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THE FRACTAL SIGNATURE A Comprehensive Step by Step Analysis Method FEATURING KIRK’S CASCADING FILTER PROGRAM . ANALYTICONCEPTS. Hi there, my name is Stephen Kirk and I am the founder and owner of Analyticoncepts.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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A Comprehensive Step by Step Analysis Method



Hi there, my name is Stephen Kirk and I am the founder and owner of Analyticoncepts.

Thank you for your visit today I hope that you will find this presentation of interest and

that the ideas I am going to speak of will help you discover and profit through investment

within the junior and small cap stock categories.

take control of your investments
Take control of your investments!

Losing money in the junior market is very easily done, making money far less common.

Using proper technical and fundamental investigation, sticking to your rules of when

to enter and exit the market, not being too greedy or too fearful, and remembering that

patience and consistency in the practice of these methods will lead to success.


I’ve been buying and selling junior mining, resource and tech stocks on various North American exchanges for over twenty-three years using Metastock software.

wall street small street
Wall Street ≠ Small Street

When I first began using technical analysis to evaluate junior stocks I discovered there is a big difference between junior and senior stocks. At first I thought it

was simply increased volatility and thin volume but something else was at work

... Fractal Evolution!

This “pseudo evolution” is directly linked to the simple but powerful concept of Diversified Liquidity.

Successful junior stocks all have something in common, large numbers of active investors and traders buying and selling significant quantities of stock. The number of investors and the number of shares traded are not set quantities but combined these values determine the degree and aspect of the stock’s fractal qualities.

what is fractalism
What is Fractalism?

Fractalism is frequently found in nature

and is represented by a specific visual

Pattern which when viewed on a larger

or small scale, will still appear very similar,

retaining the essence of the original pattern.

fractalism within equities
Fractalism within Equities.

The same holds true for stocks where repeating patterns continue to be discernible

over varying periods of time. The chart on the left is a daily chart spanning a one year

Period; the stock on the right an intraday 30 min chart spanning only several months.

the common stock of small cap companies evolve
The “common” stock of Small Cap companies “EVOLVE”.

The white line extending from lower right to upper left is the Main Evolutionary Sequence,

a path followed by junior and small cap stocks as the underlying company expands its

Business operations and increases its market share.

fractalism exists in degree and aspect and both determine the evolutionary stage of the security
Fractalism exists in degree and aspect andboth determine the “evolutionary stage” of the security.

An exciting fact is that all junior and small cap stocks must follow this evolutionary

track in order to become market leaders on the exchange.

the most basic stage is elemental fractalism
The most basic stage is ELEMENTAL FRACTALISM.

Stocks existing within elemental stages of fractalism have low long term growth prospects

and a very high failure rate, the majority of such stocks never progress further. Worse yet,

even when a stock in this stage experiences rapid and significant increases in price,

the action is short lived and the price often retreats even faster than when it rose.

stocks in an elemental stage
Stocks in an Elemental Stage
  • Have very limited intraday price action
  • Poor liquidity
  • Prices tend to “revert to mean”.
  • Limited positive growth prospects
  • Strong downside potential; “fractal risk”.
  • Over 95% of Junior stocks exist in this most basic fractal stage!
  • Also include treasuries, bonds, money market and many income funds but this fractalism arises from the intended design of the security.
the transitionary stage is progressive fractalism
The transitionary stage is Progressive Fractalism

This is a period where the company has moved into advancing business development

stages. It is often at this time that the stock begins being covered by analysts receiving

attention in the newsletters and media. Stocks in this stage may still devolve or fall back

into an elemental state but more often the momentum carries them forward over time

stocks in a progressive stage
Stocks in a Progressive Stage
  • Have firm interday trend cycles but limited intraday cycles
  • Have increasingly strong growth prospects
  • Limited downside potential; “fractal risk”
  • Less than 5 % of junior stocks exist in this state
  • Also include many preferred & debenture issues and some income funds, again this fractalism is a result of the design and intent or purpose of the security or instrument. In fact, only common stocks may evolve or increase their degree and aspect of fractalism.
complex trading characteristics exist in the advanced stage
Complex trading characteristics exist in the Advanced Stage

These stocks experience multiple intraday cycles. Very often critical turning points occur

and are contained within the session and resist prediction by many end of day trading

systems. Stocks having entered these fractal levels will also experience fractal entropy,

A term meaning that now having so many active investors and so many shares trading,

that the degree of fractalism can no longer devolve even if the price drops to pennies.

stocks in advanced stages of fractalism
Stocks in Advanced Stages of Fractalism:
  • Have prices that constantly cycle in both interday and intraday trading
  • The underlying companies actively compete in the market and sector
  • May be market leaders on the exchange
  • Have very strong growth potential prospects in both price and investment breadth
  • Have significant volume,
  • Prices vary greatly in range and mobility.
  • Include all the “blue chip” companies.
Knowing the Fractal Stage of a common stock is an essential tool when it comes to investing in Junior, Small Cap and Penny stocks...

You can wait years for such stocks to reach

a point where real long term

growth is possible!

or you can enter the market at a more opportune time the choice is yours
... or you can enter the market at a more opportune time. The choice is yours.

By the way, price and trend play no part in the determination of fractalism

Here it is today... an investment of $500 then would have purchased 100 shares which today would be valued near $50,000.
But remember, just because a stock is fractally advanced does not mean that it is immune to the normal bullish and bearish cycles.
ANALYTICONCEPTS has developed a family of effective fractal based indicators that mesh seamlessly with your MetaStock software.
  • The Fractal Signature – identifies the fractal stage and degree of any stock and together with the Metastock explorer function may be used to identify other companies having the same fractal characteristics.
  • The Fractal Seniority – compares the fractalism present in any selected stock to that existing within the primary benchmark indices; the S&P500.
  • The Active Market Capitalization – a fractally adjusted comparison between the day to day traded capital of a stock and that of a “middle of the road” member of the S&P500 index.

The Fractal Signature expert provides a detailed report with respect to evolutionary stage, fractal degree and its effects on trading, and comparisons of the stock to the benchmark indices; S&P 500. You are also provided with the “fractal code”, a custom formula that you can use with the Metastock Explorer to locate other stocks in the exact evolutionary state.

kirk s cascading filter
Kirk’s Cascading Filter

A progressive system considering:

  • The recentivity and fractal aspects of a stock.
  • The degree of stable rather than extremes of volatility.
  • The rate of Accumulation or Distribution.
  • A proprietary long-term internal trend indicator.
  • An adjustable Evaluation filter.
  • Without considering volatility, accum/distrib, and long term trend into account; the filter still eliminates over 95% of junior stocks actively trading (under $5) on North American exchanges!
  • Running this filter system each week will keep you abreast of low priced, up and coming stocks that are potential candidates for your portfolio!

This is the primary tool that allows anyone to identify only those stocks that meet the

minimum trading standards required for consideration for investment. The filter does not consider price, so if you omit the “trending” components of the filter program you will capture all of the “high end” stocks regardless of price. I also include an optional filter formulated to identify possible “value” stocks that are in the process of making a turn around with respect to long term accumulation.

kirk s cascading filters are designed for metastock explorations
KIRK’S CASCADING FILTERS are designed for MetaStock Explorations

The vast majority of the junior stocks identified as potential investment candidates by this method will be listed by the analysts following these companies as being strong buys or buys. After using the filter program for a short time you will be convinced in the accuracy and consistency of the results when determining high quality potential investments within the junior and small capital markets.


ANALYTICONCEPTS has developed additional analysis tools to help you assess and evaluate potential investments, no matter the type or market in which they trade and in any and all price ranges.

  • The Dynamic Signature – determines the dynamic trading characteristics of any stock and formulates a custom indicator that may be used together with the MetaStock Explorer function to identify other stocks having or having had similar signatures in the past.
  • This allows you to discover additional stocks that are highly suited for the back testing of a specific trading system – comparing apples to apples etc.
  • This may also be used to provide insight into the trading aspects of a stock you are currently assessing. Even though price and trend direction do not figure into the trading dynamic formula, very often the price speed and mobility of the current signature will be reflected in other stocks having similar signatures.
  • This is a very specific assessment, usually only 2 – 3 % of the stocks on an exchange will share the same dynamic signature at a given time.
three highly effective trend cycle position indicator systems are included in this package
Three highly effective trend cycle position indicator systems are included in this package.
  • Each is based upon different aspects of trend evaluation; Fibonacci moving averages, Parabolic SAR values, and Relative Strength Index values.
  • Not only are these three expert add-ons offered in a package deal, but the concepts and formulas are completely described within Stephen Kirk’s book;

Fractal Evolution = Profit Revolution!

  • Knowing how and why an indicator functions, plays a big part in evaluating the indicator(s) reliability when applied to a particular stock.

These three trend cycle locator systems, used together with the optimized accumulation/distribution and the internal long-term trend system help with market entry and exit and ensure that you stay on the right side of the trade or investment.


One of the most important and yet overlooked aspects of investing deals with risk control within your portfolio. Controlling risk in your portfolio is paramount to your ability to remain emotionally detached from extremes of greed or fear in rapidly changing market conditions.

ANALYTICONCEPTS provides a number of unique volatility and performance based indicators comparing a particular stock to that of a benchmark indices. These indicators, included in the expert report, compare performance, correlation to trend movement ,as well as volatility both in the long and short term.

The reports also assist in your determination of what value percentage of a particular stock you should hold in your portfolio based upon various indicators comparing the stock to that of a benchmark indices.

It must be remembered that these are technical tools that may be used as an approximate gauge of market volatility and performance but do not take the place of in-depth fundamental analysis or the advise of a qualified professional financial advisor.

analyti c oncepts