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Human Body Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Body Review

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Human Body Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Body Review

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  1. Human Body Review

  2. What system is involved with removing wastes such as urine from the body? Excretory System

  3. Give a way that our body helps us to maintain homeostasis Sweating

  4. Supplying oxygen to cells in the body and getting rid of carbon dioxide is a function of which body system? Respiratory

  5. List the pathway that a piece of food will travel through your digestive system? Mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus

  6. What are 2 symptoms that you have when you are fighting an infection? Temperature, swollen tonsils(sore throat)

  7. What are 3 functions of the skeletal system? Protects organs, create blood cells, movement

  8. In animals what carries the nutrients that are in the blood throughout the body? In plants, what structures would be similar to arteries and veins? Arteries and Veins Xylem and Phloem

  9. Which of the following includes all the other levels?OrgansTissuesOrganismOrgan systemsCells Cells – tissues – organs – organ systems – organism Organism Put them in order from smallest to largest.

  10. Neurons in your body can let your brain know when your stomach is full. What two body systems work together in this process? Digestive and Nervous

  11. Cells, Tissue, Organs, Organ System and Organism are part of the levels of Organization. As the levels of organization progress, are the levels getting smaller or larger? Larger ( they become more Complex as they progress)

  12. What are the parts of the Circulatory System? Which is the smallest vessel of the Circulatory System? Heart, Blood, Blood Vessels(arteries,veins,capillaries) Capillaries

  13. An injury is associated with… Pain

  14. Identify the liver in the picture below.

  15. The diaphragm lies directly underneath what organ? Lungs

  16. What is the largest artery in your body called? Aorta

  17. What body system releases hormones that control growth, development and tissue function? Endocrine System

  18. How many chambers does the human heart have? 4 What are they called? Right atrium, right ventricle, left atrium, left ventricle

  19. What is the function of the Circulatory System? To transport oxygen, nutrients & hormones to the rest of your body

  20. What are the parts of the Integumentary System? Skin, Nails, Hair

  21. If you are a runner or you are working out what gas does your body use up? Oxygen

  22. What level of organization is this picture? Tissue

  23. Describe what happens to the diaphragm when you inhale. Flatten and move down

  24. In your body ADH regulates the removal of water in the blood. What would need to happen so that ADH can be released to our blood stream? Increased amount of water in our blood

  25. What type of blood vessel carries blood toward the heart? veins