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My Utopia

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My Utopia. a creative writing assignment.

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my utopia

My Utopia

a creative writing assignment

From Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” to Lois Lowry’s The Giver, you have read about other people’s utopias. Now, you are going to write about YOUR utopia. But first, you are going to do a little pre-writing. So, grab a pencil and, as you proceed through this PowerPoint, write responses when prompted to do so.Let’s begin!
for some their utopia is a place
For some, their utopia is a place.
  • Somewhere Perfect
  • A place like this would be perfectSomewhere bright and warmWith a tint of a crisp cool breezeA background not too colorful not too dullWhere the sun kisses the horizonToning a pink sky with little stars soon to shineAnd the moon waking up to let the sun breatheSounds of swaying leaves and dancing branchesRich earthy smell of a mid-spring eveningBirds chirping, lakes rushing in a steady paceSome place where you and I can laugh awayA scenery where I can look at you in pureAdmiration under the sunsetWhere you can see my imperfections And good qualities at onceA place we can transform into our own utopiaWe can just stay still and hold each otherAnd appreciate all that surrounds usNever wanting to leave or walk awaySome place like this is perfectWhere we're always going to be youngAnd lost and unawareAnd absolutelyTremendouslyInfatuated
your turn to respond
Your turn to respond:
  • 1. In a few sentences, write about a place (real or imagined) where everything is perfect.
your turn to respond1
Your turn to respond:
  • 2. Think about a moment in time when everything felt just right, a moment you would love to live over again and again. Write a few sentences describing that moment.
for some their utopia is doing the thing they love most
For some, their utopia is doing the thing they love most.
  • Victoria Blackmire · Aug 13
  • Poets
  • I think the reasonI've always loved poetryIs because every poetAll these peopleThey go through things tooThey've been hurtJust like meAnd I know even YOUHave been hurtI mean hasn't everyoneI think we just take it harderWe don't brush away the painOr hide itWe cryAnd we writeAnd we hurtAnd I think our wordsHelp us let some of it goOur words set ourselves freeI've been writing since I was tenAnd I've never looked backI love poetryAnd I love my fellow poetsBecause even if we aren't receiving loveIn our realitiesWe are hereWhere our wordsCome from the heartAnd no one is judgedOur poetry is our utopiaAnd we'll never forget that
your turn to respond2
Your turn to respond:
  • 3. What hobby or activity do you enjoy doing so much that you get lost in it? What do you love about it?
for some their utopia is being with a special person or people
For some, their utopia is being with a special person or people.
  • I Hope You’re Okay With Remembering Of This Sort
  • I remember seventh gradeWhen life was wisping byI remember how full myHeart wasAnd how naive I wasI remember the fall leavesSlowly dancing around usFalling,FallingI remember howPeaceful it all wasAnd I remember howHard I'd scream and laughWhenever you gave me those hugsThose amazing hugsAs though I was wrappedIn a snuggly cocoon I remember how fun it wasTo be your best friendAnd how I loved you moreEach and every day…
your turn to respond3
Your turn to respond:
  • 4. When you think of the people who make you feel the most alive, the most free to be yourself, the most comfortable, who comes to your mind? What do you love about spending time with this person?
for some a utopia is an ideal for the future
For some, a utopia is an ideal for the future.

Carl D'Souza · Jul 19

Utopia Will Become

UtopiaI dream of thee,confused dreamsnot yet clear to me.Truth I seekof what you are,perfect people inperfect placesUtopia.I endure obstaclesin thy way:tyrants, povertyclimate change;I choosecourageoptimismresponsibility,I reflect and searchbuilding a vision ofperfect Earthinspiring mystriving forth! toachieve thy birthUtopia.

Some believe a utopia is unattainable; some say we can see small glimpses of a utopia if we only know where to look.
  • Tragic
  • I can imagine how my dad must've feltevery time I asked a question duringone of those films we watched together,as a family. I was too young to concentrate.In fact I still can't concentrate on movies.I'm writing this while watching one.Even when I don't concentrate, I havenoticed the important things. I'd proveto you that I am different, but I can't.I guess that makes me just another living soulDetermined by his actions, past and present.If not his actions it's his looks or hobbies that are judgedStill this universe is closer to utopia than any universe will ever be.
your turn to respond4
Your turn to respond:
  • 5. What do you say about “utopias”? Are they real? Where can we find them?
your turn to respond5
Your turn to respond:
  • 6. Now that you have thought about utopias in some different ways, you will be writing a poem to describe and comment about YOUR utopia. Name the one person, place, state of mind, hobby or thought that you will write your poem about.
your turn to respond6
Your turn to respond:
  • 7. List 5 very precise, imagistic details about your chosen topic. Use only the BEST, STRONGEST, SMARTEST words in your list.
now you re ready to write
Now you’re ready to write.

Compose a free verse poem that describes your utopia and/or expresses a unique thought about utopias. You will “write” this poem in your Google Drive and share it with me. My address is [email protected] Don’t forget to “share” your document with me and allow me the right to “edit” your piece.