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A Presentation on “ Android Application for Alzheimer patient ” By: PowerPoint Presentation
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A Presentation on “ Android Application for Alzheimer patient ” By:

A Presentation on “ Android Application for Alzheimer patient ” By:

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A Presentation on “ Android Application for Alzheimer patient ” By:

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Presentation Transcript

  1. . A Presentation on “ Android Application for Alzheimer patient” By: Hemali VithAlani Aashka kotecha trishla shah Guided by: prof.radhika kotecha

  2. Introduction • Helping hand for Alzheimer patients. • Contains various features that can be helpful for Alzheimer patient. • Non-human care taking with the help of a mobile phone.

  3. What is Alzheimer? • Common form of dimentia. • Main symptom : long term memory loss. • It is a Fatal disease.

  4. Why this project? • To make Alzheimer patients independent of their care-taker. • Currently more than 26 million people suffer form Alzheimer. • So a solution for rectifying Alzheimer problem in the society.

  5. Purpose of the project • Purpose of the project is to cure the following Symptoms : • Long term memory loss • Shivering and trembling problem. • Confusion

  6. purpose of the project[contd…] • Missing out on daily Routine. • Missing out on to-do activities.

  7. FEATURES: OVERVIEW • Symptom Purpose served through • 1.Long term memory loss 1 .GPS tracking. • 2.Shivering and 2.Pop-up message on • trembling problem. banging of phone. • 3.Confusion 3. Mental Exercise.

  8. FEATURES: OVERVIEW [conTd…] • Symptom Purpose served through • 4.Missing out on daily 4. Balance diet • Routine. • 5.Missing out on 5.Routine manager. • to-do activities. .

  9. Features of the project: • Phone tracking through GPS: • Pop-up message on banging of phone: • Mental Exercise : • Balanced Diet : • Routine Manager: • 6)General Reminder:

  10. Features of the project [contD…] 1) Phone tracking through GPS: • Since Alzheimer patients have a low memory problem they frequently forget as to where they were heading. This GPS feature will guide them to their destination.

  11. Features of the project [contD…] 2) Pop-up message on banging of phone: • Alzheimer is found mostly in age group above 65. Because of low mental balance and loose neural connections in their brain they have a tendency to fall down very often. Thus there is a probability that when their phone bangs it might be because they have fallen down. This feature will thus give an alert to the caretaker of the patient whenever he/she falls, indicating a risk of damage.

  12. Features of the project [contd…] 3) Mental Exercise : • Alzheimer patients loose the ability of brain to create, remember and relate to others that can leave a negative impact on their personal life. So as a part of their mental exercise we hereby design a feature with which they can relate the names and faces of their near and dear ones.

  13. Features of the project [contd…] 4) Balanced Diet : • Alzheimer patients need to follow a strict diet and tablet routine. So this feature, when feeded in with their lunch time, dinner time, and the tablet routine along with the name and pic of the tablet would give them a timely reminder.

  14. Features of the project [contd…] 5) Routine Manager: • This feature will take as an input of their all “to-do-activities” for the day and will give an alert for the same. • Then what is innovative??? : • When they will reach at a desired destination, automatically, this feature will alert them about the activities to be performed there.

  15. Features of the project [contd…] 6)General reminder : • Since Alzheimer patients have a low memory problem they frequently forget to carry the phone with them, charge the phone, recharge the Internet connection, feed routines etc. This feature would give them a timely reminder.

  16. Scope of the project • Scope of this application extends to help the Alzheimer patient. • Aims at dealing with patients that fall in the age group of 65+.

  17. Scope of the project • Alzheimer alsoprevails in kids and youngsters but it is not fatal andcan be recovered. • But Alzheimer found in age group of 65+ is almost fatal. So, this application covers people with age group of 65+.

  18. Shodh yatra • Research in area of finding the problem faced by society. • Category reviewed: • I. Areas covered and uncovered by technology. • II. People approached and neglected by society. • Hence most fatal disease is selected and a solution to it is proposed via this project .

  19. Technology used • OS : Android 2.2(Froyo) and onwards • Programming platform : Eclipse Helios • Emulator : Android 2.2 and onwards • Device : Sony Ericson Xperia

  20. Why this technology? • Worlds most popular platform. • Android supports multitasking. • Strong support for GPS tracking via 3G technology.

  21. Why this technology?(cont…) • Application installation to the expandable memory. • Animated GIFS that makes it user friendly. • Speed improvement.

  22. Why this technology?[contD…] • Market review: • As per latest 2012 market study, android phones have beaten down the records of all smart phones. • Android technology is at the boom amongst all smart phone technology available.

  23. Implementation: • Work done till now…

  24. Gui of the project Welcome screen:

  25. Gui of the project(cont…) Welcome screen:

  26. Gui of the project(cont…) Find your way:

  27. Gui of the project(cont…) Where you want to go:

  28. Gui of the project(cont…) Forgot your way:

  29. Gui of the project(cont…) Record your path:

  30. Gui of the project(cont…) Use recorded way:

  31. Gui of the project(cont…) Food and Tablet Manager:

  32. Gui of the project(cont…) Food Manager:

  33. Gui of the project(cont…) Prescription Manager:

  34. Gui of the project(cont…) Tablet Manager:

  35. Gui of the project(cont…) Mental Exercise:

  36. Gui of the project(cont…) Mental Exercise:

  37. Gui of the project(cont…) To-Do list:

  38. Gui of the project(cont…) Notes:

  39. Gui of the project(cont…) Tasks:

  40. Gui of the project(cont…) Reminder:

  41. Application development

  42. project development

  43. Android emulator

  44. Android emulator

  45. System REQUIREMENT specification User Characteristics: • This project has mainly one type of user: -Normal User. • User can have access to all the features offered by the application. • Can feed in his/her schedules and all the pre-usage details as per the requirement of the application.

  46. Hardware and software requirements • Android supportable Phone • Preferably Android Version 2.2 and then onwards.. • Eclipse Helios as a developing platform • Eclipse Helios supported Emulator. • SQLite as a Backend.

  47. Network requirements Strong Internet connection…

  48. Constraints • Hardware Limitations: • Needs an Android supportable phone mandatorily. • If the phone battery discharges, then the application won’t run. • Needs strong internet support.

  49. Use-case diagram

  50. Use case diagram for user: