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Sport in Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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Sport in Australia

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Sport in Australia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sport in Australia
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  1. Sport in Australia Sport is an important part of Australian culture with many books published on the subject. There is also a huge investment in sports facilities as the picture on left shows for Melbourne.

  2. Session Plan • In todays lesson you will learn about: 1) Introduce the importance of sport in Australian Culture 2) Winter Sports – the different types of football played in Australia 3) Sumer Sport – all the cricket played in Australia 4) Other sports played in Australia

  3. Sport in Australia is popular and widespread. Testament to this is the level of achievement in the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games as well as other international sporting events in comparison to the population of the country, particularly in the areas of water sports and team sports. 

  4. In Australia four codes of football are played Below Rugby League is Played in Australia Above: Aussie Rules football. This is the national sport of Australia Below: Rugby Union is also played in Australia. Above: Soccer is also growing in popularity in Australia

  5. Australian rules football is played in all Australian states and territories. The game is referred to as football, "footy" (though not in NSW or QLD), "Aussie rules" or (erroneously) as "AFL", after the sport's dominant governing body and competition, the Australian Football League. A match at Etihad Stadium, one of Melbourne's two major AFL venues.

  6. Also referred to as "league", "football" or "footy", rugby league is one of Australia's most popular sports and second most popular football code behind Australian rules football.

  7. Cricket is very popular in the summer months in Australia

  8. Cricket has a long history in Australia, and is played on local, national and international levels. It is Australia's national summer sport and unlike the various football codes, enjoys consistent support from people in all parts of Australia.

  9. In Australia people not only like watching cricket but like playing the game as these photos of beach cricket shows,

  10. Other Sports in Australia

  11. Sport is actively encouraged by Australian teachers and parents with annual school athletics and swimming carnivals plus a full range of team sports offered plus mid-week sport a feature of  the school curriculum.

  12. Presentation prepared by Alan Ford Bachelor of Economics, Diploma of Education, Certificate IV TESOL, Certificate IV Training and Assessment for JESIE Summer Teachers Project June 2010 Updated June 2012