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INTRO TO AUXDATA. Instructors:. Revised by McBain, April 2006. AUXDATA OPENING SCREEN. For the Production Database use either Jinitiator or, or JAVA if connection is by DSL or Cable. CITRIX if you are using dial-up. For the Training Database click on link shown above.

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Revised by McBain, April 2006

For the Production Database use either Jinitiator or, or JAVA if connection is by DSL or Cable. CITRIX if you are using dial-up.For the Training Database click on link shown above.
The first time you go to the Training Database you must download Jinitiator or

Click on the link shown above.

Click on Download the Oracle JINITIATOR or plug-in

After downloading of one of these, go back to the Training Menu page.

This time click on Connect to AUXTRAIN.

The procedures from here on are the same for both the Training Database and the Production Database.

Be sure to use the Training Database to experiment with new transactions that you are not sure how they work. Enter a transaction and look in Mission Detail Reports and Training Status or Training Reports to see how they show up.

Names which are not common – first initial – last name make up the user ID.Default Logon is user ID, and password is aux(userid)_1 [without the ( )]
When logging in the first time with default password, you will be forced to change your password, see instructions above.
Write it down. When you logon, you get three tries before the system locks you out. Don’t try that third time, get out of the system after second try and start over.
ACTIVITY LOGS – Used by the FSO/SO-IS to enter all activities.
  • MEMBER STATUS – Used by DIRAUX to enter new members. FSO-SO-IS may update personal information of the member. Member with Read Only may change their own data.
  • RESOURCE STATUS – Used by DIRAUX to enter newly established units. FSO/SO-IS may update the unit officers.
  • REPORTS –Your access level determines what reports you can view. Minimum read only allows you to generate reports for your Flotilla.
  • TRAINING –Your access level determines what buttons will show up. FSO/SO-IS may not enter data here. Some DSOs-IS have access to this info.
  • EXIT – Always use this button to leave the system.
Activity Logs Screen: Sort by Start Date-sequential or Date Created. When you enter data, defaults to Date Created so the one you are working on is always on the bottom.

Copy Activity: If you have additional activities with same mission -different crew you can Copy Activity.

Copy w/Crew: If you have additional activities with same crew, you can copy w/crew.Create Activity: Nothing similar to copy, start a complete new entry.Cancel Insert: If you have a blank line and don’t want it.SAVE: Always Save each entry to un-shade next button.
In this example, a query can be performed on the Type, Registration, Unit Number, Unit Name, or Resource Start column.

Click on QUERY and then click

on ENTER in the drop down menu.

Enter the information you want to

Query, and click Execute.

To start entering data, Click on Activity Logs Button, then Resources tab, choose a flotilla, then click on Activity Logs tab.
Be sure the correct unit is showing before you enter data.

Each Block from Activity to Opcon has a List of Values.On some entries, blocks will automatically fill if there is no choice. Once you SAVE mission, the Activity Log Details Button will un-shade.

Must fill Hrs


Which blocks are un-shaded (open), depends on the mission entered.

SAVE and the Crew Assignments button will un-shade.

Instructor is LEAD all others are TRAINEES when entering a workshop

Your Unit and its Subordinate Units: Everyone you have access to.Select Flotilla: You can reach any flotilla in the Auxiliary but need Flotilla Name or Unit Number.Search for Person: Type in Last Name (or partial last name) and click on button. (This will search only Your Unit and its Subordinate Units.)Filter: You can search by Member ID, Name or Unit.

