artful asks making the transition from hello to thank you n.
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Artful Asks: Making the Transition from “Hello” to “Thank You” PowerPoint Presentation
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Artful Asks: Making the Transition from “Hello” to “Thank You”

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Artful Asks: Making the Transition from “Hello” to “Thank You” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Artful Asks: Making the Transition from “Hello” to “Thank You”

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  1. Artful Asks: Making the Transition from “Hello” to “Thank You”

  2. Your Task as a Reunion Giving Volunteer: Reconnecting and sharing your excitement about Concordia, inviting your classmates to your class reunion and asking them for a financial gift

  3. Get your list of drafted classmates and the calling sheets sent from the Office of C-400 Annual Giving • Determine good days and times to do it • Have a plan

  4. Call and find out how they are doing • TRANSITION…..What are you going to say here???

  5. Before you say anything, know that you are not selling or soliciting anything. • You are simply giving them the opportunity to find the joy in giving back to Concordia College students!

  6. Have a Plan: Write down two or three different transition statements to have in front of you. “It sounds like you and your family are doing well these days… • You may or may not know that each reunion class has a tradition of giving a class gift back to the college as part of the annual giving campaign. I have decided to be an annual donor and I would like to ask you to consider doing the same. • You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the college has a tradition of inviting commitments to annual giving as a part of our reunion celebrations. Would you be willing to participate this year with a pledge? • Our class has established a goal of increasing our annual giving to $________ this year in honor of our ____ reunion. Would you be willing to help us reach this goal?

  7. Making the Ask: • Step in and take charge. Your • classmate will dance around it if you don’t • Pace yourself • Be a good listener • Mention your own commitment • Dare to ask…

  8. Making the Ask: • Ask for a specific amount and then STOP TALKING • Be prepared for any and all rejections • Expect the unexpected • Be clear, be concise and don’t waste time

  9. Making the Ask • Silence is golden. As the ask is made, don’t panic if there is a moment of silence • Be prepared to answer any questions the prospect might have about this opportunity • Always be gracious

  10. Overcoming Objections • Restate the objection • Have practiced responses • Consider the discussion a “win-win” • Use the objection to educate • Ask again

  11. Closing the Loop • Say thank you (handwritten notes are a special touch in today’s email world) • Follow up on all requests • Summarize the call in writing on the calling sheet

  12. You can do this! You are just having a friendly conversation with a classmate. No pressure here. But it is important to ask.