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Taste Success in Salt Packaging With Nichrome PowerPoint Presentation
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Taste Success in Salt Packaging With Nichrome

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Taste Success in Salt Packaging With Nichrome - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nichrome caters to the Salt Packaging industry with a wide range of powder packaging machine using cutting-edge technology. more info visit:-

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Taste Success in Salt Packaging With Nichrome

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    1. Taste Success in Salt Packaging with Nichrome Salt (NaCl) is one of the oldest commodities used in man’s food. In ancient India, it was regarded as ‘God’s gift’; Homer describes it as ‘Divine Commodity’; according to Marco Polo’s travelogues, cakes of salt were being used as money. In India, historical records speak about the dominance of salt as a medium of exchange and much before the invasion of Alexander, the Great, around 327 BC, salt was extracted from the salt mines of the Northern India and transported to different parts of the country. In modern times, India is the third largest Salt producing Country in the World after China and USA. It is estimated that the production of salt will reach 324 million metric tons in 2018 and 400 million tonnes by 2020. China would continue to represent the leading salt market while India is projected to rank as the world’s fastest growing salt consumer. (Roskill, 2014). In India, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan contribute to about 96% of the Country’s salt production. Gujarat contributes 75% to the total production, followed by Tamil Nadu (11 %) and Rajasthan (10 %). Salt manufacturing activities are also carried out in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Orissa, West Bengal and Goa. Among these States only Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan produces salt surplus to their requirement. With a view to ensure universal access of iodized salt for the prevention and control of goiter and other iodine deficiency disorders in the country, Government of India has adopted the strategy of Universal Salt Iodisation and Consumption for elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) in the country under the National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme (NIDDCP). Indian salt industry is meeting the challenge of supplying iodized salt to entire country. Most of the salt produced is iodized salt and new varieties such as Iron

    2. Fortified Salt, Double Forfeited Salt and "Health Salt" (containing micronutrients iodine, iron, folic acid) are also available. Private sector plays a dominant role contributing over 95% of the salt production. The top brands in India are Tata Salt, Captain Cook, i-shakthi, Aashirvadh, Annapurna, Surya Salt, Sambhar Salt, Nirma Shudh and many more. These companies are working towards new product introductions through different salt variants and formats to counter unbranded and regional salt brands. While 1 Kg packs are popular, manufacturers are turning to smaller SKUs (stock keeping units) like 100 gms and 500 gms. Smaller SKUs give better in-store visibility, and get fresh consumers who want to try quality products, especially in the smaller towns. Export of common salt and iodized salt is permitted under Open General License (O.G.L.). China is a big importer of Indian salt. It is also exported to Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan and the USA. Nichrome’s SALTPACK Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines offer high-speed, automatic packaging solutions for the salt industry. The products parts are designed of special grade materials suitable for salt handling and salt pouch packing. It involves the lowest running cost through reputed CE marked PLC housed in dust tight electrical panel for machine control. Its user-friendly interface is equipped with provision of one to end and low product level machine parking mode interlocks. Nichrome’s Salt Packaging machines are equipped with unique film pulling technique which prevents film and product wastage. They pack upto 1000 gms in CSPP pouches at the rate of 60 packs per minute. Optional accessories include dust extraction unit, pouch take up conveyor, date & batch coding unit, SCADA system and other post packaging solutions. With heavy duty construction made of anti-corrosive material and minimum moving parts, these machines are built for delivering quality and long-term performance under continuous operations.