: Easter Island, off the coast of Chile in the South Pacific Ocean

  31. Prehistory 500 a very large usually rough stone used in prehistoric cultures as a monument or building block Answer: megalith