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Duct Tape

Duct Tape. Title The Beauties of Duct Tape The Inspiration The inventor The Fad Bibliography. Duct Tape. By Michael Walker. The Beauties of Duct Tape.

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Duct Tape

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  1. Duct Tape • Title • The Beauties of Duct Tape • The Inspiration • The inventor • The Fad • Bibliography

  2. Duct Tape By Michael Walker

  3. The Beauties of Duct Tape Duct tape is an amazing invention. It is the only invention that can fix pretty much and other invention out there. There are more uses for duct tape than there are days in a year. The inventor of this amazing product did not know that it would be such a success. People that use it today can simply use it to fix a simple crack or rip, or people can do so pretty wild things. Overall duct tape can be more than you think it is, so take an adventure with me through the universe of duct tape.

  4. The Inspiration 1942 Johnson and Johnson created the new product called called Duct Tape. The only tape that was in the market before that was masking tape. Although Its closest competitor was medical tape. The original use for the product was keeping moisture out of ammunition cases, because America was at war during the time. People started using it on more things like fixing cracks in windows,chair legs,and so on. At that moment Duct Tape became a product known to every American citizen.

  5. The Inventor • The inventor of this sticky sensation Johnson and Johnson, is was and still is a heath care company. In fact, it is the most successful health care company in the US today. Founded in 1886 This company has been making many products. None of them however, measured up to Duct Tape. As the products demand grew higher, the prices went up. Today the company has a chain of 57 companies around the world.

  6. The Fad • People use duct tape all the time. To most people duct tape is nothing special, but to others it is a form of art. People can make some pretty wild things, like backpacks, hats, wallets, and many more. From the beginning it was a standard military possession. It grew, and it grew, to an American craze.

  7. Bibliography http://ideafinder.com/history/inventions/ducttape.htm author is Vaut Design Group http://ideafinder.com/home.htm Vaut Design Group http://images.google.com/imgres? imgurl=http://www.ducttapefashion.com

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