2012 london olympic games the olympic flame in ireland n.
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2012 London Olympic Games: The Olympic Flame in Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 London Olympic Games: The Olympic Flame in Ireland

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2012 London Olympic Games: The Olympic Flame in Ireland

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2012 London Olympic Games: The Olympic Flame in Ireland

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  1. 2012 London Olympic Games:The Olympic Flame in Ireland 10th May 2008

  2. Project Team Arantxa Colome’ Audrey McCarthy Christine Hughes (speaker) Fabio Douek Luther Lebtag Marek Bykowski Nuno J.C. Pires Paul Buckmaster Paul O’Hanlon Phil Lenzenhuber Pierluca Del Buono

  3. Introduction London to host Olympic Games in 2012 Games commence 27 July 2012 Ireland confirmed to host penultimate leg of torch relay (25-26 July) Planned torch relay route through Ireland is that the torch arrives in Cork & travels up to Dublin and then to Belfast, to give an all-island context to the event

  4. Project Scope To receive the Olympic flame on 25 July 2012 in Cork and to bring it via Dublin to Belfast within two days in a manner that: • Is appropriate to the international and historical significance and grandeur of the event • Will reflect well on the people of the island of Ireland

  5. Project Return • The Olympic movement will project a positive image of Ireland to the world and contribute to building a peaceful and better world. • The relay through Ireland and associated events will profile many businesses and services leading to returns for those businesses and services and to new enterprises

  6. Background to the Relay All arrangements for Olympic torch relay & flame to be carried out in compliance with International Olympic Committee (IOC) Protocol Guide Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) responsible for: bringing Olympic flame to designated stadium organising the torch relay

  7. Planning of the 2012 Torch Relay • Route for the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay announced in 2011 • Ireland chosen to host penultimate leg of relay before opening of Olympic Games on 27 July 2012.

  8. Success Criteria Flame delivered to recipient nation respecting IOC time-table Respect the budget of the Irish Olympic Committee Minimal negative publicity arising from protests or poor event management Minimal disruption to traffic in Irish cities Maximum positive publicity from selection of torch bearers and celebrity commentators

  9. Work Breakdown Structure - Overview

  10. Olympic flame in Ireland

  11. Timeline of the Relay Coming to Ireland in 2012 • 26-30 March: Torch lit in Greece and commences international journey to London • April – July: Travels around globe in planned route to highlight theme of the Olympic Games chosen by organisers • 25 July: Flame arrives in Cork • 2012 Olympic Games: 27 July - 12 August 2012

  12. Torch arrives • from France the • 25 July • Torch travels • from Cork to • Dublin (25 July) • and Dublin to Belfast (26 July) • Torch leaves • Belfast for Scotland (26 July)

  13. 9000 Risk Contingency plan Training 90000 Security 500 Quality Internet Space 900 Billboards 10000 Radio 5000 Television 10000 Other Modes 5000 Event Organisers 6000 Project Managers 7000 HR Budget Communication & advertising Grand Total €83900 Logistics Suppliers Merchandisers 6000 Miscellaneous 7000 Shipping costs 5000 Transports 1000 Transit Permit 1000

  14. Stakeholders Irish Government Gardai Irish Public Media British Government British Police Project Team IOC Sponsors OGOC

  15. Risk Management PlanInputs needed • Enterprise environmental factors • Organisational process assets • Project scope statement • Project management plan • Risk management plan • Risk register • Project schedule management plan • Approved change requests • Work performance information • Performance reports

  16. Who How When Communications Plan • Internal website & e-mail for project team • Meetings with IOC & OGOC as required • Media briefings • Reports ... • Frequency of communications will depend on: • input of specific stakeholder groups • Schedule (eg, increase media briefings closer to and during relay SPONSORS GENERAL PUBLIC GOVERNMENT BODIES LOCAL GOVERNMENTS-COUNTY COUNCILS GARDA SIOCHANA SECURITY AND TRAFFIC CORPS HEALTH SERVICES IRISH ARMY LOGISTICS AND INTERNAL DEPARTMENTS INTERNATIONAL and IRISH OLYMPIC COUNCIL ATHLETES AND CHOSEN RUNNERS PR & MARKETING CONTRACTOR

  17. Olympic flame in Ireland Quality Plan Planning for Quality 1. Identify Output Torch relay 2. Identify Customers Irish Public , Irish Government & Associated Bodies 3. Identify Customer Requirements Capture the imagination of the public. Promote a positive view of Ireland on the world stage, 4. Translate RequirementsSmooth transit of the Torch over the designated route. Positive media coverage. Organising for Quality 5. Steps in the Work Process Receiving of the Torch from Olympic delegates. Transportation of the Torch Logistics Safety Accommodation Safe storage of Torch and backup Torch. Safe departure from our shores. Positive media coverage of the Torch run.

  18. Olympic flame in Ireland 6. Select Measurement Training of staff. Selection and induction of runners. PR/Spokespeople in place for positive media coverage. Customer feedback. 7. Determine Process Capabilities Extract quality issues from previous Torch runs. Simulate possible scenarios. ↓ ↓ Monitoring for Quality 8. Evaluate Has the run meet all requirements initially set out. 9. Recycle Is it possible to reuse this quality plan if Ireland was selected for another Torch run. Is there any room for improvement.

  19. Project Closure • Closing tasks • Status report • Present final project report • Prepare “lessons learned” • End project

  20. For more information please visit our website: http://torchproject.weebly.com Thank you!