Digital broadcasting
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Digital Broadcasting. Future Development Directions. Vincent Brulia Noah Ludington. Short History of Wireless Communications. Radio Transmitter - Wireless Telegraph - Telephones - Early Computers - Local Networks - The Internet (Not created by Al Gore).

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Digital broadcasting

Digital Broadcasting

Future Development Directions

Vincent Brulia

Noah Ludington

Digital broadcasting

Short History of Wireless Communications

  • Radio Transmitter- Wireless Telegraph- Telephones- Early Computers- Local Networks- The Internet (Not created by Al Gore)

Early transmissions were, in fact, digital. Nothing was nearly was sophisticated as today’s technology

Digital broadcasting

Digital Video Broadcasting

Why digitally broadcast?

  • It’s more efficient- It’s more flexible- It will use the same infrastructure (Won’t cost more to use)- It uses less bandwidth, which means more programming options

All television broadcasts will be switched to fully digital on February 19, 2009.

Digital broadcasting

Digital Video Broadcasting

- Old televisions can still be used with a set-top box that converts the digital signal- While it is has many advantages, nothing is quite as “on demand” as the Internet.

Digital Broadcasts include the possibility of holographic television picture.

Digital broadcasting

Digital Audio Broadcasting

The radio equivalent of Digital TV.

Why digitally broadcast?

  • Signal Multiplexing- Filters out interference- Barriers actually improve signal- Transmit other information- Improved quality of sound

Kudos to the person that guesses from which program this is.

Digital broadcasting

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

Two types of DMB:- Terrestrial and Satellite.

Terrestrial DMB was modeled after EU147 (Digital Audio Broadcasting), which was developed in Europe.

DMB was developed in South Korea asan improved version of DAB. Providing even higher quality audio.

DMB utilizes lower frequencies, from 180MHz to 210MHz. This allows the avoidance of shadow zones

Japan first showed their DMB receiver (pictured above) in 2003.

Digital broadcasting

Digital Broadcasting IS the Future!

The future of digital broadcasting promises not only higher quality picture and sound, but will utilize a technology in which laser light is disrupted to create a 3D Holographic Projection.

3D HDTV would require over 410,000 HD pixels at a rate of 59.94MHz