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  1. ProspectingAppointment SettingPresentationOvercoming objectionsClosingRecruiting and Getting ReferRalsGetting a List and Get New Associate off to Fast Start


  3. What is Prospecting Most People don’t understand Prospecting Dictionary Definition Prospecting- to search or explore (a region), as for gold. Gold in Primerica is someone who will listen to our story

  4. PRIMERICA DEFINITION Simply the art of “finding” someone to give your presentation to!

  5. Our Problem is not that we don’t have enough prospects… Their has never been a time where what we do has been more needed… Our problem is we don’t have enough people to go see all the potential prospects… What is a Qualified Prospect? CREDIBILITY Know them well Know their Children Have seen in last 6 mo’s Other’s Trust them Married Children at home Homeowners 25-55 years old Middle Income

  6. Where to Prospect 1. Your Warm Market 2. New Recruits Warm Market 3. Referrals from Happy clients 4. Cold Market

  7. Your Warm Market “The Best Place to Prospect’’ YOUR CELL PHONE, Friends, Family, Relationships through your Kids Co-workers, Neighbors, Classmates, Sports Teammates, Wedding list, Christmas Card list, School Clubs, Community Organizations, People you do business with, People from Church, Acquaintances… Use “Memory Jogger” ENTER NAMES ON “BUILDERS TRACK” OR VBS “Who YOU know, and also who MIGHT know You!”

  8. “Why” Warm Market • Already Know and Trust you • They know you are not a criminal • Easiest to set up • No Skill or Technique needed • Want to help them first • You save friends and family first

  9. How to Prospect in your Warm Market • Make a List (Top 25 /Top 100) • Don’t stop there. Everyone you know needs to know • what you do so they can prospect for you • Qualify/Quantify the list • You want to go see the best 10-15 people with your trainer • within the first 30-60 day while getting licensed so they • can turn that 10-15 into an Unlimited market • Set appointments • Help your family and friends become Properly Protected, • Debt Free, and Financially Independent through our FNA • and our great business opportunity.

  10. Turn 15 appointments into an Unlimited Market 15 Appointments 9-10 FNA 6-8 Life 2-5 Recruit 2 Loans 10-15 referrals per FNA Top 100 lists per recruit 300-750 Prospects

  11. New Recruits Warm Market • 1. Already Know and Trust your Recruit • Borrowing their credibility • 2. Easiest to set up for New Recruit • The Recruit Sets the Appointment for you • 3. Expand your Warm Market • As you are developing their Market you are • meeting new people and they are begin like and • trust you so if the new Recruit quits that market is • still open to you!!!! If the recruit stays you have • Duplicated a trained independent Rep with an • unlimited market… It is a WIN-WIN situation!!!!!

  12. New Recruits Warm Market Credibility Knowledge New Recruit has the credibility to get in the door but their friends and family don’t see them as financial experts because they only know them as a coach, mechanic, plumber… Field Trainer has the knowledge and experience to help the family become properly protected debt free and financially independent using or FNA and great business opportunity but they are a stranger so getting in the door is difficult… Combine the two for a Dynamic Duo Once you become a qualified field trainer, you should always be training 3-4 new recruits with a warm market

  13. New Recruits Warm Market Normally you can Expect to do… 8 Appointments 5 FNA’s 3 Life Clients 1 Recruit 1 Loan In a credible qualified new recruits market… 8 Appointments* 7 FNA’s* 5-6 Life Clients* 2-3 Recruits* 2 Loans* Depending on the credibility of the new Recruit. They key is Recruiting people with qualified markets with credibility.

  14. Referrals from Happy Clients We do not charge our clients for the FNA which will help the become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. Instead of charging $300-$1000 for the FNA we ask for 15 Referrals and DESERVE 15 referrals of people to share our story with.

  15. How to Prospect using Referrals from Happy Clients • A-S-K for the referrals • Believe you deserve them… • Client contacts Referral to warm them up… • Have the client call the referrals or do referral • letters so we can borrow their credibility,or take • the client along as a new recruit. Leverage the • referrals for recruiting. • Contact Referrals • Set the appointments, conduct business and recruit the • referrals to open up new markets.

  16. Cold Market The Cold market is the least effective way to Prospect… Your results will be to lowest and persistency will low as well… Cold market activity should only be a supplement and only with the mindset of opening up newWarm markets….

  17. Cold Market Friendship Farming- Meeting new people and forming friendships to expand your warm market Face to Face- As you meet a sharp person when you are out doing errands, you could ask if they are open to a different opportunity or ask if they know someone who is sharp with good people skill that would be… When you do it, you should focus on using it to open a new warmmarket. PFS IS A WARMMARKETBUSINESS!

  18. Warm vs. Cold Warm Market Clients & Recruits -Are more likely to remain clients and recruits are less likely to quit. -Are MORE open to giving referrals and taking you to see their friends. -Are more likely to forgive mistakes. -Have less questions and more likely to accept that you know what you are doing and are doing what is best for them. Cold Market Clients & Recruits -Are more likely to move their business and recruit quits quickly. -Are LESS open to giving referrals and taking you to see there friends. -Mistake can cause them to quit. -Constantly question everything and you need to establish trust and credibility because they don’t know you.

  19. ADD 3 - 5 Daily WHAT: Add 3 – 5 NEW Names and Numbers 4 – 5 days per week! WHY: If you added just 3 names and numbers daily, 4 -5 days per week, that adds a minimum of 60 names to your market monthly! HOW: S.T.E.A.M. (applied to all 4 methods) (Listen to Daryl Hawes CD on S.T.E.A.M.)

  20. REVIEW 1. Your Warm Market 2. New Recruits Warm Market 3. Referrals from Happy clients 4. Cold Market If you build a team and are always training 3-4 New Reps you can spend your whole career in the top two markets and never have time to go see all your referrals… you can cherry pick the best prospects in the best markets…