how to get where we re going n.
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How to get where we’re going… PowerPoint Presentation
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How to get where we’re going…

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How to get where we’re going… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to get where we’re going…
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  1. How to get where we’re going… A Discussion of Enhanced Mass Transit in the Volusia TPO Metropolitan Planning Area

  2. Overview of Session To review transit options, previous and existing work efforts and discuss planning and project development. • Robert Babbittis the President/CEO of McDonald Transit Associates. Mr. Babbitt has 33 years of experience as the General Manager of two transit systems with specialization in land use/transit planning, financial planning and analyses, procurement, capital acquisitions, budget development and labor-management relations. • Susan Sadighiis the Intermodal Systems Development Manager for FDOT District 5. Her responsibilities include planning, public transportation and project development. She has a degree in Civil Engineering and has 29 years of transportation industry experience. 22 of those years have been withthe FDOT. • Lois Bollenbackserves as the Executive Director for the Volusia TPO. Ms. Bollenback has worked in various transportation operations and planning environments for almost 30 years. The past 14 years have been spent serving Volusia County.

  3. Previous Work 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan • Major planning requirement of the TPO. • Purpose is to identify transportation projects to be pursued over a 20-year time horizon. • Plan included a ½ cent sales tax for development of mass transit. • Plan included: a passenger rail station in Daytona Beach, Phase 2 of SunRail, a SunRail spur to DeLand and Bus Rapid Transit between DeLand and Daytona.

  4. Previous Work • Joint effort between FDOT and the Volusia TPO. • Purpose was to: assess the feasibility of transit corridors and to further evaluate the most feasible corridors. • Study identified cross-county service on I-4 and US 92 and a local circulator in the Daytona Beach area for further study. Transit Corridor Feasibility Analysis Study

  5. Previous Work ISB Coalition Corridor Study • The coalition is a public-private partnership seeking to develop sustainable infrastructure and promote economic development along the ISB (US 92) corridor. • The corridor study was a joint effort between FDOT, ISB Coalition, the City of Daytona Beach and Volusia County. • Purpose was to: address transportation needs and the quality of ISB as a gateway to the community.

  6. Current Activity Intermodal Transit Station Study (ITSS) • FDOT led study • Purpose is to: support the development of an integrated, multimodal transportation system by evaluating transit station needs and locations • Study is underway

  7. Other Related Activity • Flagler Line (Jacksonville to Miami) • SunRail extension to the Daytona Beach International Airport • Transit Oriented Development Studies and Guides