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  • 小學一年級至國中三年級(學齡期及青春期)是生長發育的主要時期。本研究的主要目的是探討第一型糖尿病的血糖控制的狀況是否會影響發育。收集曾經或現在台北市某醫學中心持續追蹤,且回溯追蹤期在4歲至15歲年齡層的個案,原有一百二十七位,排除年齡層不合的個案後納入本研究;其中男女生的比率約1比2(38:80)。收集個案於追蹤期的體位測量(身高及體重),以瞭解其生長狀況;以糖化血色素來評估衡量血糖控制的狀況。所採用的統計分析方法為Student’s t檢定、配對t檢定(paired t test) 及皮耳森相關係數(Pearson's correlation coefficient )。研究結果顯示:由本研究結果顯示:血糖控制的好壞,對於每年生長速度的年齡有影響,但對生長體位的最終影響並不明顯。
relationship between blood glucose control and growth
Relationship between blood glucose control and growth
  • The periods of basic to senior school are the main growth times. To assess the linear growth and height outcomes and the influence of metabolic control in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM). Retrospective longitudinal evaluation of 127 children with prepubertal onset of type 1 diabetic children between 4 to 15 yr of age was concerned. The ratio of males and females is about one to two exclude those criteria’s are not match. Collect data including times of ketoacidosis, blood sugar and values of glycated hemoglobin(HbA1c)in order to assess clinically and metabolically control. The mean heights were no significant difference in girls and boys. There was normal linear growth in girls and boys. This was not statistically different from There was also no significant correlation between metabolic control and linear growth in either girls or boys. Linear growth and near-final height in children with type 1 DM compares favorably with the general population. Although there was some evidence of suboptimal growth spurt in girls and boys, the final height was no significant correlation with their metabolic control.