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Excellent Quality Packaging from Nichrome for Spice Packaging! PowerPoint Presentation
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Excellent Quality Packaging from Nichrome for Spice Packaging!

Excellent Quality Packaging from Nichrome for Spice Packaging!

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Excellent Quality Packaging from Nichrome for Spice Packaging!

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  1. Excellent Quality Packaging • from • Nichrome for Spice Packaging!

  2. India is the world's largest producer, consumer & • exporter of spices. The country produces about 75 • of the 109 varieties listed by the • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) • and accounts for half of the global trading in spices. • Today, Indian spices are the most preferred spices in the global consumer market because of their exquisite aroma, texture and flavor. • Spice processing industry has a huge growth and export potential. This demands both a very high quality of the products and excellent spice packaging, to meet the international standards.

  3. The objectives of good spice packaging are affect the quality of spices. • The spices are primarily sold in powdered form such as • Pepper powder, • Chilli powder, • Turmeric powder, • Cumin powder, • Coriander powder • Cardamom powder, • Protection, • Preservation, • Convenience in handling • and presentation • Brand creation. Many • factors, such as • Moisture, • Loss of aroma and flavor, • Discoloration due to light,  • Insects infestation, • spoilage due to microbial • growth, etc.

  4. Excellent quality packaging is required to maintain the quality level constantly through the product's journey of retail chain and even during storage by the consumers, till actual use of the product. Spice packaging is an important finishing part of the spice process line. Excellent quality packaging is the key factor in maintaining and preserving the quality that is achieved through pre-processing. 

  5. Spice Packaging Machine We are one of the leading manufacturers of spice packaging machines in India, and well known as a spices packing machine exporter. Our Masala Packaging Machines are designed keeping in view the crucial role of packaging in spice processing. We offer a wide range of Spice Pouch Packaging Machines, including fully automatic form-fill-seal machines. The vertical form-fill-seal machines ensure the smooth flow of powdered spices. The packing machines for spices are suitable for a wide range of products / applications. The packets are formed automatically and the sealing machines work on the principle of three seams. The seams are compressed and heated briefly to seal.

  6. Nichrome provide tailor made solutions to cater to the specific requirements of the processor. Nichrome’s Spice Powder Packaging Machines are designed to handle any heat sealable packing material. Different models are available to meet various capacity requirements and different packet sizes, as per the requirements of the processors in the spice packaging business. The machines can handle various textures of spices such as whole spices, granules, free flowing, dusty products, etc.

  7. Masala Powder Packaging Machines are designed for accurate weighing, safe handling and speedy filling & sealing maintaining the quality, flavour and purity of the spices. The packaging line is fully automatic, easy to operate with user friendly controls, and easy to clean and maintain.

  8. Contact Us: NICHROME INDIA LTD. Safire Park Galleria, 4, Pune-Mumbai Road, Shivajinagar, Pune – 411 005, India Tel.: +91 - 20 - 6601 1001 Fax: +91 - 20 - 6601 1010 E-mail: Website: Service Centers & Offices at: Delhi | Kolkata | Mumbai | Bangalore | Hyderabad | Chennai | Ahmedabad