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BH-TEC Belo Horizonte Technology Park. Ronaldo Tadêu Pena CEO. BH-TEC:. BH-TEC is the result of a partnership among : State Government of Minas Gerais; City of Belo Horizonte; Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG); Federation of Industries of MG (FIEMG);

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Bh tec belo horizonte technology park
BH-TECBelo Horizonte Technology Park

RonaldoTadêu Pena


Bh tec

  • BH-TEC is theresultof a partnershipamong:

    • StateGovernmentof Minas Gerais;

    • City of Belo Horizonte;

    • Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG);

    • Federationof Industries of MG (FIEMG);

    • MG Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises (SEBRAE-MG).

  • BH-TEC is a non-profit, privateinstitutionaimedat research and hightechactivities, designed to house:

    • Companiesdedicated to theresearch and developmentofnewtechnologies in theirproducts and processes;

    • Public and privateResearch & DevelopmentCenters;

    • Areas for Shopping and Services.

Bh tec1

  • It is beingimplanted in a 556.000 sq meter (137 acres) area:

    • 185.000 sq meter (45 acres) for construction;

    • 371.000 sq meter (92 acres) is a permanenturbangreen zone;

  • Thearea is a propertyofthe Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

  • The Park is allowed to use thearea for 30 years (07/01/2041). Afterwards, the University returns as thelandholder, receivingrentalpaymentthatwillgointo its budget.

Industry sectors focused
Industry sectors focused

  • Life Sciences (biotechnology, human and animal health, pharmaceuticals);

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs);

  • New materials and process technologies;

  • Renewable Energies;

  • Environmental Technologies;

  • Entertainment and culture.

Ufmg in numbers
UFMG in numbers

  • The Federal University of Minas Gerais is the main research institution in the metropolitan area;

  • 3,000 faculty members (80% Ph.D);

  • 75 undergraduate programs;

  • 58 doctorate programs and 68 master programs;

  • 30.000 undergraduate students (5,000 in engineering);

  • 7.000 graduate students:

    • 4,000 M.A./M.Sc. Students (1,300 master thesis/year)

    • 3,000 Ph.D. students (700 Ph.D. dissertations/year)

  • Leader institution in number of biotech patents in Brazil

    (Updated: 17/06/11 UFMG site)


Minas Gerais - MG

Belo Horizonte


Tancredo Neves International

Airport 40’

BR 262

Av. Presidente Antônio Carlos




Av. Antônio Abrahão Caram

Mineirão Stadium

Av. Presidente Carlos Luz

BR 262


Rua Prof. José Viera de Mendonça

Pampulha Lake

Master plan
Master Plan

Institutional Zone:

26,200 m2

R&D Zone:

46,000 m2

Green area:

350,000 m²

Shopping and Services: 27,000 m2


Source: BH-TEC


Source: BH-TEC


Source: BH-TEC

2 nd institutional building of bh tec preliminary design
2nd Institutional Building of BH-TEC - preliminary design

Bh tec development
BH-TEC Development

  • Institutional Zone (area: 26,200 m2)

    • Firstinstitutionalbuilding (in a 4,600 m2area):

      • 15 companies

      • April/2012 – officiallaunch

    • FIOCRUZ in Minas Gerais (in a 12,000 m2area)

      • Rene Rachou Research Center (FIOCRUZ Branch in Minas Gerais)

      • Center for theDevelopmentofHealth Technologies of Minas Gerais (CDTS-MG) willhousebiotechnologyplatforms, vivariums, biopharmaceutical enterprises and academicspin-offs;

      • US$ 42 million (total investments).

    • Secondinstitutionalbuilding in theremaining 9,600 m2area

Second institutional building
Second Institutional Building

  • Preliminary architectural design (arq. Robert McCauley, UJMN office Philadelphia, USA);

  • March/2012: Approval of the preliminary project;

  • March- April/2012: additional studies to estimate the budget for construction.

  • Next phase of construction will depend on the results of a study for the land concession, coordinated by the Development Bank of Minas Gerais (BDMG).

The conclusion of the first stage of BH-TEC is marked by the startup of the first building in the Institutional Zone

Overview of BH-TEC implementation


BH-TEC Set up


Beginning of infrastructure works by the Municipality


Started construction

of the first institutional building


Release of 15 selected companies (out of 25)

Nov/ 2011

Kick off forthe bid modeling of the Concession Zone

Apr/ 2012

Startup of the first building in the Institutional Zone


Release of the public bid document


Startup of 1st building in the Concession Zone

  • Signing of the agreement among UFMG, Minas Gerais State Government and City Government

First building construction with investments of US$ 19 Million by the State Government

Institutional Zone

Public Bid for construction, operation and maintenance of the BH-TEC

Concession Zone


Phase ii modeling for the concession zone estimates investments up to us 300 mm in a bot approach
Phase II modeling for the Concession Zone estimates investments up to US$ 300 MM in a BOT approach

Overview of BH-TEC Phase II Concession


Concession modeling Kickoff

Jun/ 2012

Public bid


Bid document signature


Start the construction of the 1st building in the Concession Zone


End of concession

  • Main aspects of the concession

  • Stage development implementation subject to occupancy and demand

  • Contract with flexibility to mitigate demand risks

  • Opportunity to built-to-suit buildings for anchor companies

  • Investments (CAPEX) up to US$ 300 million

  • IRR range between 12% to 16%,

  • Concession Term: 30 years

  • Public Bid for construction, operation and maintenance of the second phase of BH-TEC.

  • Potential 266.000 m2 of constructed area

Institutional Zone

Concession Zone


The economic model of bh tec concession tangible drivers
The Economic Model of BH-TEC Concession investments up to US$ 300 MM in a BOT approach- tangible drivers

Tangible Drivers of Economic Value

GDP Growth/ Diversification


Rental rate



Rental contracts

Offices Available area


University (UFMG)

Rental rate


Rental contracts


Stores Available area

Entrepreneurship Environment

Commission / fee

Facilities services


Rental Demand

# services provided








Stage Development CAPEX

Management Costs


Capital Efficiency


UFMG fee





Demand drives the Implementation


BH-TEC fee

Low Working Capital




Marketing and Branding

Economic Indicators

Non-controllable factors

Time schedule for the 2 nd fase
Time Schedule for the 2 investments up to US$ 300 MM in a BOT approachnd. Fase

Staff investments up to US$ 300 MM in a BOT approach