The golden age of hollywood
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"The Golden Age of Hollywood". 1930s Popular Culture Escapism. The Wizard of Oz: Book: 1900 Broadway: 1902 Movie: 1939. “Wicked”1995 novel - a back story to film and novel that explains what happened before Dorothy came to Oz.

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The golden age of hollywood

"The Golden Age of Hollywood"


Popular Culture


The Wizard of Oz:

Book: 1900

Broadway: 1902

Movie: 1939

“Wicked”1995 novel - a back story to film and novel that explains what happened before Dorothy came to Oz

The Wiz 1978 film – starring Michael Jackson (African-American version)

“Wicked” 2003 musical – based on the book “Wicked” and told from perspectives of the witches of Oz; explains how the Wicked Witch of the West became “wicked”

2013: “Oz, the Great and Powerful

– a prequel to the 1939 film Wizard of Oz

  • The Wizard of Oz (movie)

  • Is a satire about FDR’s New Deal

  • The New Deal = 15 federally funded programs

  • created by FDR

  • purpose = help America out of the depression

  • Job creation

  • Insurance

  • Retirement

Wasn’t a huge blockbuster at the time:

Only $3,017,000 on a $2,000,000 budget

$125 salary

each week

Scene 1:


Where does Dorothy live?

What does the Tornado symbolize?

Who is the only one left out, unprotected from the storm?

Then this must mean Dorothy is suppose to symbolize?

In Oz...

In Reality...

Somewhere over the rainbow…

Way up high…

There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby…

Somewhere over the rainbow…

Skies are blue…

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

….wake up where the clouds are way behind me.

Audience would


identified with the

All American


Scene 2:


What advice does Glenda and the Munchkins give Dorothy?

What does the yellow brick road symbolize?

As President, why is it so important that people have faith in you?

In Oz...

In Reality...

You're off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of OzYou'll find he is a Whiz of a Wiz if ever a Wiz there wasIf ever, oh ever, a Wiz there was the Wizard of Oz is one becauseBecause, because, because, because, because…

Because of the wonderful things he does

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow

will be our doubts of today.

Let us move forward with strong and active faith

.Franklin D. Roosevelt

People trusted FDR.

They “blindly” followed his lead


he would help them.

FDR used the radio airwaves to

connect with the people.

In his “Fireside Chats” he gave

advice and reminded the public

to keep the faith

FDR supported worker unions and

believed that the voice of the common

man was important to recovery

Let me assert my firm belief that

the only thing we have to fear

is fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR often told people that the

road to recovery wouldn’t be easy.

What do you think the

Wicked Witch


Scene 3:


Once Dorothy and the others are inside the Emerald City…

What is the 1st thing they do? What does this symbolize?

Who is the Wizard suppose to be?

In Oz...

In Reality...

You're out of the woodsYou're out of the darkYou're out of the nightStep into the sun, step into the lightKeep straight aheadFor the most glorious placeOn the Face of the EarthOr the skyHold onto your breathHold onto your heartHold onto your hopeMarch up to the gateAnd bid it open

What this nation needs is brains heart and courage fdr in one fire side chat
“What this nation needs is, brains, heart, and courage” – FDR in one Fire Side Chat

Which character represents the following group affected during the Great Depression?

  • The American people?

  • American Farmers?

  • American Industrial Workers?

  • American Business Investors or Politicians?

  • FDR?

Scene and competitive in the nation4:


  • How does the Wizard “think” he can get Dorothy home?

    • FDR was always willing to try = relied on his “brain trust” (advisors)

  • What does Dorothy learn was always within her power?

In Oz...

In Reality...

Scene 4: and competitive in the nation


Who do the other characters represent?

What does each character want?

What does the Wizard say about their requests?

“What this nation needs is, brains, heart, and courage”

– FDR in one Fire Side Chat

In Oz...

In Reality...