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Music Island

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Music Island. Feel The Music Baby!. Presented to: Gibson Guitars Presented by: Craig Jeppson. Location. Absolute location: 49 degrees north 160 degrees west Relative location: In Puget Sound, off the coast of Seattle Washington. Human History: Island Mythology.

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music island

Music Island

Feel The Music Baby!

Presented to: Gibson Guitars

Presented by: Craig Jeppson


Absolute location: 49 degrees north

160 degrees west

Relative location: In Puget Sound, off the coast of Seattle Washington.

human history island mythology
Human History: Island Mythology

Music Island has existed since, what was thought to be the death of Elvis Presley. The crazy life of fame had worn him down to the point where he faked his own death and ran away to find a place to relax and focus on his music. Through the years, when great musicians like Jim Morrisson, John Lennon, Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain have reached their breaking point, they have escaped to this musical paradise to focus on their music. They have produced so much great music that they now want to come out of hiding and share their music and the land where it was produced with the rest of the world. If you choose to come to here, don’t try to find Tu Pac. He really is dead.

geologic history tectonic plate movement
Geologic History: Tectonic Plate Movement

Music Island is on the North American Tectonic Plate. The island was created when the Pacific Plate Subducted under the North American Plate. The Pacific Plate melted as it moved towards the earth’s center. The magma rose through cracks in the North American plate and built up until it appeared above the surface of the water in the shape of a guitar.

geologic history erosion
Geologic History: Erosion

Glaciers shaped the island by moving across the land and flattening areas like Pearl Jam Plain.

The ocean also beat against the shoreline and helped shape Pink Floyd Peninsula and Bob Dylan Bay.

climate temperature
Climate: Temperature

Music Island has a Marine West Coast Climate. At 48 degrees North, the sun’s rays are direct between June and August, when the earth is tilted toward the sun. Summer temperatures average sixty degrees. The temperature drops to forty degrees when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun.

The temperatures are about twelve degrees cooler on Morissey Mountain because it is 4000 feet above sea level.

climate precipitation
Climate: Precipitation

Frontal Precipitation

  • Music Island gets 45 inches of rain or snow per year. Frontal precipitation occurs when the warm North Pacific Current and the cold California Current meet.
  • Orographic precipitation also occurs frequently when humid air from the ocean is blocked by Metallica Mountain. As the air rises to get over the mountain, it cools and rains or snows. The climate on the leeward side of the mountain is dryer.

Orographic Precipitation


The vegetation of Music Island is Coniferous Forest. We have pines, spruce and fir trees. Coniferous trees have needles have a small surface area that allow the tree to stay green in cold weather with little sunlight. There are many variety of birds that make beautiful music which add to the musical nature of the island


Forestry and mining are the primary industries on Music Island. We use our trees to make guitars, violins, pianos etc. We also have several mines where we get metals to make strings, pegs and brass instruments. You should know that for every tree we cut down, we plant three more in its place.

We use oil to run our cars but we also have solar, wind and hydro-electric power to generate electricity. We are a model of economic and environmental efficiency. We are green, clean and mean.

products services
Products & Services

You may not believe this but on Music Island, we make musical instruments and other electronic audio equipment.

Our services include music lessons, voice lessons, instrument repair and tuning and last but not least, raging concerts of all types.

products and services option 2 developing nation
Products and ServicesOption #2: Developing Nation
  • This slide is for those who’s main economic activity is making some product.
  • Countries with most of their jobs usually pay much less than developed nation for their labor
economic philosophy
Economic Philosophy

The economy of Music Island is geared toward balancing equality and efficiency. We, therefore believe in Socialism. The music industry; manufacturing of instruments, lessons and concerts are privately owned. Schools, hospitals and daycare are run by the government and are free to all of the citizens of Music Island. The government will also help poor people get access to music lessons and performances if they qualify. While we believe that efficiency makes the best musicians, we will sacrifice some efficiency to make things more equal.

demographic analysis
Demographic Analysis

Music Island is a developed country. Unlike less developed countries where children work to help provide for the families needs, people have less children because kids are expensive and do not help provide income for the family. Because our population grows slower, we have more resources to take care of people. That is why our infant mortality rate is only five deaths per 1000 births. Our healthcare system helps people live, on average, to the ripe old age of eighty one. Because children don’t work, we send them to daycare (oops I mean school) so they don’t bug us while we are at work. The result is that we have a high literacy rate. When they do get jobs, they are very productive workers (GDP of $75,000) because they are smart and have mad music skills.

government structure federal





Government Structure: Federal

Although we are a small island. We have a diverse population. We have so many musical styles and tastes, that we have to have a government structure that allows for diversity while still providing a strong government.