Consider this an IT Workshop. After saving Crew Assignment, click on Tasks button. Click on INST(WK-01) and then Task Capture.
Enter the Instructor’s last name and number of hours.The members from Crew Assignment will be in Left side under Eligible to Participate, click on the >> to move them to the right.
You have a choice of seeing the past 2, 4 or 6 months entries. (Date is from date that you approved them.) To approve, you highlight each one in bottom section that you want to approve and click the ^ button. Or if you want to approve all ^^.All approved items will then show on Activity Logs screen in red.
Member Status Module-first screen is all units authorized for the your access level. DIRAUX enters new units.
Any member (who has READ ONLY) may UPDATE their own personal information or send a Change of Member Information to the FSO/SO-IS.
DIRAUX must change Enrollment Date, Unit, and Status. Other data may be changed by the member or FSO/SO-IS.
To delete Phone Number, highlight the Type to delete, go to Edit and in pull down click on Delete Record, Then SAVE, it will be gone.
Member History is a record of enrollment, dis-enrollment, re-enrollment, change of Status, transfers, etc. Must be done by DIRAUX entry level.
Resource Status Module-DIRAUX enters new Units and all Facility Information. FSO/SO-IS enters Officers. Click on the Unit to work on and then the Officer Tab,
Either type in last name or click on List of Values which shows all members in the unit you have selected.

Key in the New Begin Date and SAVE. If a member is continuing in same office, do not re-enter.

The buttons shown depend on access level.Very important when entering data to check the Mission Detail report for accuracy of entry.Many reports were from CGAOPS, not useful to Auxiliary.
Do not change this if using CITRIX.

Default date is 1 Jan of current year to current date. If you want previous years you must change the dates.

If using JInitiator you may change to All units and Sub-Units, run individually. Feature not available in CITRIX.

Select the unit and the report format that you want to view Not all reports are available in .csv format.
To SAVE Report, go to File and click on SAVE AS: when this window opens, click on My Computer and save to a drive which shows C$ on ‘Client’ usually will be (V:)

Give it a name you will remember and click SAVE.

The first time you set up a report you will get a window: ICA Client File Security.

A server application is trying to access your local client files.

What access should be allowed? Choose: FULL ACCESS

Do you want to be asked again?Always ask me once per connectionNever ask me again for this applicationNever ask me again for any applicationChoose one of the three.

These reports may be run for an individual or the unit. Certifications shows current status of each certification. Training Record has all training received, and Training Status has what is completed so far this year and what is missing.

NEW Training Management Report shows all members in unit by Competency and their status. (Good for Program Staff Officers)

When running the Individual Report, you have a choice of searching by Emp ID or Last Name.

The % card is a wild card or unknown.

Training Record Report: Default date is current year only, so if you want to see all training you must backdate the year, prior to requesting report.
Certifications Report: Shows status of all competencies for each individual.

In this case the member is in REWK as IT and must complete workshop prior to 30 Sep to remove the flag or will change to REYR on 1 Jan.

The member is in REYR status for both Boat Crew and VE and must be re-certified prior to removing the flags. The VE REYR is showing year 2000 and should purge when end-of-year process is run. (After 5 years-must re-qualify)

Default is Unit, change to the resource wanted, in this case BOAT.

Either scroll down the list of boats or use the QUERY by clicking on Enter, key in Unit to see all boats in a Unit, or Reg/Doc# for an individual boat, and click on Execute.

After entering the date/time group, each block has a List of Values. The block will auto fill if there is only one choice for the activity you are entering.

For the first entry, Trailer was chosen; therefore Status and Sub-Activity will auto fill because there are no choices.

For Mission, use the same as the mission the vessel was trailered to be used, in this case a Marine Safety Patrol. Mission is AUXMP and Sub-Mission is Safety.
Operations Code: The member is to annotate in remarks if there is an Operations Code applicable to the mission.

All ordered missions for the CG should show an OPCON for the station worked with or the orders issuing agency.Default is your Auxiliary District/Region.

This screen will come up automatically after every mission for a boat, airplane, or radio resource. ONLY enter it ONE TIME per date of activity. Press cancel for all other changes during the activity. After saving the EOM, the screen goes back to Activity Logs screen, click on previous entry to advance to Activity Log Details screen.
Complete all blocks not shaded. The Assists block should always be “ZERO” unless the mission is a SAR OPS, then it will be a 1. If it is a SAR OPS mission complete Lives Saved, Persons, Assisted, Property Value and Case Number.At present each SAR OPS must be entered individually as a separate change on the activity for the day.
After saving the Activity Log Details, enter the Crew Assignments for the Activity. If you get an error message that the member is not certified for position, enter member as TRAINEE and question why the error message came up. Usually there is a REWK/REYR flag involved, that needs to be cleared. SAVE
If this Activity has any Annual Maintenance Letters attached, click on the Tasks Tab.

