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Nick Calcanes Bases His Work Ethic on Honesty

Communication with members of a team is vital to the success of Nick Calcanes, a Client Information Officer in Customer Information Protection at Bank of America. Calcones practices listening and responding, sharing information with all team members in a cooperative give-and-take which enhances the team product.

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Nick Calcanes Bases His Work Ethic on Honesty

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  1. Nick Calcanes Bases His Work Ethic on Honesty Nick Calcanes works as a Client Information Officer in the Global Technology and Operations Division of Bank of America in Charlotte, North Carolina. Calcanes has built a solid reputation reducing the costs of technology at Bank of America since 2012, and his industry reputation goes back over 18 years. Calcanes believes in honesty as a team leader, allowing those who work beneath him proceed with confidence that their directives are transparent.He routinely creates his teams from members

  2. Nick Calcanes Believes in Delegation of Duties Nick Calcanes must be an effective leader in his duties as an Executive of Global Technology Operations at Bank of America. Calcanes delegates duties to the members of an effective assembled team, and carefully considers the strengths of each member of the team, allocating tasks where they will most effectively be accomplished. Calcanes recognizes that one person cannot possibly do all the work. He focuses on big problem strategies which drive revenue and delivers regular business results for his small business and personal clients and flexible team members

  3. Nick Calcanes Utilizes Six Sigma Techniques Nick Calcanes is well-versed in a process model for the creation of smooth business systems called Six Sigma. The management and control methods of Six Sigma have helped Calcanes create effective infrastructure within the departments he oversees. Calcanes has shown himself to be insightful and effective in utilizing empirical data and statistical methods in the well-oiled interactions of his departments.

  4. Nick Calcanes Adds Musical Talent to His Resume Nick Calcanes appreciates the value of down time, especially when working in a top Executive position at Bank of America. Calcanes relieves the stresses of daily work by playing guitar, a musical talent he picked up over his lifetime. Whether acoustic or electrically amplified, Calcanes finds genuine delight in picking out a new tune, or relaxing with a familiar favorite.

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