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Ch â teau du Broutel:
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Ch â teau du Broutel:

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  1. Château du Broutel: ● Established in 2001 ● Handles over 6,000 students + 200 families each year ● 40 Acre estate in Northern France ●The quality operator in the school market ● Also owns Manor Adventure

  2. What makes Le Château du Broutel different? ●First class facilities (three months Château hotel/nine months school journey centre) ● Safe, secure location ● Quality instructors ● Less than one hour from Calais ● Profits re-invested every year since 2001 ● 96% re-booking levels

  3. Le Château du Broutel has a capacity of 230 students: ● 3 Separate accommodation blocks - The Écurie - The Normandy Barn - The Château

  4. Le Château du Broutel has a capacity of 230 students: ● 3 Separate accommodation blocks - The Ecurie - The Normandy Barn - Le Château ●Teachers rooms adjacent to students rooms ● Duty Instructor per building (24 hours) ● Schools stay together: eat, sleep and do activities ● Atmosphere like a mini Olympic village

  5. The food is child friendly, plentiful and nutritious: ● Continental breakfast ● Substantial lunch ● Excellent cooked dinner

  6. The food is child friendly, plentiful and nutritious: ● Continental breakfast ● Substantial lunch ● Excellent cooked dinner ● Always plenty of choice ● Vegetarians, Vegans & special diets catered for ● Opportunity to try some French cuisine

  7. Health & Safety our No 1 Priority: ● Centre operates on parallel basis to Manor Adventure in the UK ● Conform to all Governing Body Guidelines ● Each activity Risk Assessed ● Radio linked activities ● Activities, equipment and instructors continually assessed and monitored

  8. Château Staff: Our reputation is very dependent on quality of all our staff. Extensive recruitment process far exceed blue chip companies ● For every 20 vacancies we receive over 500 applicants ● 50 Invited to assessment weekend ● Then 30 short listed to selection week

  9. Intensive Training follows: ● NGB Qualifications ● Customer Care ● Radio voice procedure ● First Aid ● Emergency procedures ● Drug awareness

  10. Purpose of the course; for each and every child to: ● Develop an inner confidence ● Develop social skills ● Develop team building skills ● Experience a different culture


  12. French Experience ● Places we will visit: - Paris We will visit the Eiffel Tower, going up to the 2nd stage. We then have lunch at a restaurant (Chez Clément) on the Champs Élysées, followed by a tour of the Stade de France. Course Menu

  13. French Experience ● Places we will visit: - Rue town We will do a town tour, with a quiz to complete We’ll have a hot chocolate in the café and visit the pâtisserie to buy a cake. Course Menu

  14. French Experience ● Places we will visit: - Disney Course Menu

  15. French Experience ● Places we will visit: -Local Markets Course Menu

  16. Personal responsibilities Health & safety is not as it is in England: if it doesn’t belong to you, then you don’t touch it; if there’s a hole in the floor, walk round it. The Château has swords and suits of armour around – these are REAL! So we don’t touch them.

  17. Money We put a limit of £50, converted to euros, for each child. The euros must be handed into school the week before we go. If you would like us to convert your £’s into €’s, then send the money in and we’ll happily do that for you. As we convert a large amount, we tend to get a better rate than individuals. You will receive a receipt for the transaction. Of course, you can always purchase your own euros.

  18. Money cont. Your child will also need some English currency for our journey; we suggest no more than £10. This is to be in a named purse and is also to be sent into school the week prior to the visit.

  19. Medicines and medications If your child has prescribed medication, then this must be given to your child’s group leader on the day of departure. It must be in a named, sealed container, with instructions for use. We carry a limited range of over-the-counter medicines which you have been given a form authorising us to treat minor ailments.

  20. Illness requiring a doctor If your child needs to be seen by a doctor whilst in France, they are treated as any French citizen i.e., you have to pay to see the doctor (around €23) and then pay for any medicines needed. The EHIC card only covers emergency treatment. If this happens, then you will be presented with the bill for the treatment.

  21. Insurance Insurance is provided by Endsleigh insurance. You will receive a copy of the basic cover; the full details will be supplied on request.

  22. Supervision in Disney Your children will be allowed to tour the “land” that we are in in small groups. They will not be directly supervised, but will be indirectly monitored by a member of staff patrolling. Children will be allowed their mobile phones to contact staff if there is a problem. There will always be a member of staff at the agreed meeting place.

  23. Visit to the market We will visit a market and children will have a questionnaire to complete. Please be aware that in France, they like FRESH food, and that could mean that the chickens and rabbits that are in cages waiting to be sold are not destined to be pets – they’re the main course at dinner. Also horse meat is on sale. French culture is different from ours, and this is part of the experience.