Our federal government structure allows for states where rock or country or jazz is dominant to make laws that fit their beliefs and tastes while still allowing a national government that makes laws that fit the population as a whole.

government structure confederation
Government Structure: Confederation

Use this example if there are many diverse groups that really can’t agree on much.

The population of Music Island has so many different musical styles and tastes that no government could meet the needs of everyone. We have states where Pop, rock and rap are dominant, but they clash with the other groups. That is why we have a confederation. Each state makes most of the laws for their people. The national government is weak and only provides things like a military and printing money.

government structure unitary
Government StructureUnitary

Use this example if all of the people on the island are the same.

Music Island has a unitary government structure. This works for us because all of the people on the island like Rock music. Some people secretly like country but they are the minority. We only need a national government because all of the laws fit nearly everyone. We don’t have any state governments.



laws democracy
Laws: Democracy

These are some examples of laws. Make sure the laws connect directly to the theme.

1. You may not force your musical tastes on other people or discriminate against them for their unique musical styles.

2. Everyone will receive some kind of music, voice or audio training.

3. You may not steal or copy other people’s music or musical ideas and sell them as your own.

4. People will solve minor conflicts by having a musical duel. The person who answers the rock trivia question correctly gets to choose an instrument. Whoever plays it better gets to have their way.

5. People who commit felonies will by punished by listening to the song “fireflies” by Owl City until they are emotionally broken.

6. People who are tone deaf or have no musical ability will receive disability pay from the government.

laws dictatorship
Laws: Dictatorship
  • Anyone caught listening to any kind of music other than rock will be punished by listening to country music for twenty four hours straight or until they go insane, whichever comes first.
  • Anyone who is not skilled at an instrument or singing or some type of audio technology must work as a ticket taker or concessions vendor.
  • Everyone will wear a picture of Elvis on their shirt and wiggle their hips and knees as a sign of national solidarity.
  • People who commit felonies will be struck with a trumpet or blasted with high frequency sound until they are deaf.
  • Those caught disrespecting musical icons will have their ears cut off.
  • Refusal to engage in music rituals or holidays will be required to clean and tune musical instruments for one week.
non material culture
Non-Material Culture

The rockers dominate the culture of music island.

The main characteristic of rockers is that they listen to rock music and play instruments like guitar, drums, base and keyboards. They like to live life like they their music with a strong beat and fast rhythm. They believe that life is to be enjoyed. Their work is their play.

They are usually white and predominantly men. Jamming on the guitar is the closest thing they have experienced to God. To them writing and performing music is a form of worship. They worship Elvis as a God but minor gods include John Lennon, Jim Morrison etc. in order of their importance in influencing rock music.

non material culture customs holidays
Non-material Culture: Customs & Holidays


Our holidays celebrate the lives of great rock legends. Holidays

The anniversary of Woodstock

The annual pilot and the finale episodes of American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent


Along with being our religious service, our concerts are a custom. We have such a rockin good time that we all attend at least two concerts a week.

Whenever we are feeling in harmony with another human soul, we will each take out our cell phones and let the LED display glow a bright blue color that represents the glow of our unified spirits.

Music Appreciation: At ten o’clock everyday, whether at work or at school, we take thirty minutes to relax and meditate upon the sounds of mus

We watch one musically inspired movie every week. Some examples include: The Sound of Music, Mr. Holland’s Opus and Fiddler on the Roof.

Practice: everyone practices at least one hour a day

material culture
Material Culture

Clothing: T-shirts from rock concerts are the most common type of clothing. They show your culture by showing your favorite band. People also have patches and stickers to identify their favorite music and group. Black is the color that you see the most but pink (Pink, Pink Floyd) and purple (Prince, Donny Osmond) are the next most common colors.

A common accessory is a belt that has a place for a person’s guitar picks or a holster for their drum sticks from or attach their MP3 player/cell phone to. These are indispensable because a person must never be without their music or the ability to use the LED light on their phone to show their solidarity at a concert.

Food: We regularly digest large amounts of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, Pumpkins (that have been smashed), Bread Korn, Phish, Meatloaf (with Salt N Peppa). For dessert we like to eat strawberries from our fields and Cranberries with Cream on top.