fashion retailers l.
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FASHION RETAILERS. Fashion Marketing MKT 8140 10 th and 11 th grade Miss Baranowski. “Shopper” Game. Any time you participate, get an answer correct or win the game you will get “shoppers” The point of these is to get rewarded for participation in class

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fashion retailers


Fashion Marketing

MKT 8140

10th and 11th grade

Miss Baranowski

shopper game
“Shopper” Game
  • Any time you participate, get an answer correct or win the game you will get “shoppers”
  • The point of these is to get rewarded for participation in class
  • At the end of class we will count up all the “shoppers” we have and whoever has the most wins the big prize!!!
yesterday we learned
Yesterday we learned……
  • Classifications of fashion merchandising
  • Definitions of men’s, women’s, & children’s wear
  • Definitions of household textiles, accessories, soft goods and cosmetics
today s overall objective
Today’s Overall Objective…

After a PowerPoint presentation, group work and a game, students will be able to define and compare different fashion retailers, their target markets and provide examples of each with 100% accuracy by an evaluation worksheet created and distributed by the teacher.

today s enabling objectives
Today’s Enabling Objectives…
  • Define different fashion retailers
  • Discuss advantages & disadvantages of each retailer
  • Give examples and define target markets for each retailer
related standards of learning
Related Standards of Learning


11.4 The student will read and analyze a variety of informational materials.

  • Use information from texts to clarify or refine understanding of academic concepts.
  • Read and follow directions to complete an application for college admission, for a scholarship, or for employment.
  • Apply concepts and use vocabulary in informational and technical materials to complete a task.
  • Generalize ideas from selections to make predictions about other texts.
  • Analyze information from a text to draw conclusions.
department stores
Department Stores
  • Carry a variety of brands for men, women and children
  • Offers a variety of merchandise besides fashion items
  • Product lines carried: Clothing, Home Furnishings, and Household goods
  • Each line is operated as a separate department managed by specialist buyers or merchandisers
  • Tend to have a higher cost
  • Examples: Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Macy’s, JCPenney
specialty stores
Specialty Stores
  • Carry narrow product line
  • Have a deep assortment within that line
  • Apparel stores, sporting goods stores, furniture stores, book stores
  • Can be single-line (clothing store) or limited-line (men’s clothing store)
  • Examples: Athlete’s Foot (sports shoes), Chantilly Lace (formal wear), Bath and Body Works (cosmetics and bath supplies)
chain stores
Chain Stores
  • A group of stores that are owned, managed, and controlled by a central office
  • They offer lower prices than department stores
  • Found in most malls across the USA
  • Carry a consistent line of products for their target customers
  • Examples: American Eagle, Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch
discount stores
Discount Stores
  • One of the fastest growing areas of retailing
  • Sell standard merchandise at lower prices by accepting lower margins and selling higher volumes
  • Generally sells its merchandise at lower prices offering mostly national brands, not inferior goods
  • Examples: Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart
off price stores
Off-Price Stores
  • Sell a changing and unstable collection of higher-quality merchandise, often leftover goods, overruns, and irregulars
  • Offer irregular or closeout fashions at 20 to 80 percent off first-quality prices
  • They buy at less than regular wholesale prices and charge consumers less than retail prices
  • Examples: TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's, Loehmann’s
factory outlet stores
Factory Outlet Stores
  • Owned and operated by manufacturers
  • Normally carry the manufacturer’s surplus, discontinued, or irregular goods
  • Usually grouped together in Factory Outlet Malls where there are dozens of outlet stores
  • Prices are usually around 50% below retail on a broad range of items
  • Examples: Ralph Lauren Factory Store, J.Crew Factory Outlet, Gap Outlet
telephone mail order
Telephone/Mail Order
  • A company that offers a variety of merchandise by catalog
  • Orders are placed over the phone
  • The customer can’t try on items before purchasing, must pay for shipping; colors and designs may be different after they are received
  • Many Mail Order companies have added an electronic shopping feature
  • Examples: Spiegel, Lands End, L.L. Bean
group work
Group work
  • Get into your groups
  • Discuss and write down Advantages and Disadvantages and target markets of the fashion retailer(s) you were assigned
  • Come up with one or two more examples of your fashion retailer(s)
  • Be ready to share yours with the class!
  • On your blank bingo sheet, fill in each box with the name of any stores you have written down from today’s lesson
  • Ex: Target, J.Crew, Nordstrom
  • I will call out a Place to Shop (Discount Store, Chain Store)
  • On your BINGO sheet cross out ONE of the examples of that type of retailer… you may not change your choice once I call another type of retailer
  • Regular BINGO rules apply. First person to call BINGO and I check their sheet will be the winner!!!!
today we
Today we…..
  • Identified different fashion retailers
  • Discussed advantages & disadvantages of each retailer
  • Gave examples and defined target markets for each retailer
tomorrow we will
Tomorrow we will.….
  • Define fashion market center
  • Identify major domestic fashion centers
  • Identify major international fashion market centers
exit slip

Exit Slip

Please answer the five questions on the exit slip

Hand into me once you are finished