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By: Makenna Schroeder 2009-2010. Edward Bloor.

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By makenna schroeder 2009 2010

By: MakennaSchroeder


Edward bloor
Edward Bloor

Edward William Bloor is the author of Tangerine, Crusader, Story Time, and London Calling. He was formerly an English teacher in Florida public high schools. He became a senior editor at Harcourt Brace School Publishers in 1986. He was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1950, and went to school at Fordham University. He is married to Pamela Dixon, a teacher. They have a daughter and son named Amanda and Spencer. They currently lived in Winter Garden, Florida.

The death of mike costello
The death of Mike Costello

Tuesday, September 5 Paul and his mom just came back from the supermarket and Erik told them devastating news. Mike Costello got killed at practice today. Paul and his mom just stood their, not knowing what to say nor do, just speechless. That day at football practice Mike was just standing there in the end zone. He had one hand on the goal post, leaning on it, and KABOOM! There was a crack, and a flash, and he went flying through the air. He landed right on his back, right there on the goal line. He died before he even hit the ground. Everyone stopped what they were doing and ran to him. Ambulances and cop cars came. They had a power-pack to try to jump start him, but it didn’t work. Mike Costello was dead.


On Monday, September 11

Paul was walking to his classroom from the office. When all of the sudden he heard a whooshing sound, which began to run toward the back portables. Then he heard a crack-crack crackling sound. The boards began to come apart, and the loose mud under the walk ways began to slide toward the sinkhole. Kids and teachers poured out of the portables pushing into each other and screaming trying to get in the building. Paul and Joey realized that some people were stuck in the portables, so they dropped their umbrellas and ran to go help people. No one died but their were several injuries.

Character web paul
Character WebPAUL

Character Traits

  • Kindness

  • Cooperation

  • Responsibility



  • Extraverted.

  • Soccer.

  • Get along with others.

  • Erik.

  • Sticking up for himself.

  • Telling on his brother.

Tangerine county population gender
Tangerine County Population/Gender


  • Tangerine county census-

  • Pictures- Used Google sources

  • Paul Info- The Book

  • Author Info-

  • Major events- Used the book Tangerine