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top five important lessons from disney movies n.
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Important Lessons from Movies by Nicholas Zubrick PowerPoint Presentation
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Important Lessons from Movies by Nicholas Zubrick

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Important Lessons from Movies by Nicholas Zubrick
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Important Lessons from Movies by Nicholas Zubrick

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  1. Top Five Important Lessons from Disney Movies By: Nicholas Zubrick

  2. 5: Snow White – Always be kind and helpful Many at times, people leading their lives forget to show a small act of kindness. They think living with elated pride and ego would take them to top of the ladder. But one shouldn’t forget, Pride and ego isn’t going to help you keep people dear to you near to you. A small act of kindness can fetch you love from people and whatever you good you do, will come back to you at the end. Do good, be good and get back love. Nicholas Zubrick

  3. 4: How to train your dragon – Never judge a book by its cover The movie is about a clan named Vikings who lived in their land for many centuries and also the mortal enemy of the dragons. Once in your lifetime, you will across a person who acts out of their character or simply isn’t being themselves. That’s when you shouldn’t be judgmental and label that person as wrong. Always have an open mind to accept new ideas and thoughts, even if it’s unconventional. Nicholas Zubrick

  4. 3: Tangled – Tackle your fears One should not refrain themselves from exploring world out of your comfort zone. You won’t know what you will get to know, few good moments and few bad moments; altogether you will get an enriched experience which teaches some of life’s harshest and nicest lessons. One should always tackle their fear and move forward bravely. Nicholas Zubrick

  5. 2: Beauty and the beast – At times, you have to let go The most favorite love story till date, Beauty and the Beast is like slap on the people’s face who thinks love is only based on the outer appearance. Love isn’t always about attaining or earning love. At times you have to let go. And there is a famous saying, if you love someone let them free, if they come back they are meant for you but if they doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be. Nicholas Zubrick

  6. 1: Lion King – One cannot run away from his responsibilities When we think about Lion king story, all we see how good won over the bad at the end. But there is more to it. This is ultimate lesson we learn from this movie. no matter how much ever you try to run away from your responsibilities, life brings you back at the start of it. If you are bestowed with a duty, you need to fulfill it. You need to gather all the courage and complete it. Nicholas Zubrick