Default is alphabetic by Short Title

Click on Description and all the boat crew, coxswain and PWC tasks will be first. Highlight the tasks completed and click on Task Capture.

This sample has the four crew tasks. Key in the Coxswains last name that signed the letters on the first task, and click on Populate Instr. Duration in hours is not required. Highlight the crew who completed the task shown above participants and click on the > . Do this for each of the tasks completed or click on Copy Participants and the Participants will copy into each task shown. Be sure to SAVE each one.
To approve, highlight entries in lower box and click on ^. If you want to approve all entries, click on ^^.

Once approved, entries will be shown in red on the Activity Logs Screen.

Same procedure as we just completed for a boat. Default is Unit, change to Radio, and Query for Unit or Radio Call Sign.
For a radio activity, the only applicable choice is TRANS in the Activity block. Then Status and Sub Activity should come up auto fill.

The EOM will come up automatically, be sure you only complete one per activity date.

The XOPFAC is for DIRAUX use only for transferring a facility if a member transfers to a new flotilla.

Complete EOM one time for Activity Date and if there are any changes to missions cancel this screen when it comes up.
Complete any un-shaded blocks.

Unless you have a SAR OPS Mission, Assists are always “Zero”.

Same procedure as we just completed for a boat and radio. Default is Unit, change to Aircraft, and Query for Unit or Tail Number.
It has been suggested that every mission start and end with an On-Deck Standby mission. This will cover the ground time for pre-check, taxi and re-fueling. ABN time should only include in-the-air hours.
This screen would have come up five times for this activity. Be sure to cancel all but one of them.
When using On Deck, the Status will not auto fill. The first position is “B” and the second digit is the number of hours before plane can be air borne.

The Sub-Activity for OD would be STBY (in this case) but it could be a stop for ground training.

For the OD activity, it would be SAR for mission and Standby for sub-mission. (Note the mission numbers in ( ) after each description. This should match the mission showing on the 7030.)For the ABN mission, it would be AUXMP and a different sub-mission screen would come up.
Location, Assists, Patrol Status, and type Waters should be filled in. If it were a SAR OPS Mission, then the SAR Details would be filled in also.
The pilot will be Lead and the others on board would be Non-Lead or Trainee. In this case not sure of the spelling of Caponigro, so used a wild card (%) to find it.
Unit Missions are everything that is not done in an Auxiliary Facility.Select the Unit that you want to enter activities. If the event you are entering was Division sponsored rather than flotilla sponsored, the SO-IS should enter it in the Division Unit. If it was a district sponsored event the DSO-IS should enter it.
Here are some samples of the different Unit Missions.When entering the final class for a PE course you also need to enter an EOC transaction. No Crew Assignment and no hours are to be reported on the EOC.

Every PE Class needs an EOC, submitted after the final test. This reports the total enrolled and total graduated, under 17, and state the course was taught in. NOTE: Hours are grayed out.

Majority of Unit Missions only need to have the hours entered, then tab to un-shade SAVE and click SAVE.
If you have someone from out of your division, click on Select Flotilla and you will be able to pick from any flotilla in the nation. (Alternate method use Filter, see next slide.)
In lieu of Select Flotilla, you have a choice of Filter, to find by Member ID, Last Name, or Unit Number.
Earlier we did an IT Workshop. Any workshop is same procedure. This is a TCT. After entering the Activity infor-mation for a MT mission (which credits IT Hours to LEAD, and gives hours to Trainees for attending,) then go to Tasks and select TCT, then to Task Capture.
Enter the Instructor’s last name, number of hours for the class, then move the Eligible participants from the left to right with the >>, and SAVE.