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Windows Server 2012 R2: What’s New. Mike Resseler. Twitter : @MikeResseler | @Veeam. About Mike.

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    1. Windows Server 2012 R2: What’s New • Mike Resseler • • • Twitter: @MikeResseler | @Veeam

    2. About Mike Mike Resseler is a Product Strategy Specialist for Veeam and is focused on technologies around Hyper-V and System Center. He regularly presents on many occasions at large events such as MMS, TechEd and TechDays. Mike has been awarded the MVP for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management since 2010. His major hobby is discussing and developing solid disaster recovery scenarios. He holds certifications in many Microsoft Technologies such as MCITP. Follow Mike on @MikeResseler, @Veeam and on Google+

    3. Agenda • Trends • The Cloud OS • Overview • File Services and Storage • Networking • Clustering • Hyper-V • Windows PowerShell • WDS • Directory Services & Security

    4. Transformational trends Cloud computing New social and app patterns Compute Storage Network Data explosion Consumerization of IT

    5. The Cloud OS — Modern platform for the world’s apps Transforms the datacenter Empowers people-centric IT CUSTOMER 1 CONSISTENTPLATFORM Unlocks insightson any data Enables modern apps WINDOWS AZURE SERVICE PROVIDER Development Management Data Identity Virtualization

    6. Windows Server 2012 R2: Overview Windows Server 2012 R2 capabilities Server virtualization Storage Networking New levels of performance and cross-platform support High performance and resiliency at a fraction of the cost Hybrid networking with breakthrough levels of flexibility and performance Server management and automation Web and application platform Access and information protection Virtual desktop infrastructure Great performance, easy to deploy and cost-effective Increased management efficiency for a diverse datacenter Modern apps built and deployed to scale on-premises and in the cloud Consistent and flexible user access to corporate resources while protecting data

    7. File Services & Storage Make corporate data available to users with Work Folders Active Directory discoverability provides users Work Folders location IT can configure a File Server to provide Work Folder sync shares for each user to store data that syncs to their devices, including integration with Rights Management IT can selectively wipe the corporate data from Windows 8.1 clients Reverse Proxy Active Directory Access Policy Devices Users can sync their work data to their devices. Users can register their devices to be able to sync data when IT enforces conditional access File Services IT can publish access directly through a reverse proxy, or conditional access can be enforced via device registration through the Web Application Proxy Web Application Proxy Domain joined devices Apps & Data

    8. SMB • Automatic rebalancing of Scale-Out File Server Clients • Improved performance of SMB direct • Improved SMB event messages • VHDX files as shared storage for guest clustering • Hyper-V Live migration over SMB • SMB bandwidth management • Multiple SMB instances on a Scale-Out File Server • SMB 1.0 is an option

    9. DFS Namespace and DFS Replication • PowerShell! • DFS Replication WMI Provider • Database cloning for initial Sync • Database corruption recovery • Cross-file RDC disable • File staging tuning • Preserved File Restoration • Unexpected shutdown database recovery improvements • Membership disabling improvement

    10. iSCSI Target Server • Virtual Disks enhancements • Manageability enhancements • Improved optimization to allow disk-level caching • Scalability limits • Local mount functionality (removed feature)

    11. Storage Spaces • Tiered Storage spaces • Write-back caching • Flexible resiliency options

    12. Data Deduplication VDI Support • Yes, CSV is now supported • Optimization of OPEN files • Improved optimization performance • Improved read/write performance

    13. DHCP • DNS registration enhancements • DNS PTR registration options • Updated Windows PowerShell cmdlets

    14. DNS • Enhanced zone level statistics • Enhanced DNSSEC support • PowerShell enhancements

    15. IPAM • Role based access control • Virtual address space management • Enhanced DHCP Server Management • External database support (SQL support) • Upgrade and migration support • PowerShell!!

    16. Hyper-V Virtual Switch • Hyper-V Virtual Switch extended port ACLs • Hyper-V Network Virtualization coexists with third party forwarding extensions for the Hyper-V Virtual Switch • Traffic bottlenecks to VMs are reduced with vRSS • Network tracing is streamlined and provides more detail

    17. Windows Server Gateway Virtual Machine software router that allows network traffic routing between virtual and physical networks, including the internet

    18. Clustering • Shared Virtual Hard Disk • Virtual Machine drain on shutdown • Virtual Machine network health detection • CSV improvements • Less dependancy on AD • Quorum improvements • Cluster node health detection • Possibility to turn off Ipsec encryption for inter-node cluster comm’s • Cluster Dashboard

    19. Hyper-V • Shared virtual hard disk • Resizing virtual hard disks • Storage Quality of Service • Live Migrations • Virtual Machine generation • Integration Services • Export • Enhanced Session mode • Hyper-V Replica • Linux Support

    20. Hyper-V • Management • Automatic Virtual Machine Activation

    21. RDS • Session Shadowing • Online storage deduplication • Improved RemoteApp behavior • Quick reconnect for Remote Desktop clients • Improved compression and bandwidth usage • Dynamic display handling • RemoteFX virtualized GPU supports DX11.1

    22. PowerShell • Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration • Save-help • Windows PowerShell debugger • Additional bugfixes and enhancements

    23. WDS PowerShell support

    24. Directory Services & Security • Single Sign-On • Work from anywhere • Multi-factor authentication • Multi-factor access control • OAuth 2.0 Support • Security • Group Policy

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