The battle of shiloh
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The Battle of Shiloh. By: Kaitlyn Cole , Haley Haynes , Kaycie Giamanco , and Tommy Hudson. Why did the battle take place?. To stop slavery. Where did the battle take place ?. Pittsburg Landing , Tennessee. What was the significance of this battle?.

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The battle of shiloh

The Battle of Shiloh

By: Kaitlyn Cole , Haley Haynes ,

KaycieGiamanco , and Tommy Hudson

Pittsburg landing tennessee

Pittsburg Landing , Tennessee

The battle of shiloh

This battle could have been a huge victory for the confederacy. However, with its losses of human life on both sides, leaders began to realize that the Civil War would not quickly end.

They used muskets shoguns calibers and cannons were used as well

They used muskets, shoguns, calibers, and cannons were used as well.

Union ulysses s grant confederate albert sidney johnson

Union- Ulysses S. GrantConfederate – Albert Sidney Johnson

The battle of shiloh

There were no important women, but they did nurse the wounded and a few even dressed up like men and fought in the battle

The battle of shiloh

Did you know the reason it is called the battle of Shiloh is because it was near a church named Shiloh. The picture of the church is shone above.