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Share Your Sports. How to Refurbish Sports Equipment Different games using similar equipment. Welcome. Congrats! You have just received sports equipment. Now you need to take some of the old stuff to make it look new. These tips will help you improve the old and give the equipment a new life.

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Share your sports

Share Your Sports

How to Refurbish Sports Equipment

Different games using similar equipment


Congrats! You have just received sports equipment. Now you need to take some of the old stuff to make it look new. These tips will help you improve the old and give the equipment a new life.

Refurbishing baseball bats
Refurbishing Baseball Bats


Take the old bat and at the bottom tape the bat until the bat starts to

widen. This will become the new grip and help the player get a better

hold of the bat when swinging.

Refurbishing baseball bats1
Refurbishing Baseball Bats

Make it Creative:

Add different color and

designed duct tape to

add a creative flair

Cleaning sports balls
Cleaning Sports Balls

Cleaning the balls will make them look newer and the kids will get more

excited when they see the new equipment.

Use soap and water and a basic “all purpose cleaner” in order to take

off some of the dirt from the soccer balls.

Cleaning sports balls1
Cleaning Sports Balls


Don’t worry if the

Ball is not 100%

Spotless. Do your

Best and they will

Appreciate all your

Hard work

Put air into old balls1
Put Air into Old Balls

By just adding some air

into the ball, you are able

to reuse the ball.

Pumps can be found at

your local sports equipment



Ask around.

Some of your friends or

neighbors might have a

pump and you’ll be able

to save some money.

Step 2
Step 2

So now you have your new and improved equipment, congrats. All of your hard work will soon pay off. Here are some different games that don’t require a lot of equipment.

Games using a kick ball
Games using a kick ball

  • Spud

    • Give all the players numbers

    • Throw the ball into the air and call out one number

    • If your number is called, run as fast as you can to the ball, catch it and yell, “SPUD!” Then take 4 steps towards the nearest person and try to tag them with the ball.

    • If your number is not called, run as far as you can away from the ball.

    • You can deflect the ball if someone is trying to tag you with it.

  • Kick ball

    • This is like baseball except you kick instead of swinging a bat.

    • This is easier for some kids because the ball can be placed in front of the child.

  • Dodge ball

    • Split into two even teams

    • Line up several kick balls on a line

    • Yell, “GO!” and the kids will run up to the line to grab the balls.

    • Get people out by tossing the ball at players on the other team

    • The team in which the last person standing is on, wins!

Games using a basketball
Games using a Basketball

  • Basketball

    • Split players up into teams

    • Classic Basketball

      • 2 on 2, 12 on 12

        • This will change depending on how many players you have

  • Knock out

    • Get two basketballs and line everyone up into one line

    • Have two people shoot baskets at one time

    • Once you have made a shot, go to the back of the line

    • When one player shoots the ball and misses, the next player has to shoot and make it before the first player makes it.


    • The first player takes a shot anywhere

      • If they make it in, the other play must shoot from the same spot

      • If they miss, the other play can take a shot anywhere

    • If the second player misses from the 1st spot, they get a letter to spell HORSE

    • If the second player makes the shot from the 1st spot, they pick the next spot.

Games using a soccer ball
Games using a Soccer ball

  • Blob 1

    • Two players, without ball, holding hands are “the blob.” All other players with ball. Players dribble away from the blob. When a ball is kicked away by the blob, the player must join hands with the blob.

  • Bowling

    • Set up cones as pins and have players kick their ball toward the pins to see how many they can knock over.

  • Coach Freeze Tag

    • All players with ball dribbling in the grid. When tagged by the coach, players freeze with their legs apart. Frozen players can resume dribbling when a teammate passes a ball between their legs.

How to make a tetherball game
How to make a tetherball game

  • Things you’ll need:

    • Shovel or post hole digger

    • Poll( (this will determine the height of the tetherball pole

    • Drill

    • Cement

    • Tetherball (if you need to, a soccer ball or volleyball can work)

    • Rope

How to make a tetherball game1
How to make a tetherball game

  • Clear an area for the game

  • Dig a 2ft deep hole with the post hole digger

  • Drill 2 holes in the pole across from one another about 2in from the top

  • Pull the rope through both holes and tie a knot at one end

  • Put the pole into the ground and fill the cement in the hole

  • String the other end through the tetherball and tie it

Thank you

Thank you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: