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Dream, Believe, Dare, DO! PowerPoint Presentation
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Dream, Believe, Dare, DO!

Dream, Believe, Dare, DO!

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Dream, Believe, Dare, DO!

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  1. Dream, Believe, Dare, DO! Prepared by: James J. Messina, Ph.D.

  2. Walt’s Way 1-5 • Give every employee a chance to dream-to tap into creativity of their dreams • Stand firm on your beliefs & principles • Treat your customers as guests • Support, empower & reward employees • Build long term relationships with key suppliers & partners

  3. Walt’s Way 6-10 • Dart to take calculated risks-bringing innovation to fruition • Train extensively & constantly reinforce your culture • Align long-term vision with short-term execution • Use storyboarding technique to solve planning & communication problems • Pay close attention to detail

  4. DREAM: Make Everyone’s Dream come True! To assess how well you do this answer these ??’s • Do you acknowledge that the process of “dreaming” inspires creativity? • Do you understand that adopting new paradigms takes time & commitment? • Are you willing to see transformation through to its completion? • Do you utilize storytelling technique in planning projects?

  5. BELIEVE: You Better Believe it! To assess how well you do this answer these ??’s • What are the values your company lives by? • Who established these values-customers, employees, managers, owner, founder, who? • Are your personal values in conflict with the organizations values? • What are the products & services of your organization-methods involved-recipients of them • What is your mission & reason for exiting?

  6. BELIEVE: You Better Believe it! • Is your mission aligned with your company’s vision, values & objectives • Do all of your work groups’ goals, objectives & tactics support your company’s vision & values? • Do you refer to your mission when making decisions about products, services, customers & coworkers? • Does everyone articulate the mission & values?

  7. BELIVE: Never a CustomerAlways a Guest To assess how well you do this answer these ??’s • Do you know your guests? • Are your employees empowered to solve customer problems? • Do you view your front line as your bottom line? • What special training do your frontline people receive? • What is the turnover rate of your front-line staff?

  8. BELIEVE: All for One and One for all To assess how well you do this answer these ??’s • Do your team members receive the recognition & rewards they deserve? • Do you encourage cooperation rather than competition among employees? • Is being a member of the “team” part of any job description & included in your ongoing training? • Do your leaders demonstrate buy-in to a team culture?

  9. DARE: Dare to Dare! To assess how well you do this answer these ??’s • Is your culture stuck in paradigms no longer effective for your business? • Do you squelch long-term thinking in favor of short-term rewards? • Do you avoid micromanaging your employees? • Do you routinely give employees an opportunity to grow beyond their current responsibilities? • Do you create an atmosphere where failures are accepted and analyzed for learning purposes & possible future innovation? • Do you promote cross-functional teams to replace outdated processes & procedures?

  10. DO: Train! Train! Train! To assess how well you do this answer these ??’s • Do you support individual development planning? • Do you encourage your employees to see you value their partnership in creating their own self-development plans? • Do you provide right training to right people at right time? • Do you provide training tailored to needs of your employees? • Do you celebrate contributions of employees even when they are not exactly in line with your thinking? • Do you coach employees to reinforce important concepts even after they have been formally trained?

  11. DO: Plan! Plan! Plan! To assess how well you do this answer these ??’s • Do you know the barriers to your planning process in your organization? • Do you have a place in your organization where planning takes place & where plans are displayed as planning is going on? • Do you post timelines for your planning process along with notices of specific milestones along the way? • Do you celebrate milestones & completion of projects?

  12. DO: Give Details Top Billing To assess how well you do this answer these ??’s • Do your employees make quality & time measurements of their products & services? • Do your employees routinely ask: “How can we do this better?” • Do you include meticulous attention to detail as part of your organization’s values? • Do your reward people in your organization for detecting inconsistencies

  13. Regaining the Magic Five Tips for Managing Creativity From Bob Iger (Eisner’s replacement at Disney) • Don’t take a hierarchical approach • Don’t create an approval process that’s unduly rigorous • Be careful not to water ideas down or lose people’s passion • Let those directly in charge make decisions • Put the spotlight on the company, not the individuals

  14. Other Corporations who follow the Disney Magic • Cheesecake Factory – David Overton – without great people it is impossible to achieve great things! • Men’s Warehouse - George Zimmer – Servant Leadership in Action - “I guarantee it !” – motivating, supporting & inspiring – to become best they can be • Four Seasons Hotels – Isadore Sharp - Golden Rule is Alive & Well - “Treating others as we would wish to be treated”– Mediocrity is not an option • Ernest and Young – Dares to put its people first

  15. Reference • The Disney Way-Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company: Dream, Believe, Dare, Do. (2007, 2002) Bill Capodalgli and Lynn Jackson, New York: McGraw Hill