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  1. Cryptids By Michael Monaco-Vavrik

  2. What Are Cryptids? • The word Cryptid means “uncovered” or “hidden” which describes cryptid’s pretty Well. • Cryptids are creatures who’s authority are unknown by scientists and general government all over the world like bigfoot and Neisse (loch Ness monster).

  3. Are UFO’s Cryptids? • No, but one Cryptids is supposed to come from UFO’s. • The Cryptid Mothmen are called extra terrestrial life from encounters with these strange beings.

  4. Mothmen, part one • SCREEEEEeech!!! That is what Mothmen sound like, according to eyewitnesses. Mothmen are 6 to 7 feet beasts covered with short brown hair and its main feature, its eye’s. • “Those eye’s, those bright red glowing eyes, the rest of the face was horrible but those eyes gave me nightmares”

  5. Mothmen, part 2 • The sentence from the page before was from an eye witness who claimed this thing walked right up to our porch and just stared at them till it walked to the door. The scared family ran out the back door. The next day they found their door knocked down. When Mothmen are spotted the people see red lights in the sky. And Mothmen can fly.

  6. Are Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie And Others The Same Thing? • Some say yes and some say no. according to scientists bigfoot is a biped hairy creature very humanlike that has broad shoulders and very shy about 7 feet high. • Yeti is 5 feet, biped, more humanlike with slumped shoulders and not that high. • Yowie (who lives in Australia) is about 9 feet high biped, more ape then human also with broad shoulders and wields a pipe, usually bone or wood. • I would guess they are not the same thing

  7. Loch Ness Monster, Part One • The most famous Cryptid next to Bigfoot is the Loch Ness Monster. This serpentine creature has been sighted in this Scottish loch (lake in Scottish) for hundreds of years. • It was first spotted by saint Columbia in 565 AC.

  8. Loch Ness Monster, Part Two • In 1933 Mr. and Mrs. George Spicer where coming back from a vacation driving on a road over Loch Ness when Mrs. Spicer pointed out a long necked creature with flippers instead of feet “Waddled” across the road. Many other land sightings have been documented.

  9. Bunyip, Creature From Down Under • This Australian Cryptid is part of Aborigines legends. A man broke the rainbows serpents greatest law by eating the totem animals, then he was cursed to being a wandering beast for eternity. • Bunyips are said to be long necked shaggy furred creatures, reptiles with wings and horns, and even devils.

  10. Thunderbird, Pennsylvania's Terror • Thunderbirds are 20 to 30 foot birds rumored to carry off small house pets, calf’s and even small children. This terror lives in yours truly, Pennsylvania. • Called Ba’a by Native Americans and Africans call it Roc,