Ghee Pouch Packaging Gets a Boost from Growing Demand
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Ghee Pouch Packaging Gets a Boost from Growing Demand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nichrome Manufactures a wide range of Ghee Pouch Packaging machines and pouch filling machine used for Oil filling with various pouch format

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Ghee pouch packaging gets a boost from growing demand

Ghee Pouch Packaging Gets a Boost from Growing Demand

India’s dairy sector is expected to triple its production in the next 10 years in view of expanding potential

for export to Europe and the West. India today is the lowest cost producer of per litre of milk in the world,

at 27 cents, compared with the U.S' 63 cents, and Japan’s $2.8 dollars. Also to take advantage of this

lowest cost of milk production and increasing production in the country, multinational companies are

planning to expand their activities here. Some of these milk producers have already obtained quality

standard certificates from the authorities. This will help them in marketing their products in foreign

countries in processed form.

Among the traditional milk products, ghee is the only product, which is currently marketed, in branded

form. The main ghee brands are Sagar, MilkMan (Britannia), Amul (GCMMF), Aarey (Mafco Ltd), Vijaya (AP

Dairy Development Cooperative Federation), Verka ( Punjab Dairy Cooperative), Everyday (Nestle) and

Farm Fresh (Wockhardt).

Patanjali Ayurved's entry into FMCG has impacted the

Indian ghee market in a positive way. After Patanjali's

entry a few years ago, this segment has grown on the

back of an awareness generation about the health

benefits of ghee. Leading player Amul ghee grew by

about 30% in the fiscal year 2016 and Parag Milk Foods

(Gowardhan ghee) clocked a growth of about 27% in

fiscal 2015. In fact, to further grow rural consumption,

Parag Milk Foods has launched smaller sachets priced at

Rs 5 for 9ml and Rs 10 for 18ml meant for one-time use.

Helping dairy manufacturers make the most of this

growing market is Nichrome, with its FILPACK SERVO SMD

ghee packaging machine. A specialist in edible oil pouch

packaging machines, Nichrome has engineered

innovativepackaging for oil and viscous including ghee,

vanaspati, mayonnaise, pasteurised fruit pulp, mango

pulp, fresh cream, tomato puree, mayonnaise, bread

spread, curry paste, lubricating oil, grease, adhesive, paint & varnishes.

FILPACK SERVO SMD is a high speed, accurate oil & viscous packaging machine designed to deliver an

impressive 100 packs/min. in 50 ml to 100 ml pouch formats. Pouch counting & automatic weight

checking system is also available.

The VFFS machine is hygienic, built with an enclosed SS cabinet construction. UV sterilization of the

packaging film is inbuilt. The automatic filling machine delivers the capability of packing two different

products and quantities at the same time. Space requirements are lessened as the oil filling machine does

not have any side opening. The controller is operator friendly and the machine is totally mechanical with

no need for compressed air.

Currently, with the festive season in India, demand for ghee is booming – as traditional home-made

sweets are best cooked in pure ghee. So the next time you buy a pouch of ghee for your home to make

laddoos or simply to cook parathas, chances are it’s packaged by the FILPACK SERVO SMD.