Pack with Protection, Pack with Hygiene
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Pack with protection pack with hygiene

Pack with Protection, Pack with Hygiene

Milk and milk products, because of their microbiological sensitivity, are the most perishable of foods and require high

level of sustainable packaging that improves their life-cycle while facilitating on-shelf impact and instant consumer

recognition. Without adequate protection milk products quickly lose their inherent vital vitamins and milk protein is

modified when it is exposed to light and heat as it changes its taste within no time.

Milk packaging forms a very important part of its supply chain as it travels several kilometers before being consumed by

the end user. These days when health, safety and hygiene regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, hygiene plays

a key role in the design of your filling systems. The extensive cleanliness of equipment and production halls also has a

major bearing on the production process applied to your dairy products. The container decontamination or sterilization

method is selected according to the product to be filled and its microbiological sensitivity. When producing in an ultra-

clean or aseptic environment becomes essential, the air quality must be regulated to ensure zero contamination in the

production premises. Thus numerous factors need to be taken into consideration by the dairy product manufacturer.

Nichrome Packaging Solutions offer integrated milk packaging and dairy product packaging solutions to the

manufacturers to help them supply wholesome products with improved life cycle. With its state-of-the-art and

international quality milk filling & packaging machine, Filpack Servo Universal (SH), Nichrome offers simple and

innovative dairy packaging solutions to the dairy manufacturers.

Here are some important features of Nichrome’s Filpack Servo Universal


User and operator friendly

Advanced Twin Servo pneumatic piston filler suitable for liquids as

well as viscous products

Automatic web tracking system to monitor lateral film movement

Servo motor driven advanced sealing mechanism

Jumbo roll trolley with hygienic enclosure for increased


Online UV film sterilization of packing material

Panel Door Interlocks to meet safety norms

Extended S.S. legs for cleaning friendliness of floor at machine


Nichrome Packaging Solutions successfully meets all the important and

necessary dairy or milk packaging conditions and requirements. Here are a

few important dairy packaging requirements:

Protecting the various dairy products like cheese, butter, buttermilk etc., from any type of contamination

Leak-proof, sterile packaging

Protecting and enhancing the product’s life cycle

Nichrome’s Fast Packaging machines for milk, dairy products and other liquids offer reliable, hygienic, efficient and

accurate liquid packaging solutions. Equipped with advanced servo technology and continuous mechanical filler,

Nichrome’s Filpack Servo 10 is a milk packaging machine that offers versatile milk packaging solutions. Nichrome also

offers a flexible and wide-range of liquid filling machine products.

Based in Pune, India and operating in around 45 countries, Nichrome Packaging Solutions provides total customer

support, from consultation to customized machine development and production, along with extensive after-sales

service. Maximum accuracy with high production rates and consistent pouch quality as per requirements are the unique

features of Nichrome Packaging Solutions.

Visit Nichrome Packaging Solutions’ website for more information on other packaging machines such viz. Powder

packaging machine, oil packaging machine, sugar packaging machine, pharma packaging machine, cosmetics &

personal care packaging machine and much more.